[Unity] Spoils of War 2 [Build 1202] [SelectaCorp]

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Feb 3, 2017

Spoils of War 2 is an incredibly ambitious sequel that seeks to build onto the ideas in the original, creating a fully fleshed-out 4X experience that pushes the gameplay and sexual content much further than any other Selectacorp game to date.
You play as a rebel leader during a post-colonial revolution tasked with taking over the Dominion of Primeva. As you grow, so too will your tech, policies and power over your ever-expanding captive population. However, with great power also comes great internal opposition.
Do you have what it takes to subjugate the world and keep rebellions of your own at bay? Will you be a benevolent king or rule with an iron fist? The choices are entirely up to you.​

Updated: 2018-12-02
Developer: SelctaCorp -
Censored: NO
Version: Build 1202
OS: Windows, Linux, MacOS
Language: English

2dcg, simulator, big ass, big tits, slave

1. Extract and run.

Build 1202
October - November was focusing more on the core functionality of the systems we’re using to develop Spoils of War 2. Currently it’s at a point where we can focus more on the visual aspect of the game and is ready to move forward in adding content to the game. We have strived to offer you some kind of content in extent to combat as the underlying system needed to be worked on to contain to have access to the entire map and to give the game a broader experience once we populate the created databases.

Due to the changes, the whole map has been unlocked however Jerbjerg is the only one that can be assaulted and raided currently but the systems will automate all property/combat changes by the 14th.

This first week of December is releasing the base with these core changes and December 14th; Week 2 will be the second half with more of the content in place will be released.

For the Week 1 release it will just be the base of the game where we will added the content on top of that. Currently known bugs will be addressed at the bottom of this document after the breakdown.

Currently it’s a sandbox however we should have a prototype scenario completed by Week 2.

  • Automation and TileSystem
    • Current
      • The Tile System has been completely overhauled and the entire map is now open and is more controllable to add additional content in the future.
      • City properties are now no longer aligned as a separate object from the tile.
      • Names of the cities are also generated, auto scaled, and formatted to be uniform.
      • Engine now takes account and recognizes every single property of each tile which opens up for endless possibilities.
    • Week 2 (Dec 14)
      • Tile/Unit Cycling to fix City and Unit Selection
  • Ministry
    • Current
      • System is in place; database is not populated
      • User Interface is Completed
      • Can navigate the menus
    • Week 2 (Dec 14)
      • Will have the library populated with remote updateable ministry database
      • Bonuses will be implemented and applied.
      • Will be able to assign ministers to provinces.
  • Priority List
    • Current
      • Priority List System implemented, database not populated
      • User Interface is Completed
    • Week 2 (Dec 14)
      • Database to the priority list will be complete
      • Rewards will start being implemented
  • Attacking and Defending
    • NPCs defending a city and retaliating will no longer move off the tile.
    • Floating text will appear combat results if damage is taken.
    • Floating text will appear when a successful and failed raid.
  • Purchasing Unit no longer brings it to a city overview, but was replaced by a temporary unit purchase menu due to the transition to the new system.
  • Cycling between units and purchase of city still staggers. Will be addressed on the Week 2 update of December due to the system overhaul.
  • Science/Tech
    • Current
      • New System is moving this system to a province only level
      • Old System is currently in use will be removed in Week 2 Update
  • Camera
    • Fixed the inner and outer zoom limit
    • Middle Scroll is attached to the Pan and Zoom
  • Unit based audio implemented
    • Current
      • Sound effects will play when the following occurs:
        • taking over a node
        • after an attack
        • during a successful raid
        • during a failed raid
    • Week 2
      • Individual Unit action based audio will be implemented when we sort out the sound effects.
      • UI Interactions will have audible feedback
  • Splash Screen
    • SelectaCorp/Spoils of War 2
      • Play splash upon opening up the game
  • Overworld
    • Scenario
      • Current
        • Implemented Video System to play to outline a scenario
      • Week 2
        • Events such as Raids and General Assaults will have result videos
      • Future
        • Random Event Videos will occur
  • Settings
    • Currently
      • The settings is still the same old settings however is being redone due to adding the audible cues, videos, and events which is scheduled for the second week of December.

Known Issues
  • Game may take a little longer to load since the entire map is now available.
  • Unit Information Panel may display numbers that are off due to the upgrade system being migrated to the new system, it’s completed but will be smoother.
  • The controls for the Units are stick and hard to deselect, this will be addressed in the coming days after Week 1 release
  • After defeating a defending unit, the combat unit is moved onto the tile where the color of the city does not change and the unit will need to move off that tile and move back there in order to capture the city. This is completely strange and will be addressed.
  • Jernbjerg province are the only cities that can be raided and/or assaulted since they haven’t been transferred to the new system as that part wasn’t finalized yet, however will move to an automated system so once it converts, they all will convert.
  • Click through needs to be fixed

Win: - - -
Linux: - - -
Mac: - - -

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Jul 24, 2017
every time selecta games makes well, a game, I am so fucking hyped about the concept that I almost just forget about how grindy, random and empty these games are, I'll play it to see if anything's changed but I don't think it'll be anything good
Same here. They have ingenious ideas, sick in a good way, but all they actually give is some vanila content.


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Oct 12, 2017
There's not much worth playing in this release but at least it's not whatever engine they used to use at least?
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Jun 11, 2018
wow it's horrible, i mean there is nothing valuable. The idea was nice but horrible execution: there are no keys to move on the map, no policies, no enemy IA, no tutorial, bland combat, you don't take control of the city in that turn and off course no NSFW material


Game Developer
Aug 16, 2017
I can appreciate the effort and fantasy selectacorp puts into their games. You can really see the passion (or desperation?) behind how they craft the world and background.

But christ if their games aren't hopelessly complicated. I realize they have a huge forum of playtesters they are releasing builds to for testing, but it feels like all of their games are only tested by the dev who build the game. Like that every game is made with the idea that the player already knows the inner workings of how everything is supposed to be done.


Active Member
Feb 3, 2017
I agree with everyone, I really dig Selector game's concept, but holy hell it so complicated for me to play these games. Its like a well made puzzle box, but only the Dev knows how to work it. On the off chance that you figure it out the puzzle leaves an empty feeling once solved. The inner working are amazing. The Dev has paid models in his games ( I mean like he has paid models to pose) which is very exciting knowing that these real life Models are not some random girls on the net (mind you not all are ) . Most of the games have no save function so one wrong decision and its game over or on a path not wanted. Well I will wait for more reviews before diving in.

kang kun

New Member
Jul 5, 2017
On patron page , it says the game is still on alpha phase. This time the developer changed game engine and decided to put more polish on the game . I am just gonna wait with some expectation and not be too judging. The developer announced on its discord that they have been focusing on game system itself and since the system is complete , he will be putting in actual contents from now on


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Feb 24, 2018
I would love to try to play your game but 3d and my computer doesnot work it shuts down my laptop and strains my ram too much to try


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May 4, 2017
You infidel! I will smack your face with ma bababah!

Not worth. Got it, played with and without CE but... nope. At least for now.
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