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[RPGM] Tower of Trample [v1.9.4] [Bo Wei]

Discussion in 'Games' started by brynhildr, Jan 16, 2018.

[RPGM] Tower of Trample [v1.9.4] [Bo Wei] 4.8 5 8votes
4.8/5, 8 votes

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  1. brynhildr

    brynhildr Well-Known Pain in the ass Uploader

    Jun 2, 2017

    Tower of Trample is an ongoing game about saving your friends from a bunch of vicious villainesses. They will stop you with their wicked femdom-oriented wrestling moves. You will stand against their despicable humiliation and fight your way to the top of the tower. Updates are release on a monthly basis. One villainess will be added in every updates.
    (from the developer page on Patreon)

    Updated: Sept 13, 2018

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    Censorship: Who knows?
    Version: 1.9.4
    OS: Windows
    Language: English

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    Adventure, Big Ass, Female Domination, Male Protagonist, Humiliation, Handjob, Footjob

    1- Download and extract to desired location.
    2- Click on "executable_name.exe" to start playing.


    v1.9.1 hotfix

    1. ToT 1.9 - Summer Cleanup (9/13/2018)

    2. 5F Story
    3. ===
    4. - Added scene for the first time you defeat Lily
    5. - Added additional Cobra dialogue after Lily's Apprentice Ceremony
    6. - Note that the only requirement for the upcoming floor is defeating Lily once (like other floors)
    7. - (An additional cutscene for Redeeming Lily will be released with 6F)

    8. Sanctum
    9. ===
    10. - Added Lily Mini-Expansion/Rework
    11. - Added (temporary) optional floor reset to play her rework without a starting new game
    12. - Lily's Redeem status will be reset for old saves
    13. - Lily's stats, menus, progression, etc. have been made more intuitive/organic
    14. - Lily's Affection is now clamped between -3 and 3
    15. - Added "Nice" variations for some of Lily's ero-scenes and other dialogues
    16. - Added an interactive item to the floor map, unlocked by offering Lily a particular item
    17. - You can now repeat Lily's Offer scenes, unlocked by completing them all
    18. - Reaching 0 Confidence now adds the Confidence-Loss ero-scenes to her general post-loss scene pool
    19. - Redeeming Lily now adds the Redeem-Fail ero-scene to her general post-loss scene pool
    20. - Added Lily EX (see below for details on EX battles), unlocked after Redeeming her
    21. - Buffed Lily's Redeem battle to match your stats (similar to an EX battle)
    22. - Various grammar edits and bugfixes

    23. 5F
    24. ===
    25. - Added Cobra Expansion, unlocked via her Pantyhose and Stat-Buy storylines
    26. - Added minor interaction to Cobra at minimum stats (Level/ATK/DEF at 1)
    27. - Added means to Tribute to Cobra without fighting her, unlocked via her expansion
    28. - Added means to repeat Cobra's Venom Illusion scenes
    29. - Added Ancient Coin as an occasional "Lucky Bonus" to Cobra's A-Rank Victory Reward
    30. - Buffed Cobra to "discourage" Grab Block when she has enough stats ("Level 2")
    31. - Buffed Cobra's Fire attacks when she has even more stats ("Level 3")
    32. - Added Cobra EX, unlocked after getting S-Rank when fighting her
    33. - Added Fast-Travel/"Elevator" mechanic, found beside the Sanctum Portal after defeating Lily once

    34. 4F
    35. ===
    36. - Added Khulan EX, unlocked after getting S-Rank on Level 3

    37. 3F
    38. ===
    39. - Bandaid for bug where Piety failed to increase in some cases (please report if you encounter Piety increasing twice within one Church sequence)
    40. - Piety will update upon loading for old saves affected by the bug
    41. - Added Eliza EX, unlocked after getting S-Rank on Level 3
    42. - Eliza Supper Footjob can now be (essentially) repeated after finishing the Supper event line
    43. - Reduced base damage of her Thunder attack

    44. 2F
    45. ===
    46. - Rebalanced Yvonne in various ways as she was the most impacted by the Elemental adjustments (see below)
    47. - Yvonne's Fire Tornado Kick scaling has been adjusted and now deals Fire damage
    48. - Yvonne's Fire Skill level now caps at 20 (will be reduced to 5 for old saves)
    49. - Added new Footjob interactions for different Fire Skill levels
    50. - Added method to disable Fire Tornado Kick (for a price)
    51. - Yvonne's Boot Seduction can now be avoided with a QTE and deals %hp damage
    52. - Buffed Yvonne Level 2 to "encourage" your boot-sniffing habit
    53. - Buffed Yvonne Level 3 to kick more when she kicks
    54. - Added Yvonne EX, unlocked after getting S-Rank on Level 3
    55. - Wind Tunic is now classified as an Accessory
    56. - Howard will now give you the Dojo Photo automatically upon freeing him

    57. 1F
    58. ===
    59. - Scarlett can no longer Miss or Evade (other enemies Miss/Evade as normal)
    60. - Slightly nerfed Scarlett Level 1
    61. - Fixed typo referring to 4/4 Submission as 5/5
    62. - Added Scarlett EX, unlocked after getting S-Rank on Level 3

    63. Level EX
    64. ===
    65. - EX battles are an optional challenge mode where bosses are never at a stat disadvanage
    66. - Boss base stats are higher, further increased to match yours (where necessary), and finally boosted based on the boss's EX level
    67. - EX battles provide a level evaulation of "EX", which allows S-Rank to be achieved even without "A" in all evaluation categories
    68. - EX mechanics and rewards resemble their Level 3 (or otherwise "strongest") incarnations
    69. - Winning EX battles provides extra gold (based on boss EX level) and permanently increases boss EX level
    70. - Losing EX battles provides the same rewards as Level 3 (although the inflated level evaluation makes A-Rank loss easier to achieve)
    71. - EX battles have unique BGM and Win/Loss text, but do NOT gate any story/progression/expansion/item/etc. content
    72. - You cannot Surrender during EX battles

    73. Misc
    74. ===
    75. - Increased player attack accuracy (you will no longer Miss, but enemies can still Evade)
    76. - Equipment tooltips now indicate their Elemental defenses and weaknesses
    77. - Your exact Elemental defenses and weaknesses can now be viewed under Status
    78. - Various bugfixes and consequent balance tweaks involving Elemental attacks and resistance
    79. - Fixed bug where Fire Punch gave the enemy a buff
    80. - Fixed bug where Stun caused automatic QTE Success (you now automatically Fail, but the Stun is cleared)
    81. - Accessories for Floors 1-3 (Fire Cape, Wind Tunic, Water Cloak) have been adjusted
    82. - Added System Menu to adjust relative Sound Volume and Menu Tint
    83. - Added limited custom music track support (see Readme in the Audio\BGM folder)

    v1.8.2 - Lily Hotfix 2
    • - Bandaid for bug where Keith vanishes
    • - Fixed bug where Lily's loss count didn't increment
    • - Fixed bug where Lily's sprite disappeared in a story scene
    • - Fixed bug where Gerald gave some freebie materials
    • - Gerald's crafting can now be unlocked by another method
    • - Crafting Frozen Potion now requires Crystal Ice instead of Ice Block
    • - Changing floors should now clear various image bugs

    v1.8.1 - Lily Hotfix
    • - Fixed bug in Lily's Level evaulation
    • - Fixed bug when Surrendering to Lily
    • - Fixed bug related to Lily's storyline progression

    ToT 1.8 - 5F Part 2 + Khulan Expansion Changelog

    Important: Always extract new releases (including hotfixes) to a completely new folder

    - Added 5F Part 2 boss and related events
    - Fixed bug in Lady Cobra's level calculation

    - Added Khulan expansion; her new content is accessible via winning/losing Combat
    - Saves with 0 Dignity will be reset to 4 Dignity; the "Natural Selection" scene has also been reset
    - Added Save prompts to certain scenes; as in most RPGs, this usually means you should tread carefully...

    - Aarav will now provide hints on how Eliza's fight works
    - Fixed bug where a scene would give more Piety more intended (intended max Piety is 5)
    - Fixed bug where Eliza's Thunderbolt did Water damage
    - Saves with improper Piety should be updated automatically upon Load

    - Fixed bug where Scarlett's grapple moves would break automatically when Surrendering
    v1.7.3 - Eliza Expansion Hotfix 3
    Increased maximum number of Save Slots to 50
    - Save Slots now provide additional data
    - Adjusted Eliza's initial menu to better breadcrumb her expansion content
    - Fixed bug where hiding spots weren't blocked after Eliza appears during Hide and Seek
    - Fixed display bug during Eliza POV conversation
    - Fixed display bug where two Balwins existed during a small window of the 5F story
    - Removed debug event that was unintentionally left visible on 1F
    - Other minor visual/typo fixes

    1. Tower of Trample 1.7 - Eliza Expansion
    2. 5F
    3. ===
    4. - Added teaser for 5F Part 2 (speak with Lily after completing 5F Part 1)
    5. - 5F Part 2 will be added in the next release (eta 6/30)
    6. In this release:
    7. - Lady Cobra no longer gains levels from draining you if she is too far above you (you still lose yours, however)
    8. - Be warned that levels lost via the above scenario cannot be bought/won back
    9. - Fixed bug where a scene drained stats twice under certain conditions
    10. - Fixed bug where surrendering with Grab Block active caused a soft-lock
    11. - Fixed bug where Lady Cobra's Level Rating was always C (it is now based on her stats)
    12. - Due to above fix, it is now possible to S-Rank Lady Cobra
    13. - Added S-Rank loot for Lady Cobra (can currently be sold for money, but may have other uses later~)
    14. - Puppy Gear can now be worn on 5F
    15. 4F
    16. ===
    17. - Khulan's expansion will be added in the next release
    18. - Please be advised that it will reset Dignity (and the "Natural Selection" scene) due to reworks in her progression system
    19. In this release:
    20. - Fixed bug where Khulan gave Eliza's loss count
    21. - Prior to 0 Dignity, insulting Khulan in combat will now increase Dignity
    22. - Buffed Khulan's higher difficulties to respond to Grab Block more effectively
    23. - Puppy Gear can now be worn on 4F
    24. 3F
    25. ===
    26. - Eliza expansion, adding substantial content and consequences to the Mini-Church events
    27. - The Mini-Church can now be entered from the Stone Door after your first visit (be careful~)
    28. - Buffed Eliza's higher difficulties to take actions more quickly
    29. 2F
    30. ===
    31. - Fixed bug where portraits remained after speaking with Howard
    32. - (No I haven't forgotten about Yvonne)
    33. 1F
    34. ===
    35. (These are actually from the 5/16/2018 release, but as that had no log, I'll put them here)
    36. - Submission requirements have been simplified (and generally lowered)
    37. - Submission increases are now telegraphed (like other progression stats, eg. Dignity)
    38. - Added "fail-safe" to progress "stuck" players' Submission
    39. - Puppy Gear requirements for each floor have been simplified
    40. Misc
    41. ===
    42. - Puppy Gear now provides hints about why it can't be worn in various situations
    43. - Removed unused testing skills (eg. Reburn) and their skillbooks from the game
    44. - Fixed bug where Battle Evaluation always assumed maximum available difficulty
    45. - JP text for puppy sounds (eg. わんわん) is not a bug, but they will be romanized in the future to avoid confusion
    46. Technical
    47. ===
    48. - Added toggle to hide dialogue box (RPGMaker "L" button; default "Q" on keyboards)
    49. - Adjusted script for handling portraits (please report if you see any mismatches, eg. Puppy Ethan while clothed, or vice-versa)
    50. - Added mechanism to update old saves (please report any weird behavior and be advised that a New Game will always be the most stable)
    51. - Nerfed BGM Volume (please report if you get ambushed by any resulting sound balance issues)
    52. Plans (Koda)
    53. ===
    54. - My main focus is a new villainess who will appear soon-ish (eta Mid-Late Aug)
    55. - The next expansion will focus on Yvonne and Lady Cobra (no eta)
    56. - Additional scenes for previously expanded girls (no eta; probably piecemeal with other releases)

    Extra information:
    I'm well aware about the fact that those tags are.. certainly not interesting at all, but I'm still trying to understand this game, if has some kind of sex scene or not. If anyone knows, feel free to let me know!


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    thanks to @k3k

    Fan Sign:

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    (thanks to @Krull )

    66046_9c837a0f00f236edbaeaa04602d04817.png 66047_9ccd49ce76479f031f50b3664faeb689.png 66048_010fa0546d3e7a359b3e3171e2e7cc28.png 66049_8749df55f5caea0bcfaefe4b2c58f4f9.png 66050_f1ba3cad81c976130ccb0378ade2c359.png

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  2. DiabloCadet

    DiabloCadet Member

    Nov 15, 2017
    hmmmm... liking the big ass tag....dont know about the domination and humiliation tho...
    fuck it, im gonna try it out. ty Nam654
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  3. Boyos

    Boyos Active Member Game Developer

    Jun 1, 2017
    How long is this game?
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  4. brynhildr

    brynhildr Well-Known Pain in the ass Uploader

    Jun 2, 2017
    Reading the semi-walk provided by moqrei, technically speaking this game maybe can be fairly short (since there are two floors.. and two girls). However since it's a "repeat and fail 'till you get stronger to beat the enemies", I believe that maybe can take more than, for example, twenty minutes or so.

    (it's just an assumption. I didn't yet play the whole game, so probably someone that already finished the actual build can tell you more)
  5. ponyguy

    ponyguy Well-Known Member Respected User

    Feb 12, 2017
    Sweet. Another femdom game.
    I do hope there are some sex scenes though. Or at least that there will be some in the future. Humiliation and ryona's nice, but it gets dull fast if there's no sexual action.
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  6. Forgepuppy

    Forgepuppy Active Member

    Oct 6, 2017
    "Tower of Trampe" or "Tower of Trample"?
  7. macedo

    macedo Active Member

    Jul 27, 2017
    there are sex scenes?
  8. brynhildr

    brynhildr Well-Known Pain in the ass Uploader

    Jun 2, 2017
    Good question. I honestly named the thread after the description given from the developer on patreon. Maybe some fan or someone else made that logo, but forget to put a "L" in the middle XD

    Extra information? No, eh? Too hard to read, I know.
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  9. moqrei

    moqrei Member

    Nov 7, 2017
    tl;dr - This is an unabashed Femdom game for submissive players (think Monster Girl Quest or Darktoz's Asylum). The presentation and mechanics are fun, but ultimately if you don't want a bunch of scenes of the player-character being dominated, this game isn't for you.

    In terms of length: following my guide (throwing fights to stockpile potions then attempting to win for real to rush the "Surrender" book) I think would take about an hour, more if you explore some of the scenes/traps/fights naturally or attempt to beat the harder difficulty versions of the girls (which has no purpose as far as I can tell).

    More detailed Tag / Sex Scene info (Spoilers)
    Tags should include stuff like Femdom, Malesub, Pet Play, Foot Fetish, No Reverse, Wrestling(?), Smell(? - lots of Feet/Armpit/Ass sniffing stuff)

    The girls dominate you mid-fight by putting you in submission holds and giving you hand/foot-jobs or facesitting you and stuff like that, many of which have multiple image/animation stages and basically develop into kink/sex scenes. Even when you win, the reward is to move to the next level and get abused by another girl, you don't get to dominate them back or anything (beating the 2nd girl does unlock a sex scene, but she still dominates you during it).

    Pasting my own questions from the request thread in case anyone figures them out:
    - Can't find a use for Scarlett's Shoes
    - Can't speak to Keith upon freeing him (he just disappears); may be bug
  10. neha joshi

    neha joshi New Member

    Jan 16, 2018
  11. inthef95zone

    inthef95zone Member

    Sep 21, 2017
    thank you so much for sharing this!
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  12. Reapergod36

    Reapergod36 Active Member

    Jun 23, 2017
    Um... fuck is some of this stuff good. The fights were interesting enough combat wise, and this person is certainly learning from his old projects since he has implemented a way around the RNG if you want certain endings. The combat was fairly intriguing, though you have to 'potion-up' to win any of them I believe.

    Same creator that made Mixfight that I posted. Most of the writing is serviceable, and some is really good. Some however is some washed out porno dialog that I'm used to seeing on pornhub. "That's right, I'm divine, and lick my 'several adjectives before noun'" it gets excessive and this may just be me; but the second boss (of which there are two as of this post) had far less effort put into her than the first. This was shown a lot in Mixfight as Sara had a lot of work done on her to have multiple endings and scenes, while event he final boss was lacking compared to Sara.

    Oh and thanks for sharing :heartcoveredeyes:
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  13. moqrei

    moqrei Member

    Nov 7, 2017
    While I prefer the first boss to the second content-wise, I'd actually argue the second has equal or more effort put in. She's more mechanically complex and her art is usually full shots/scenes of both her and the PC while the first boss is a lot of more simplistic PoV shots (although I actually really liked those and hope he does more).

    The second boss also has more post-fight mechanics and Easter Eggs (which include art), which fleshes her out a bit as a character (I'm hoping he goes back and adds something similar for the first boss, personally).

    MixFight and his other game definitely tapered a bit, though, so hopefully he can keep his momentum for next month's release.
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  14. ponyguy

    ponyguy Well-Known Member Respected User

    Feb 12, 2017
    Oh, so he has another femdom game? How does that one do in the art and sex scene department? Shit-ton of both? Decent amount of both? Some of one, none of the other? None of either?
    Well, just saw the ''No Sex'' tag, so that's a bummer. But still, is there at least plenty of art? Or some art?
  15. Suzano

    Suzano New Member

    Jun 27, 2017
    Ok I have an issue with this and all kinds of RPGM games. I pray to you felow gamers to assist. ALL of these games are missing audio files and close game instantly. How do you get this (those) to work? :( Please help, I realy want to enjoy majority of those games :(
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  16. ponyguy

    ponyguy Well-Known Member Respected User

    Feb 12, 2017
    Jesus Christ, this game is such a grind!
    Word of warning: Don't be an idiot like me and surrender to Yvonne three times. She's almost impossible to beat now. Gonna have to grind items and levels like a motherfucker and then pray she doesn't stun me or boot me. Ugh. No fun.

    EDIT: Phew. Worth it for that footjob scene. I hope the game will have a lot of these post-battle scenes.
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  17. moqrei

    moqrei Member

    Nov 7, 2017
    Out of curiosity, how did you Surrender three times before beating her (ie. acquiring the Surrender book/skill)? Does losing to one of her holds naturally still count as a surrender? For reference, the shopkeeper guy you free actually warns you not to surrender to her 3 times, but you seem to have managed to do it early :p
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  18. ponyguy

    ponyguy Well-Known Member Respected User

    Feb 12, 2017
    He doesn't warn you until you do it at least once. So I got the skill and then just used it to see all her scenes and grind money. Then I talked to him and realized I was boned. :frown:
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  19. moqrei

    moqrei Member

    Nov 7, 2017
    Ah, gotcha. Your edit made me think you had somehow gotten stuck before winning (since you only need to beat her once for the fj scene iirc). Higher levels/difficulties are definitely grindy, but thankfully I think it's mostly just an intentional challenge to keep the girls in a dominant position lore-wise (and give you an excuse to lose to them more).

    Maybe after the dev is satisfied with the cast he'll go back and add more content to earlier girls, though.
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  20. ponyguy

    ponyguy Well-Known Member Respected User

    Feb 12, 2017
    I did get stuck before winning. I bought the ''surrender'' skill before I beat her and freed the guy. But I got lucky and pulled through in the end because she didn't use the boot attack even once during the last fight.
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