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Apr 5, 2017
- My Inspiration: Bladerunner, Terminator, Akira and many other movies from back in the day. While working on the art and coming up with the story I also I listened to Carpenter Brut, Dance with the Dead, New Order, and Gunship (This shot is another love letter to them).

- The Setting: This will be a clash between cyberprep and cyberpunk. If you are not familiar with cyberprep think of a world slightly in the future where things seem like a utopia but underneath it all is a fragile corrupt system just waiting to break. The game will take place in a Los Angeles where large corporations have subverted politics and rule. Media magnates and multinational companies are all major players that you will interact with. Who knows, with the right choices and a little luck, you might even break their hold over the city. But don’t count on it.

- The Story: You play as a Ghost, a bounty hunter for hire. Ghosts often have the backing of the rich and powerful and are thus almost immune to the law. Among Ghosts, you are considered one of the best, but behind that lies a man running from his troubled past. Your next mark is a young girl with a hidden, and troubling secret. And when you face her, you’ll face your demons as well. You will meet a large cast of characters, both allies and enemies. How you interact with them will be up to you. Do you keep it professional? Ditch them? Or take them up on a night of hot, steamy, -- well, you get the point. I’ve put a lot of focus on the characters themselves. Each has an in-depth backstory and each has their own motivations and desires. Each of them like you has their own demons to fight. As such, a bitter enemy could become a close ally by the story’s end, and vice versa. It is all in your hands. “City of Broken Dreamers” will be dark, it will be fun, it will be sexy, but most importantly it will be engaging.

- The Game: City of Broken Dreamers will be a visual novel in the same vein as Depraved Awakening and play in the same manner. However, there are several new features that I want to add into the game. First of all, these are works in progress, but I hope to have them in the game on release. Those being bonus images, character bios, a glossary of game terms and other items that can be viewed anytime while in game. There will also be a scene gallery right away this time! The game will be 1920 by 1080 and will feature full video animations running at 30fps minimum. These will be used not just for lewd scenes but any scene that I feel warrants it. Sometimes a shot needs more than just a still image.

Title: City of Broken Dreamers
developer Page:

The Characters:

Gloria Conner: The mark. Young, beautiful, and extremely dangerous. What is her story, and is she truly the threat they say she is?

Victoria Shields: Company Liaison. All legs and all business. But looks can be deceptive. This vixen will be interesting to say the least.

Katie Hamilton: A doctor that specializes in treating Ghosts, she dreams of nostalgia and better times long ago.

Ellen Lane: Punk Rocker by one night and your fixer by the next night. Aggressive, no holds barred attitude. She's one you do not want to anger. Then again maybe you do.

by @Krull


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Apr 5, 2017

I have been pushing more animations outside of just lewd scenes. This little clip was an overnight render. Around 13 hours or so. I plan on doing many, many more things like this. Attached below is a low rez 720p version, but don't worry, in game it will be 1080p.
Doing items like this actually will work with my workflow that is starting to come into play with using octane. One of these can be set before I go to sleep during a work day and would be complete by the time I got home the next day. Well in most cases, lol.
Again video is attached below. Let me know what you think.

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Jun 24, 2018
This looks extremely promising, especially since Philly already proved himself with a really good game. This seems to take it all on the next level and the places he draws inspiration from are some the things i personally enjoy as well from the movies to the music, in the end you can't go wrong with Cyberpunk.

One thing that is kinda a downer for me and this is entirely based on personal taste is none of the girls really captivate me. Gloria and Katie in particular look kinda bland and boring to me. Obviously this is only based on their looks. But none of them left me with the same first impression look that Carli and the Dragon did for instance in the previous game.

But we shall see, there are still more characters to come and all we can go by now are pictures and if its one thing i learned about these games is that i can be persuaded on a character based entirely on their personality. Christina for example wasn't that appealing to me at first but her kinky, lewd and fun personality completely turned me over and she ended up being one of my favorites from the game. I think Victoria and Ellen in particular have that potential here.

All in all, looking forward to it.
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Jul 19, 2017
So who is your favorite girl so far peeps?
Amazing how different the cast looks compared with his early mock-ups.

Doctor Katie is obviously the stand out. If we get to continually call her Doctor Katie without it upsetting her, life will finally be worth living.

Victoria has a demure face but what appears to be murder incarnate for a body, especially if that is one of her hips on her lower left side. I can see her saucer eyes and flowing tresses, along with the ruthless description of her character combining to cause no end of fuck ups.

Khaleesi Conner looks like Judy turned up to 11. Our boy, Philly, loves him those ash blondes.

Ellen Lane will obviously be responsible for uncounted enormities. Anyone with the mark of the reptile on their dome is clearly a giant pain in the ass to hair stylists and the public at large. She has also likely tasted dog flesh and is made uncomfortable by singing.


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Jun 4, 2018
So who is your favorite girl so far peeps?
Gloria - I like the ash blonde look. I'm interested to find out what secret she's hiding. Will she be a blonde beauty or blonde bombshell?

Victoria - Can't go wrong with redheads. According to the description she also has legs for days. Always a plus. I wonder how her corporate connections will help the MC? Also, What will it cost the MC?

Katie - The good Doctor looks pretty cute. Always enjoy the ladies with glasses. I'm curious to know what type of nostalgia she is pining for.

Ellen - She is the stand out lady in this current cast (For me anyway). I know she'll probably cause quite a bit of trouble during the story. Though I bet she'll be your most stalwart ally if you can earn her trust. I like her punk rocker look. She kind of reminds me of a street samurai from shadowrun.

@Philly_Games is off to a pretty good start.


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