[HTML] Whorelock's Revenge: Twine [v0.2] [Bedlamgames]

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    Whorelock’s Revenge (formerly Deeper Dungeons:Enhanced) is a two part RAGS game. The first is a dice roller for a fantasy themed chan style fap roullette, the other is a full blown dice based dungeon crawler inspired by the original images that includes ten playable races (so far), dnd rpg inspired stats and skills, support for playing as male and female, randomly generated encounters and multiple transformations and kinks such as breast expansion, tentacles, mind control, futanari, transgender and bondage

    Updated: May 23 2018

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    Version: 0.2
    OS: Win/Mac/linux
    Language: English
    Adventure, fantasy, mind control, tentacles, big ass, orcm,
    1- Extract to desired location.
    2- Whorelock's Revenge.html" to start playing.

    -There is now an easy mode with reduced encounter rate and constitution damage. Changed how encounter rates worked in general.
    -Added the Orc and Elf regions and all encounters. Next will be Goblins and Dwarves, then Trolls and Humans along with the final part.
    -Found two bits of Elf encounter art that I’d put together but never used before. Reworked the text for Elf encounter Y6 for the aftermath and rewrote the group part to use one of the unused bits of art.
    -Enabled imprisoning and all the existing prison encounters.
    -Blindfolds now show up in the inventory with the option to examine/remove. Other selected item descriptions are now also now on your examine.
    -For a minor time investment there's a new option under current region to get a better idea of where you are.
    -Other map getting around improvements such as room visited counts and destinations being marked as familiar.
    -Added back all the old exit types including some I never got round to enabling last time.
    -Reduced keenness of elves and draenei to give you a good cleaning first.
    -Fix for some issues with rerolling at start.
    -Personality is now shown on the story caption bar.
    -Dark spell casters now have the same cooldown as the traps do.
    -Fix for halos and druid dalliances persisting through rerolls.
    -Fix for not having text after elves y10 when being escorted.
    -Added line breaks for the tavern, cog box, and fountain special rooms and some that were missing from the elves.
    -Fix for the fountain pics not taking into account blinding/blindfolds.
    -Fix for some of the special rooms and being escorted while imprisoned leading to total dead ends.
    -Added a link for the second part of the tavern event.
    -Fix for Anal Compulsion showing more than once under status effects.
    -Fix for not being able to gain temptress.
    -Fix for several map issues.
    -Fix for being enslaved in unclaimed areas.
    -Blocked the off chance you could search or become fallen until I'm ready to implement them.
    -Fix for a broken image when both blinded and too horny.
    -Some text fixes.
    Note this is the HTML Version!

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  2. Rolay7

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    Jun 27, 2017
    How much content?
  3. Bkbuddhaboy

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    Jun 16, 2017
    Got to "text based" on the tags instantly lost interest.
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  4. Pingy

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    Dec 18, 2016
    HTML version, does this mean it doesn't run like shit?
    RAGS is hot garbage.
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  5. DarkWolf2055

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    Aug 3, 2017
    RAGS version with much content still disabled. If you don't mind the RAGS interface you'll find that it will have everything the new html version will have for a long time to come
  6. RedPillBlues

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    Jun 5, 2017
    I hate it when I see cover art that's as nice as this one or corruption of champions 2, then learn its text-based, and spiral into crippling depression.
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  7. Zalzany

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    Apr 19, 2017
    Me I get iffy when I look at the tags and I don't see female or male protagonist up there. I go scratch my head and go, "so am I a girl in a dungeon which has been done to death or a male, and tentacles am I a male getting raped by tentacles in a dungeon, oh god I hope not..." But I see a pic of girls in chains and really really hope I am male and I bone them or capture them like freaking pokemon to bone at my leisure or breed. But yet again no tag so for all I know its main is a girl who gets rapped with monster girls in a dungeon by tentacles..

    Oh and text based doesn't bother me I like pretty pics yes but I can handle reading and using my immigration as well. I just don't want to get all worked up and find myself getting but rapped by tentacles just outside the reach of boning pretty monster girls in a dungeon :p

    Oh and i read description its both just saying people look at tags first and cringe at two things no protag listing and text-based. I don't care about text, but I see tentacles and no portage with a dungeon game and I start to worry...
  8. Draccon99

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    Jul 26, 2017
    Lol its full of stolen art I see
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  9. Darkarhon

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    Jun 20, 2017
    Like majority of H-Porn games.
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  10. Darrel Caper

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    Jun 5, 2017
    Soooooo is there any difference between rags or html versions?
  11. yoyomistro

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    Jan 15, 2017
    Dat stolen InCase art doh.

    I would like to learn the art of using my immigration. Teach me sensei [​IMG] !!! :test:
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  12. Zalzany

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    Apr 19, 2017
    So is there any way I can fuck them, or just a get rapped in a dungeon game? I mean its not bad but I got pick a girl portrait I can live with that I assume that will change, but so far its just me being raped over and over and one time I passed a check I got let to pass. SO do I got to battle and win then I can rape them? Or is this just another dungeon rape simulator?
  13. petyrpan

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    Jul 4, 2017
    How much stolen Artwork is in there?
  14. King Monkey Mon

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    May 17, 2017

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    in the title XD
  15. dexterdx

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    Sep 5, 2017
    Beat me to that comment...
    I actually laughed at green Alfie . XD
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  16. Nightless

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    Jan 13, 2018
    I sometimes try text based games here, but always remove them a lil later :D always grindy like hell and boring too
  17. elfelganor

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    Jun 19, 2017
    WEW!! 0.11. Thanks for the release, but it's going to take a while I see. I'm also waiting on "No Haven".
  18. Gavote

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    Jun 3, 2017
    By the Light and the Dark, ADD A MAPPING FUNCTION!
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  19. Bootyman

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    Apr 7, 2018
    Yup, hopefully this leads to No Haven being redone with twine. RAGS is basically pushed to the limit with No Haven.
  20. Bkbuddhaboy

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    Jun 16, 2017
    What the hells an "Imagination"? :p
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