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    Perfect Idea. Cant wait for update, I love the concept. its left open ended. obiousley i want to see a character creation for the girls you hire but leaving the characters alone as far as making them just prostitutes and not having a special story is brilliant. but having one character a special one for a storyling would be great. thanks for letting me test this game out!
    [Ren'Py] Lust And Revenge [Preview 8] [LambdaDude]
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    Great start of game, awesome graphics, can't wait for more content and consequences for actions.

    Assumed Sophia was mom but no patch....then I met mom. Wow.

    Definitely a game to keep up with as potential to be top 10.

    In joraell we trust.

    Just need to find 2nd secret file
    [VN] [Ren'Py] Betrayed [v0.2.6] [Joraell]
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    Overall a good and enjoyable game if you like this type of graphics. Has a few problems tho:
    - Occasional French text, even when playing with English selected
    - Quite grindy, could use some ways to make it quicker (dont remember if it had a cheat system)
    - Overall a bit of slow pace, MC doesn't even have a body yet to fuck with
    [Ren'Py] The Pleasuremancer [v0.3.8e] [Mirrodin]
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    This is a game, now that is finished that begins strong and end badly. The game is a controversy. If one enjoys only a emotion and not if story makes sense in time from the beginning to the ending, then game may be for you. Dialog is stronger than many other games, and many scenes by themselves are good.

    The game however it wants to be something in the end that it is not in the beginning. It chooses to go very dark in a way that is not real. Does not come close to feeling real, and that makes the rest of the game a pain to go through. I will not spoil the endings to the game for people who want to try it. But it is not good. Choices do not very much matter outside of what girl you end with, and the last two episodes do not allow for choice almost at all even in climax.

    If story and writing had stayed excellent as they were at the start. Then it would be a 4 or 5.
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    Congratulations to the author for creating this wonderful game. The writing, renders and concept is great with attractive and realistic girls. It's not your usual romp either, as there is drama, friendship and decisions that impacts the story in more ways than enabling or closing down the opportunity to have sex with different characters as you often see.

    This has been one of my favorite game on here and I look forward to seeing what comes next from the author. I haven't seen any technical issues or bugs either.
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    This game, for me is the apex of the adult game genre. Although the situation is over exaggerated like all these games, it is definitely based in a reality (no incest, furry etc.). The characters are very relatable too, and in Liam, you have one of the most naturally likable characters ever, genuine laughs at some of his interactions mixed with a dose of melancholy and sobering realism, all you expect from a friend, none feeling false.

    The writing of this game is fantastic, the scenarios are fun, and relatable to. A genuine replayable encounter, with some excellent models used to. By far, for me the best game on this site, and there is some excellent competition too. Hats off to the creator/creators.
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    Absolutely fantastic game!

    Already tons of loveable (and "LOVEABLE") characters with day 5 (365 days planned)
    Really good story so far! Sometimes heartwarming, sometimes dark and often really funny.
    And the story is only going to get better in the future (believe me i have my sources ^^)
    Huge updates, that are mostly on time so far and always leave you wanting more when you're done with it.
    I don't know what else to say but play it and if you like it come and say hi in Blues Discord ;)
    [VN] [Ren'Py] Ecchi Sensei [Day 1-5] [BlueCat]
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    This is a great game! Beautiful graphics, live characters and a deep story. An amazing mixture of humor and tragedy make the game very realistic. At least for me. Thanks to the author for strong emotions!
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    My biggest complaint is that you can't just download this game and it be playable, you have to download all previous versions like they are separate games. It makes no sense and just invites critical errors along the way.

    It sucks that this game is so unstable because the game play seemed promising but its difficult to want to play when you need to tinker with a fresh install just to make it work... You need to release a version where you can play through all the days in a single instance of the game.
    [VN] [Ren'Py] Ecchi Sensei [Day 1-5] [BlueCat]
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    This is most definitly one of the finer modding projects around. Many have started translations or tried to improve the general machine transltion setups - most if not all failed or disappeared quickly again.

    Xorgroth's project on the other hand has been a constant figure now since its first appearance and the quality of the ingame text has improved by several factors. Not only is it a better translation but also delivers 2 versions for different levels of cheating.

    Using just the base version when a new update of the base game is out works like a charm and Xorgroth is one of the fastest responders when it comes to both questions about the mod or the base game itself.

    [QSP] Translation Project 0.26 v0.5.3
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    super sexysuper sexysuper sexysuper sexysuper sexysuper sexysuper sexysuper sexysuper sexysuper sexysuper sexysuper sexysuper sexysuper sexysuper sexysuper sexysuper sexysuper sexysuper sexysuper sexysuper sexy
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    would be a REALLY REALLY nice game, but playing the same scenes over and over again (felt like 1000 times) until you get any progress makes it extreme boring. Also it makes no sense that MC apologizes for what he had doing - but doing the same next day and gets same reaction -> STOP REPEATING SENSELESS STUFF !!! (i mean 80% repeated stuff is really too much)
    therefore i just can give 2 out of 5 stars
    (1 for basics, 1 for story - missing 1 for beeing grindy like hell, 1 for animations missing, and last one missing for renderings which are good, but not the best)
    extreme example:
    Day 62:
    ** repeat day 61 **
    Day 63:
    ** repeat day 61 **
    Day 64:
    ** repeat day 61 **
    Day 65:
    ** repeat day 61 **
    just: WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY?
    [Ren'Py] Tangled Up [v11] [SerialNumberComics]
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    I like its story. so deep, unpredictable ending, emotional, but I feel like the game is a bit rushed up so when you turned back and think for a moment, you may feel like the it went so fast. there are little choices to make. you may feel like you are reading a comic than playing a game. the graphics is excellent, there are animated scenes in the game too.
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    not enought content, this game was created for one thing - sucking money from your wallet.
    for seven days in Lewd Island i saw one blowjob scene and... nothing. in this momen game contents only 1 blowjob scene
    [VN] [Ren'Py] Lewd Island [Day 7 Morning] [xRed Games]
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    Wicked Garden

    Very repetitive at first but once the story really picks up it gets better, a lot of unanswered questions in which I hope can be addressed.. eventually. Graphics is pretty decent, love the Vicky and Mom character also. The ending (If it's actually the real ending) however wasn't well thought out and felt very much rushed.

    Not a fan of Developers luring fans in the early point only to put out lackluster endings. It's like they throw in the towel way too early, an that doesn't do anyone any favors it just wastes time ultimately.
    [Ren'Py] Tangled Up [v11] [SerialNumberComics]
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    Its pretty good so far, looking forward to what comes in the future. Really enjoy the art style, the story isn't bad but thats all you can really ask and the H-scenes are pretty vanilla so far. Good job futa box!
    [RPGM] [Onhold] Futa in the Police Academy
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    the last several updates to this game were terrible (day 7 dawn and morning). I have been hopeful it would improve but I have been continually let down by the devs. Newest content is also behind a $30 paywall. highest I've seen for such slow and boring content. This has been a huge waste of time. The dev should go dig a hole and throw this game in it, so no else has to deal with it and waste their money on mediocre content.
    [VN] [Ren'Py] Lewd Island [Day 7 Morning] [xRed Games]
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    While this game has potential I found it more often an exercise in frustration than fun. It has a lot of RPG elements I was having fun with. I liked the idea of the story lines and I liked the essential game structure. My issue is this game just too confusing and the mechanics poorly explained. Too often it's not clear what to do next, what items do, to figure out where locations are, or even how to properly use the games interface (placing plants comes to mind). Even figuring out which girls are which is a pain as their name isn't even shown when clicked on. Also the artwork for the adult scenes was mostly not that great for the girls I had unlocked.

    I ended up spending a ton of time in the wiki trying to figure things out but even that is not great in too many places.

    This game desperately needs more in game guidance, improved artwork for the adult scenes, and a detailed walkthrough (the 'walkthroughs' in the wiki were not that great.
    [RPGM] Harem Collector [v0.37.3] [Bad Kitty Games]
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    RC-1138 Boss

    Greatly done renders, particulary love the red skinned alien.

    It goes directly to the sex instead of giving everyone blue balls until several versions later.
    Also there is actually a reason to make a harem in this game...hehe
    [Ren'Py] Forgotten Paradise [v0.10] [Void Star]
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    One of the best games I've played on the site,. There are great characters, an interesting story and one of the few games that made me genuinely laugh, mainly because of Liam who deserves his own game sequel or prequel.
    [VN] [Ren'Py] [Completed] Acting Lessons [DrPinkCake]