[Unity] Spoils of War 2 [Build 1202] [SelectaCorp]

Jun 25, 2017
Agree wholeheartedly with 99 % of the comments. Love the Selectacorp universe. Frustrated with game execution 80% of the time. Their random number generator formula is fucked on every game that uses it. Game dev seems to be done by committee leading to wild tangents and wasted dev time. I'm a member of their forums, but those are useless, none of the dev team take suggestions seriously it seems. Mysteria Lane *could* have been their flagship game to show off the core concepts and stellar gameplay in a tight, replayable masterpiece. Instead it's just a peek into a turd sandwich with incomprehensible internal math that doesn't work, statistic system that works when it wants if at all and finally put out as "finished" cuz the devs either got bored with it or couldn't fix their own code.

Surprisingly, the Secret Agent series was well done if you ignore that java/flashplayer "engine" they use.

Just my 2 cents. I'll keep my eye on this thread & fingers crossed, but after seeing what happened with the University game (the first big project they tried to tackle), I'm betting this implodes as well.
May 21, 2017
What is the point of this game? What the hell we supposed to do?
Its just a Tech demo, there is Spoils of war 1, but that game is so grindy and random, but basicly what you have to do is to attack a low level settlement, hope you win the fight and then you get money to build your base to get better troops and from then on you sack settlements, every bigger settlement gives you VIP you can enslave and then it goes to the next better defended settlement.
Aug 17, 2016
What is the best / most playable previous game by the dev?
Depends. If you mean purely from a gameplay standpoint, probably . Once you figure out the gameplay loop it basically makes sense and functions properly as a game, though the model (the major focus of the game) turns out to be disappointing if you were hoping for her to get actually naked.

Personally, I prefer . It's a little more confusing, but I can vouch for the systems basically working and there being at least some sex stuff there.

A word of advice: most Selectacorp updates either look like little visual novel mini-games where you click random things but just go through a linear story with very light sexual content, or they look like the confusing quarter-baked release of the game in this thread. No matter how much their story centers around a brutally efficient global corporate entity with ties to magic mind control and sex slaves, their actual games are mostly broken indie messes with barely any functional porn to speak of. I'd also say they seem like they're getting worse, not better. Not impossible that this game will see updates to make it more functional, but it's also quite likely that it will just get abandoned for another interesting but terribly executed idea that subsequently gets ditched soon after, etc.
Oct 29, 2017
So, I've tried three times to play this one. Each time, after 10-13 days, a General looking guy thanks me for keeping his seat warm and gives me the option of resetting the game (which the button doesn't work) or closing the application. Is anyone else getting farther in the game?

I actually liked the first Spoils of War. I wish they had expanded it into something bigger. I have hopes for this one too. I didn't find any sexy content in this version yet either.