The Nice One
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Sep 7, 2017

The Main Character after a car crash loses the full control of his body, in a fight between life and death he find himself in a mysterious place surrounded by snow, with a strange hooded girl... here will happen the most crucial decision: spend a life with a body he will be unable to do, or go back in the past before the car crash thanks to a deal that will change his life forever.
Updated: 10/08/2018
Censorship: none
Version: v0.1.0.6 Alpha
OS: Windows/Linux/Mac/Android
Language: English
Incest, sister, mom, Gender Change (transformations), oral, anal, foot fetish, Lesbian, Femdom, Voyeurism, Exhibitionism, Group sex (MMF, MFF and more), Succubus \ Magic Creatures, Futanari \ NTR (Optional, this will impact the main plot!!!)

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on "game.exe" to start playing.

Not yey available

Hint: Skip dialogue by pressing Page Down

Windows/Linux/Android: - -
MAC: - -

BadGuys3Some.png MarketVendorReverseFuck.png MC_BG_FuckRev.png MC_Sis_BJ.png PriestNunBJ.png


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Nov 25, 2017
I kind of want to ask before downloading it... does it have enough content to make it worth to download or is it another version 0.001 that shows very little?.


The Nice One
Staff member
Sep 7, 2017
I reckon this game has Got a lot of potential But let's address the elephant in the room! Character Models are Not pretty! But the Dev no doubt will be upgrading this in future Updates? They do however have some nice & original Animations, there's also a two tier Cash input There's "G's" a regular cash which i'm a bit confused about? All in all A Very Promising Game!!
the models are from TK17 or whatever its called (I think?) theres no upgrading that lol


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Jul 15, 2017
So far a truly awful game. I've played about 40 minutes of it
The animations and h scenes are sttaight out of a ~2000 3d CDrom game.

There are no instructions on what to do and when you try to explore you have loads of random fight encounters with bullies.

The fights are easy to win but they appear around every 10 seconds or so and they are randomly timed, there isn't a character that runs up to you or anything. Your walking along and next thing you know you are in stantly taken to a fight screen???

If you want to explore the town be prepared to waste 10 minutes having the same fight over and over again for something that would take 1 minute to explore without the fights. And because there are no hints or instruction on what to do you have to explore....


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May 19, 2018
That car crash animation.. LMAO

Also if it was me there is no way in hell I would accept this deal without WAY more of a explanation I wouldn't just help free some supernatural imprisoned entity she could be worse than mere death. lol
Jul 7, 2017
I strangely really like this game, and I look forward to updates. The animations are old looking, but, somehow... charming? Still hot regardless? I don't know, but I like it. And I literally laughed out loud at the car crash at the start. The best laugh I've had all day, easily.


Nov 22, 2017
When I play this a few scenes after it ask for age verification it freezes with a white line in the center of the screen.

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