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Jun 3, 2017
Finally I decided to start sharing my modest developments of my game. Maybe I start too early, because I can't spend much time developing and I don't have powerful hardware for fast rendering. So it's a long time before the first release. Also at this stage I faced a number of problems, such as the need for proofreading and promotion of the game.

Here is my page on

To begin, I decided to publish renderings of game resources such as interiors, characters and so on. So I added a few renders to my post, will try to add this topic with new publications.

I think F95 is a pretty cool site where I can get helpful remarks and advices. So I hope that here I can get a couple of opinions about my work.


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Oct 29, 2018
It might still took u long time to render but seriously, looking good, man :D
will it be on ren'py? sandbox? or linear?
well, hopefully everything would went well for ur development

Best of luck, and ofc, do ur best! :D
Jun 3, 2017
Thanks for the comment. Yes, the game will be on Ren'Py and most likely with small branches in the story (different events when making different decisions, inaccessibility of some events with a lack of certain points).
Of course, I want to do something quite variable but my knowledge of English is too poor, because English is not my native language (perhaps my posts here have a lot of mistakes).
Added another render
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