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[VN] [Ren'Py] Summertime Saga [v0.14.31] [Kompas Productions] Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Summertime Saga' started by Muff Diver, Aug 25, 2016.

[VN] [Ren'Py] Summertime Saga [v0.14.31] [Kompas Productions] Discussion Thread 4.5 5 24votes
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    1. Obuttma

      Obuttma New Member

      Oct 9, 2017
      I thought the internet was created using the US taxpayers money (for military use initially iirc), and therefore a US public property.

      Would that violate some public interest concerns or anti-trust/anti-monopoly trade law?
    2. Ungawa

      Ungawa Member

      Apr 16, 2017
      I can get into the nitty gritty details of this, but the effective use of the net would be corporatized and it's been heading this direction since 2009. Yes, taxpayer dollars were used by DARPA to create the internet in the 70s and 80s but with the FCC being corporatized and giving favor (bribes) to the largest corporations in America, you can see the fallout of this.

      I'll just say that the Supreme Court looked to weaken government regulation (codeword: public input) and with our local corporate conservative court, the FCC will effectively disrupt the internet for profit seeking businesses.

      Sure you can bust that up with anti-trust law, but we have Nixon 3.0 who just passed legislation in America for the richest corporations to have lowered taxes and less social responsibility.

      You think they'll want to break up the people giving them money to destroy a public resource?
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    3. rle68

      rle68 Member

      May 28, 2017
      Dont take this as a personal attack cus it wasnt meant as ... but seriously i think your pissing into the wind on this.. people bitched when they passed it now that its gone same thing wait and see...
    4. NotaBullRobo

      NotaBullRobo New Member

      Nov 25, 2017
      Net Neutraility is more about big companies fucking over smaller ones on the internet. Patreon is an establish company, so there shouldn't be any issues. Most of the file hosting sites are large as well, so shouldn't be an issue on that front either.

      People trying to develop adult games WITHOUT using patreon are the ones that may have some problems, as access to their personal site is what would be made harder, or more accurately, slower.
    5. Haru105

      Haru105 Member

      Aug 5, 2017
      it kinda sad when we don't have any spoiler :(
    6. Obuttma

      Obuttma New Member

      Oct 9, 2017
      Is that really a concern?

      Ain't brute forcing your way pass internet restrictions and block sites using proxies and vpn were already an established art?

      I live somewhere were copyright laws are poorly implemented and I doubt my current internet service provider will care enough to regulate my online activities.

      As long as i give them money I think they wouldn't see the need to change their current service policies.
    7. EllaKrael

      EllaKrael New Member

      Aug 9, 2017
      Serious question:
      Isn't the internet already policed/run/controlled by Facebook, Google/Youtube, Twitter, the Domain Name hosts, and their ilk? They get to decide who's messages get heard, who is verified, who can be online, and who can earn from ads...
      How is an ISP (ComCast or whomever) blocking access any different to what the Online Service providers can do now even with Net Neutrality?
    8. Kakato

      Kakato Member

      Feb 25, 2017
      Internet is ruled by Google. However, Facebook started to make some innovations and is slowly turning into a sort of web-directory. Proof is the number of filters which keeps on being updated.
    9. rle68

      rle68 Member

      May 28, 2017
      whatever chicken little... go cry the sky is falling
    10. kingthehentai

      kingthehentai Member

      Jul 8, 2017
      i get stuck in bathroom while sex with mom, how can i get out
    11. ThunderZoo

      ThunderZoo Active Member

      Aug 16, 2016
      Consider Internet as a bunch of buildings connected by streets. When you want to read a book you ask Google (or another search engine): "Where are the books?" and Google shows you all the libraries. Among those you choose LittleFamilyLibrary and then you walk towards it.
      Normally you have paid to your ISP (that control the streets) the right to walk on all the streets, so you choose the shortest way; but without Net Neutrality the ISPs tell you:
      "LittleFamilyLibrary didn't paid me a bunch more of money so this road is blocked, if you want to go there you have to pay me more or walk 5 miles more (sometimes without paying more you simply cannot go there), but BigCorpLibrary paid me so you can choose the shortest walk if you choose to go there instead of the little one".

      Moral of the story:
      - little website owners are fucked since nobody will visit their sites (because they have to pay more)
      - users that want to visit less popular websites have to pay more and they will probably see those sites disappear

      (don't nitpick my metaphor, I know it's not very very accurate XD )
      Last edited: Dec 7, 2017
    12. Tommybuns

      Tommybuns Member

      Sep 24, 2017
    13. Tommybuns

      Tommybuns Member

      Sep 24, 2017
      Search engines already do what net neutrality may do. Im not saying corporstions might fuck the Internet hard, but people need to understand that these companies respond to the consumer. What the removal of net nuetrality is supposedly going to do is spark job growth and give people in rural areas better access to the internet. Seems like a bunch of shit considering the FCC head worked for Verizon and I doubt the big providers are going to invest in those areas anyway.
    14. PatreonTed

      PatreonTed New Member

      Jun 3, 2017
      My understanding is the concern that ISPs would add an extra layer of control to what is already there. For example, fictional ISP SuperNet might have a movie streaming site similar to Netflix called SuperFlix, and in order to promote it, they could restrict the speeds of their users to Netflix while allowing full speeds to SuperFlix. Or maybe a news site is critical of SuperFlix, so they could impede access to that news site. And in many parts of the US there is only one real ISP to choose from, so a customer wouldn't be able to just move to another ISP if this was happening.
    15. jande21

      jande21 Super Moderator Moderator

      Oct 19, 2016
      Please end the conversation of Net Neutrality.
      If you want to continue open a thread in general discussion, as this is not the place for it.
    16. EllaKrael

      EllaKrael New Member

      Aug 9, 2017
      So... What "Net Neutrality" does, from the metaphor (which I enjoyed) and as I think by law ISPs are allowed to charge more for packages and services so it doesn't stop them charging you for more/less bandwidth or speed (only that they can't reduce/increase speed for certain things or parts of the internet) is force the ISPs to "treat all Internet traffic equally". Yes?

      So how is an ISP slowing (or even blocking) connections to LittleFamilyLibrary different from Google not showing it at the top of their search results (or even in the first 10 pages, or removing their app from play, or blocking their youtube vids) OR GoDaddy blocking their domain from being used OR Twitter banning their account; simply because they didn't pay them or they directly compete with their own Library service or some other random reason (they stock a book that the owner of said companies don't like)?

      To the Super Mod:
      Apologies I must have hit post before the New Replies message posted up.
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    17. Tommybuns

      Tommybuns Member

      Sep 24, 2017
      O my god when is the update!!!!! /s
    18. a1fox3

      a1fox3 Active Member Donor Special User

      Aug 8, 2017
      Progress for v0.14.5 - Total Tasks: 79 Completed: 77.22% InProgress: 12.66% Remaining: 10.12%

      In 4 days we have gain 20% + on the update.
    19. gguga123

      gguga123 Member

      Aug 12, 2016
      hmmm i am certain its coming next week for sure in this rate
    20. Fallen Alucard

      Fallen Alucard New Member

      Jul 11, 2017
      Can anyone please get me some save files for 14.31 please?