[Comics] Spider-Woman Doomsday [Feather]

Dec 4, 2017
Thanks for recommendation :) Another user here told me just yesterday about Naniguro.
Not exactly what I'm looking for (need somebody who draws anime or video game style or that kind of characters with more realistic appearance).

Ok, will think about your justification ;)
almost two weeks ... :p
Feb 28, 2018
No. I have just see the thumbnails on his pixiv and have no see guro. Hope part 2 will be better.
I have bought ms marvel and spiderwoman but not Ww for that.
Wonderwoman part 1 (a.k.a. avengers nightmare part 1) not much gore. Only valkyrie die and insta die death not very gore death. The new short story super hero in peril much more gore. Wonderwoman dead there together with supergirl, power girl, blue swan and superman.