[Unity] Spoils of War 2 [Build 1202] [SelectaCorp]


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Aug 25, 2017
Despite what anyone says, I love SelectaCorp. Can't wait to see this project progress.
I like (some of) their concepts.
Unfortunately they have yet to publish anything that delivers decent gameplay based on those concepts.

Yeah how dare they add racism to our wholesome games about raping women and turning them into sex slaves.:rolleyes:
Not to start anything, but if this was a game about white guys systematically raping and enslaving black women this thread would have been burned down by now.
Oct 5, 2017
Personally, I prefer . It's a little more confusing, but I can vouch for the systems basically working and there being at least some sex stuff there.
Well I liked State of the Union enough to try out some other ones. Maybe spoils 1. Will keep my eyes on this.
Sep 7, 2017
Guess I'll try it since people are recommending it a lot. Just my impression of reading the comments seems like it's just focusing on 1 girl instead of an epic conquest is not as exciting. For 1 girl stuff VNs with more writing and better story feel more appropriate.
There's multiple girls to conquer in the game, it just so happens that one girl (Dani Divine) has a lot more content, what with being the main focus.
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May 15, 2017
This game is way unfinished so far but from what I've played and read on the the Selectacorp forms this game will be bigger and more complicated the the first Spoils of War. I'm not big on black male/white female interracial but I don't really hate it either. But I do kind of like the idea oppressed people rising up and high class women being raped/enslaved by people they used to lord over. Queens and other royalty, female police or military officers, students and teachers at rich girl-only private school, the perfect kinds to be shoved to the ground, have the fancy clothes/uniform torn off and filled with the cum of lowly peasants.

I'll also say that I really like State of the Union and of all the Selectacorp games it's the one I'd like to get a new game in the series. Much like Spoils of War it could use a sequel or remake with much increased scope and game size. I like the whole thing of slowly building up political power, getting control of different women and either selling them for money or pimping them out to gain political support, working your way up to overthrowing a feminist Premiere and taking total control, and pass laws to put women back in their place.
Oct 5, 2017
Yeah I think State of the Union would've been good if it was just longer... A lot of these developers seem to think the crucial thing is to make the game really challenging instead of giving enjoyment via payoff content....
May 9, 2018
Well, this is... imagine finding someone who has never played a game, telling them what games are, how they work and how they control and then telling them to make a game. The engine changes, the optimization stays the same. The game engine changes, the game-play is still as unintuitive as ever.