[Ren'Py] Stolen Destiny [Demo Fixed] [Liebrio]

Nov 1, 2018
why not simply some real stuff ?
like.. you just get 18 or something and you parents (both) tell you to get the fuck out of their hosue and start your own life. soo you left with nothing and start your life, finding job etc.. while your little sister, pity of you, decide to help you a bit without telling the parents about that.
then you find good job, you grow and become president or something and your parents realise how good you are, soo they make excuse and tell you that you can come back home anytime and build better relation with them..... but then... you just decide to fuck them all (in both way) and continu your story by set up a bad trip for them with the help of your sis and aunt ( 'cause aunt is a MUST HAVE in incest story ).
game end when you realise how fucked up your life was and suicide yourself by ejaculating on a badger in forest.

just a ridicul exempl of incest story different XD
Fucking awesome hahahaha

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