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Aug 5, 2016
"I wanted to make a fantasy game with a tomboyish protagonist who gets thrown into a quest, and discovers her sexuality along the way. Make no mistake though, this will be a hardcore corruption game".​

Updated: 23-Sep-2018
Censorship: None
Version: 0.5.2
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux
Language: English
RPG, anal sex, animated, corruption, exhibitionism, fantasy, female protagonist, groping, group sex, handjob, lesbian, oral sex, sex toys, sleep sex, vaginal sex

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on "Game.exe" to start playing.

Barmaid job is easier now.

Bug fixes.
9 new scenes in barmaid job.

v0.5 Beta
New content:
  • New Game Over defeat scene with the sewer monster boss. Should unlock automatically in the gallery on older saves.
  • New Little Paul scene.
  • New Magic Shop scene with two routes.
  • A couple new Freja scenes at her house in Krossavik Commons.
  • New scene in the alley at night (Krossavik commons, City Girl outfit).
  • Two new dream sequence scenes.
  • Added two new animations to the non-virgin inn masturbation scene.
  • New building in Krossavik Merchants District: The Knights Guild. You will be able to complete side quests for them. The first is the new quest/area that had the second part cut for the beta. Still includes two new scenes. Full release will have 4ish more scenes.
  • Astrid can now work at a small fruit stand in the Krossavik Merchants district during the morning. Has CG's but no sexual content.
  • Astrid can now climb up to the roof of the Inn in her underwear/naked at night. The idea is to give you an early way to start lowering your shame.
  • Two new Don Trainer outfits.
  • Finished most of Don Trainer's Daily Tasks. They also lower your shame slightly.
Misc changes:
  • Replaced this Submission and Dominant stats with a sliding scale, and made it easier to accumulate points. This system will be expanded on in the future.
  • Added all new scenes to the gallery.
  • Added hints to all scenes in the gallery.
  • Text skip hotkey is now Shift.
  • Added text box hide with Ctrl
  • Added new save compatibility plugin so that I can ensure older saves will work in future versions.
  • Added experimental "Wait for 60 FPS" feature to smooth out gameplay.
  • Added experimental image cache flush on animated scene ends to keep RAM usage down.
  • Changes to scene plugin to support new animated scenes.

v0.4 Changes Since Beta
Added new series of events as stated above
Added all scenes to the gallery and reorganized it a bit
Added a few more NPC's to the new map, but I still need to add a lot more.
Finished story beat with Ramon's house to give player better impression of where story content ends in this update.
Added an experimental option to the System Options Menu called "Event Updates/Frame". If you decease this value, it will force the game to limit the amount of event updates that are processed per frame. For example, if you set this to 50 and there are 100 events on the map, each event is only being updated every other frame. This may improve performance on larger maps with lots of events. I've tried setting it to 100, and it doesn't seem to make the events stutter too bad. Setting it to 50 slows things down to a crawl in the city maps however.
Added gold window to main menu
Re-balanced the gifts in Don Trainer to be more forgiving.
Various bug fixes and minor adjustments.

v0.4 Beta Hotfix
For those of you that have downloaded the v0.4 Beta, here is a fix for a small bug that I just noticed. Night time is a -10% shame buff, while late night is supposed to be -20%. However, in the version I sent you guys late night is only -10%, which makes it harder than I intended to get Astrid to go streaking. It will be fixed in the full release,

VWA v0.4 Beta Change Log:
Game Systems Changes
  • New outfit and wardrobe system: The outfit system functions differently now, requiring you to access a wardrobe to change your clothes.
  • New shame stat system: Directly affects what outfits Astrid is willing to wear, and the maps she will enter while wearing certain outfits
  • New dialog interaction popup system: During conversations, a full body image popup of Astrid will appear depending on the face icon. I have most of the outfits rendered.
  • Modified standing picture system: For skimpier outfits there are multiple variants of the standing picture, which will change depending on Astrid's level of Shame and the current map environment.
  • New main menu with a changeable background and character portrait. More character portraits can be unlocked in-game by finding crystals.
Sexy Related Content
  • Re-rendered original three book masturbation scenes
  • New Inn masturbation scene (non-virgin only)
  • New peeing scene in the Inn's bathroom. 3 variants (main outfit, underwear, naked)
  • New defeat scene in sewer (requires Astrid to be not wearing underwear)
  • New complex scene in Royal Castle after you sneak in through the sewer. Two different methods: Sneak in or attack.
  • New scene with Jareth. Requires Astrid to tell him the truth about Nicholas. This scene is a bit rough. Turns out Jareth is a bit sadistic.
  • New Litttle Paul Scene
  • New scene by the well in the north-west corner of Krossavik Commons. Requires time of day to be evening, and must be wearing valiant warrior outfit. 2 variants.
  • New scene in Krossavik Commons church. You need to enter when a service is being conducted,
  • New bath house with masturbation scene. Hint: The outcome can be different depending on the time of day.
  • New barmaid mini-game job. Serve beer to customers. More to come in the future.
  • Added the Forest Tunic to the Flash Someone daily task in Don Trainer
  • Various random re-renders with better lighting, including the naked teleport scene.

Changes since Beta Release:
- New scenes during streaking:
- Astrid getting fingered #4 (requires high lust and max arousal)
- Boob Guy # 3
- Outdoor masturbation #1 (Requires max arousal for event to appear)
- Little Paul's Education #2, #3, and #4. The last one is not in the gallery yet.
- New stealing punishment scene (You must steal the ring from a certain barracks and then try to sell it in the item shop)
- Don Trainer's "Flash Someone" daily task (#1, #2, #3)
- General bug and typo fixes (Thank you Ignazzio.)

Change Log from Beta post, pasted here:
New scenes/content:
- Calder and his Magic shop have a new look
- 2 new bed masturbation scenes. Max arousal scene has dialog which changes depending on what caused her current state of arousal
- 2 new Magic Shop lab scenes. The second one I think is pretty great.
- New character Marcus, and the ability to work off the inns rent. No scenes with him yet, hopefully soon.
- New character Freja: She can be found in the north part of town during night. She has a few story events, which lead to unlocking the ability for Astrid to go streaking at night.
- There are multiple different events and scenes for streaking. The events are randomized a little so that you don't see the exact same ones each time, but the randomization is very generous. One new main character here, Little Paul.
- First handjob scene is finished for Don Trainer. This one took a LONG time to render because I did a set for each outfit. Following scenes will have Astrid strip to cut down on render time.

Small changes:
- An image of Astrid is displayed when you go to sleep, which changes depending on lust level/arousal
- Added a couple images for Astrid's first encounter with both Ragnvalder and Don in the prologue.

- Rendered a new title screen.
- Re-rendered all sub-character portraits and some random standing pics to have better lighting
- Implemented Astrid's clothing system, rendered all standing pictures for the different clothing combinations. Also rendered images for Astrid's reaction to the new clothing change. If you want to play around with this to see how it works, use the debug cheats menu to increase Astrid's Lust (Warning Spoilers).
- Added new hentai sound effects for scenes to make them more interesting.
- Completely redid Don and Carlene's blowjob scene
- New Masturbation scenes. You need to have the Ultimate Guide to the Female Orgasm book in your possession, which is found in the Royal Castle Library. At night, read the book before going to bed to trigger the scenes.
- Added a new scene with the Permit Director (Jareth) inside the Royal Castle. To access it, you need to have first sent the letter about Nicholas's death (Talk to innkeeper during the morning). Then, talk to the Permit Director on a few different days. Make sure you DON'T tell him about Nicholas's death. The other option will lead to a scene in the future, but it is not implemented yet.
- Added Astrid's first job, which contains a scene indoors, and a few random minor scenes outdoors.
- Added a new area (Krossavik Sewers). You need to talk to the Guard Captain in the Royal Castle before Astrid will agree to enter. The sewers contain few different scenes: Two at the gatekeeper, depending on what you choose, and 2 scenes if you get defeated during battle. Combat is improved but still not great, I am trying to come up with ways to make it more interesting. If you have any ideas, please let me know!

Win: - - - -
Compressed Version:

Mac: - -
Linux: - -

Thanks @Jealco

Thanks @Geekbone

scene_bath_intro_7.png event_barmaid_skirtlift_6.png scene_freja_lesbian_2_8.png scene_magic_shop_5_15b.png scene_nudist_gangbang_1.png scene_ramonsex_1_14.png scene_sewer_sleep_anal_10.png scene_sewer_sleep_bj_5.png scene_sewer_sleep_bj_7.png qe7Iday.jpg


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Aug 5, 2016
played it.
not bad game. still i think it have something very very bad in it, is the fact we can see everything the guy (forget his name) think about astrid and wait from her. thats completly broke the game like an big spoil to me.

but this game is good for now


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Aug 5, 2016
Nice, a very promising start. There's choices everywhere and they actually influence shit. (Unlike certain other games)
You can play the MC as a naive girl, but still not a bimbo or you can play her as a strong woman, that doesn't really listen to others at all.

Also you can sequence-break the game pretty early on.
If you go back to the village at night (after the bath scene) you'll get the scene of the raided village and everything that follows, which should actually happen after going to the mine and your sidekick getting killed, which will also get you powered down from level 50 back to level 1. But going to the village at night skips the sidekick killing and down powering which makes you have two level 50 characters when you get to the capital. (Which isn't important at all right now)
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Aug 6, 2016
Just not digging this...it's well written and all but I can't help but compare it to Valentina. This hasn't grabbed me in the same way.
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Aug 6, 2016
I really like valentina's story and that alone made me test out this game, I liked the characters and as far as I could see it's well done and fun to play, even played twice to see how the other path would be, thanks for the find!


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Aug 18, 2016
Guys, before you post a thread, make sure it's complaint with our rules. The title is missing quite a few things ;) Fixed
Aug 13, 2016
The dev made the demo with the new, longer hair that won the poll and reposted the links:

Key: !oAphSOC1g_uDRrxKM--Md_84HgniARuwK-HaKliWW58


Key: !hmT0Oq4KFs2TFRL86Xb4IRsUamdcmhm1bX0RVrhZJnM


Key: !_EfzpiPNzuEFR-XcBv-o_HBrWk_f5mJpFE2VbEO6Stc

Also, he fixed the following bugs in this version:
- Astrid's hair length has been increased by 150%.
- Astrid's hair band color has been changed to black.
- Fixed bug where if you went back to Holmr with Nicholas after leaving, the destroyed version of Holmr would be loaded.
- Fixed bug where you could have a conversation with Nicholas's ghost near the orc, after Nicholas is killed.
- Fixed bug where your standing picture would be permanently hidden after the priest event in Holmr.

He said that he expects to release the next update in early June, btw.


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Aug 24, 2016
"I wanted to make a fantasy game with a tomboyish protagonist ... and discovers her sexuality along the way.​
in pre-patreon times means such a statement: its just a programming test and will get abandoned after a short time. ;)

Nice, a very promising start. There's choices everywhere and they actually influence shit. (Unlike certain other games)

You can play the MC as a naive girl, but still not a bimbo or you can play her as a strong woman, that doesn't really listen to others at all.
yes its promising. but alot of games start like this.
i am pretty sure that the patreon-train will make the dev to get rid off the idea of a strong woman.
would be highly surprised if the mc dont become (after 3 updates) a half-bimbonized cockseeker, regardless of choices.
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Oct 2, 2016
he didnt fix the sertain battle scenes against slimes when they attack the game crashes becausse of the Growl.png or something

failed to load: Img/animations/Howl.png
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Aug 6, 2016
he didnt fix the sertain battle scenes against slimes when they attack the game crashes becausse of the Growl.png or something
I don't think he's aware of that, I've checked his patreon and did not see any mention to this problem.
Jun 1, 2017
Really like this game so far, shows a lot of promise. Hopefully, he keeps going and finish it. Would hate to see yet another good game get abandoned.

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4.70 star(s) 23 Votes