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Aug 5, 2016

(Click on First Option to start a new game, 2nd option to load a saved game)
Updated: 2018-11-22
Developer / Publisher: Avenger -
Censored: No
Version: 0.26
OS: PC / Windows
Language: English and Russian
ADV, SLG, Blowjob, Titfuck, Anal sex, BDSM, Incest, Blackmail, Rape

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Replace the qsp that's in the assets/standalone_contents folder with one of the files that are in the post if your are wanting to play in english
3- Run "Son of Bitch.exe" to play game

1. I'm getting this error message " "*.qsp", Папка: SOB\assets\standalone_content"
A: You have either no QSP file in that folder or multiple. Rename the file extension of the one you don't want or delete the file entirely or add a QSP file in there that you want to use.

2. I'm getting this error message "\assets\standalone_content\mp3/start.mp3"
A: Your start.mp3 file is corrupted, you'll have to re-download that file and replace it. Download Links: -

3. Other error messages: Location not found, end missing, bracket not located, Unknown location, etc.
A: These are missing in the game file, so if they're reported they will be fixed eventually. There is one error for location not found if you try to cheat before going through the intro. So wait until you reach your house before cheating.

4. My game is still in Russian!/This game isn't in English!
A: Get one of the en files from and put it in your standalone_content folder. Make sure there's only one qsp or you'll get the message from Q. #1.

5. Where are the save games located?
A: My documents\Сохранения игр Quest Navigator for Windows users.

6. Where is a walkthrough?

7. Does anyone have a save game that I can use/Can I use my old save games?
A: No, the variables change in this game quite often so it's always best to start a new game after updating. However if you use a cheat version you could probably speed up to where you were last before the update by changing the variables.

8. Is there just an update package?
A: Not until someone makes one in which case it would be on the main thread page.

by @Xorgroth

v0.26 (translated with google)
Those. part of
this time it is big, sometimes has been corrected text somewhere to change the code. As will now always display the menu bar on the left, and then as a blank look before. But of course it is not always active, it's more decorative solution :) And dot added new locations, which come in handy more than once.

The university reduced time-to locations and added a button and wait for the menu to make it easier to live in it. And reduced pregnancy all the Persians, for this to update a few of them to give birth, but more on that below :)

Also, now that HS is tired he can spend the night, not only in the home but also in its bought a hut at the center and Nina in Chkalovsky district. So it was easier to move along on the game, well, it is logical to also, plus SG are now considered at each game has its own type of "base" where he can safely podryhnut :)

Well, a major chunk of those. part of a "Quick Start" about it has been said in the previous post. No drastic changes, but because the new thing was delayed. I have slightly expanded its starting condition on a few points, not to write just attach a screen, find the difference yourself.

It should probably add that the passage of the Persians in the rapid start made at the time after sex with a particular Persian. For example you chose Eugene, main branch, then in the game you startanete after the moment you have to fuck her, and then dissolved and all on the ointment, and you can not jump to the Al. branch with her in any way, but the story it will be even. That is a choice item does not give the complete passage of all that is in the game only with the Persians. But the time of divorce to have access to her body will have passed.

Also do not forget that the choice of branches depend on each other. For example, only if you choose the main branch Eugene and Oksana you can get the total follow-up, the way it is yet another reason why the chosen point for a quick start divorce for sex. Because you can choose the main branch Eugene and viola. Oksana branch or vice versa, and it is necessary to make it all work properly and did not break the story of the game, because this is its main advantage compared to cheat, it must not break the story of the game. Well, you code will not have to climb, just select the desired items and play :)

Of course the people who are playing for the first time it is better not to use quick start at all, or they will miss a lot, for they have the cheats if you strongly want to accelerate the pumping body, money, etc. In the end it is worth saying that the "Quick Start" will be modernized, adjusted and expanded other Persians :)

with angels added to the continuation of its event, this time it will be possible to reveal its dark side well and generally looking ahead we can say that in the future there will be a choice and yet just a continuation.

Red was continued which more clearly shows its enthusiasm, problems well, and in general how she lives and what she wants, this time it will be routed to the choice of the way in which it will go. The choice of course will depend on you, but not in this to update :)

Known as the "Button" received a card module and generally approximate timetable for its life. It can be to walk to different places and to ingratiate himself with that then of course on the result of thoroughly fuck :) She still likes girls, so it will be not so simple.

her cute girlfriend, also received his card and module, and has acquired domestic events and meetings in different parts of the game. Fucking with the two girls in the Refresh is not added, you can not just come home two Lesbian and fuck. But to sweeten the pill still added a little merrymaking among them :) And they will be continued in the next. change so dvizhuha just around the corner.

Now she can give birth to that return of her married life to an ordinary bed, of course, with some mention of GG :)

Lass gets its extension of the main branch, she will finally be able to give birth, if I remember correctly it is generally first flew in the game and that's it it happened :) Young mother still receive dvizhuhu on his fifth point and beyond. Well, it will return some of the old habits.

Our Serge vpahivat knowingly at him and can now get the opportunity to move forward in their difficult task and earn more dough. Now of course it will be necessary to connect new people into one body not much to do. And now the first career will not just squander Tony did not pay him the dough, for this will be punished. In an extreme case, our earrings can even dunk, but crime is a dangerous thing. As you have to add another option to make yourself GAME OVER.

entered a new game Persian with great performance characteristics: D

Masha Sinitsyn
course she lives together with Dasha, but this time hooked just Masha. Trachea do not pass without a trace and now car as it caught up with our earrings, dvizhuha attached :)

Added to continue and expand its main branch with a bunch of Encyclopedias. SG spiers it just anywhere, but it also may itself vytseplyat it: D And yes, and even now she can also give birth :)

- Partially corrected text errors (Russian version)
- Changed the partition style and history of information in the menu of the game
- change the style of the freezing of the panel on the left
- Adjusted course of events starting with Alena
- Tech. code changes
- Reduced gestational age of the Persians
- Added "Quick Start" - see separate blog post
- Added general settings of the start of the game from 1 September
- Added passage Eugene
- Added passage Oksana
- Added the passage of light
- Added the passage of Masha
- Univer
- Added menu in fixed locations
- Added button to wait in the main locations
- Shorten the output time of the main locations
- Now that SG no strength he can sleep, not only in the home
- Can spend the night at the hut in the center of the city
- may sleep in Chkalovsky district
- Added a continuation branch events Rada
- it can now have a baby
- with her added new dialogues
- with her added new compliments
- Added a continuation branch events Sveta
- updated her diary
- she can now have a baby
- with her added new dialogs
- with her added events in the bedroom
- with her added to the event in the hall
- returned to her old habit: )
- Added continued voltage branches events Fira
- With her added events at uni
- With her added events from Vova home
- with her added to events in the valley of the poor
- Added a continuation branch events with Lena
- Added a pool on the roof of the building
- in their hut added room
- with her added to the card
- with her added to the module
- With her added events in the bedroom
- with her added to the event in the hall
- with her added events in the cafe
- with her added to the event at the club
- with her added to the events in the house SG
- Added a continuation branch events with Olga
- with her added to the card
- with her added to the module
- with it added events in the bedroom
- with her sob added ytiya roof
- With her added events in the hall
- With her added events at Elsa's home
- Added the continuation and expansion of branch events with Nina
- Now she can have a baby
- Since it replaced the old photo
- With her added new dialogs
- With her added events room YY
- With her added events she in the room
- with her added to events in her bedroom
- with her added to events in the home YY
- with her added event on the flat SG
- Added a continuation branch events Elsa
- she's in the house added a new location
- with her added to the event in the business center
- With her added events in the hall
- With It added events in the kitchen
- with her in the bedroom added events
- With her added to the event in the "second bedroom"
- With her added events in her house
- Added a continuation branch events Masha and Dasha
- Now Mary can fly
- With her added events in the hall
- With her added events in the bedroom
- Added the continuation career, Tony
- Now HS can skopytitsya: D
- Now Tony will not disappear just like that, if SG is not coming to the meeting
- Added the ability to hire people and make more dough
- The information SG is now written as there are tablets
- The game introduced Lucia
- With her added events in the mountains. rocking chair
- with her added to the event at her home

It is small but there are many corrections and corrections. There were new locations in the university and a new gift for the little guy :) + a new card for the Persian and its module, the other smaller changes, but still important will be written in the detailed list below.

The love branch gets a continuation, the English teacher has already specifically settled on our Serega, so we need to develop success and enjoy all the benefits of the current situation, of course, of course.

Hot Madame has not appeared in the game for a long time, go along her love branch to get a sequel. In her house, inevitable things happen, she is already sitting firmly on Serega, but do not relax, there will be a little more trick to discover new horizons :)

Blonde starts up in all serious of course, not without the help of our hero, to see the continuation with it, it is impossible that she flew, otherwise kaput. A lot of moves plus in this update the Persians will be linked together during the passage.

This proprietress can not be out of the way in the current hands, she was not very happy to share Serega with someone else before. But time passes and as they say, change or die! So she has nowhere to go. I think that you already understood that the last three Persians are closely related :)

Guess who it is! Do not be afraid, this is not a new Persian: D It was just decided to change the name of Mai, to Fira, because the game already has a similar name for the telochki from the senior courses of the University. Fira gets its start, card, module and schedule. From this it is almost possible to understand what kind of character she is. Since the next semantic layer with her weighty, he did not get into this update, but with her there will be a sequel immediately in the next update.

Dasha and Masha's Neighbors
These are, in appearance, simple calves, not so simple already! Sorry for the pun :) We get a direct sequel with them, so we'll see if they can fuck Serega or not. Moving is attached, although it is all in this update except for Fira. PY.SY can be preserved before passing a neighbor :)

As always, briefly and almost without spoilers, the stuffed post is on a fast hand, as you noticed the update came out quickly though and was late for a few hours from the scheduled, now it's Monday night, but I believe that a few hours is not a scary, enjoyable game!

Below, as always a detailed list:
- Changed menu style
- Fixed launching events in the shopping center
- Fixed start of events in cafe
- Fixed start of events in Oksana's room
- Adjusted the branch of Alena with Tonya
- Corrected the launch of the event with Elsa in University
- Corrected the launch of events in the room GG
- Minor changes in the general module
- Partially corrected text errors (Russian version)
- Added new locations in the University
- Stadium
- Dressing room
- Added continuation of the main line of events with Alena
- It added events in the University
- It added events in the car
- With her added events in the bedroom GG
- It added events in the hall of the YY
- It added events in the bath GG
- Added continuation of the main line of events with Antonina
- Added new dialogs with it
- With her added events in her bedroom
- With her added events in the kitchen
- It added events in the hall
- Added a continuation of the branch of events with Dasha
- Added new dialogs with it
- With her added events in her bedroom
- It added events on the 2nd floor
- Added a continuation of the line of events with Marina
- Added new dialogs with it
- With her added events in her bedroom
- It added events in the hall
- With her added events in the gym
- With her added events in the kitchen
- Added a continuation of the branch of events with Fira
- Start is changed with it
- A card has been added to it
- It added a module
- It added events near University
- With her added events during training
- Added continuation of the branch of events with neighbors Masha and Dasha
- With them added events at home at YY
- Added event
- Day events have been added to them
- With them added evening events
- They added events during the booze

Additional Information:
For the English qsp file:

Walkthrough website by Avenger:
(It's in Russian)

Walkthrough for characters:

A cheat QSP file of the russian version for 0.25 can be found .

Q: How does the aphorism: There are no small roles, there are small...? And. Actors.
Q: How does the name of Comedy And.With. Griboedova: Mount...? G. From the mind.
Q: How is Comedy in D.And. Fonvizin? B. Brigadier.
Q: As the end of the name of one of the pieces And.N. Ostrovsky Their people - ...? B. I`ll pay you back.
Q: How is Comedy N.In. Gogol? In. Auditor.
Q: What play have In.In. Mayakovsky? In. Bath.
Q: What is the name of one of the most famous Comedy actors of Russia Sandunova. And. Power.
Q: As is often referred to theatre school at the Maly theatre? In. Sliver.
Q: What theater award there is in our country? B. The highlight of the season.
Q: What is the part of the ballerina costume? B. Tutu.
Q: What quality should be present in a good ballerina? And. Turnout.
Q: As in 20-ies was called the American dancer Isadora Duncan? And. Great sandals.
Q: As a collective called the theatre, Museum, cinema? In. Cultural campaign.

Nothing here. Go away.
v0.26 (9.41gb) :
- -
Patch v0.25 to v0.26 (598mb) : - - -

Magnet (v0.26 and Patch v0.25 to v0.26):

Thanks @4Finger and @PrEzi

Aug 5, 2016
Guess I will repost my guide here
the most important thing is to build relationships and increase slutiness. The former is done by gifting (note that if your relation is low only certain gifts will help. For example, at the start talking, complimenting, joking and gifting anything to you sister but the magazine or perfume will lower her relation to you. So you need to increase it with those two first and then everything else will work). The latter is done when the relation is high enough, talk with the girls while having a hard-on. You will need to do this a lot of times though.( note: not necessary with the mother, her slutiness increases more when she catches you jerking).
Depending on your choices during the prologue, you can have an increased starting relation with Sveta or Masha. if you choose to skip the prologue you get neither. With Masha it's rather minor, With Sveta it allows you immediate access to her house when you meet her and shortens the grind by a little bit.
Don't forget working out and training you fighting skill, you will need both at maximum.
Raise your massage skill via internet lessons from your laptop.
IMPORTANT: don't forget to enroll to the institute during August ( you will get a mention from the mother during the morning when you can do so, usually by the mid point of the month). Other wise you get game over when September starts. As for actually learning there, there is a way to get around that.
Jerk off during the evening (2000 to 2355) so she catches you. After some times the picture will change, keep doing it for some more while trying to catch her getting fucked in her room (roughly during 200o till 2200). After you've seen her getting fucked, ask her about the guy during the morning. Kick his ass at the park during the weekend morning (save before trying, there is always a chance to lose, even with max fighting skill). Ask mother during the morning where the guy went. Keep getting caught jerking, eventually she will start giving you handjobs and later blowjobs. Keep at it. At some point sex will be mentioned, you will need to buy birth control pills and talk to her again, inviting to the restaurant. Do the date, fuck her, and you can now do whatever you want with her.
Raise relation and slutiness via normal means. Good measure to know when you reached a good point is if she allows you to touch and lick her tits at her room during the weekends. When you reach this points start taking her to Sunday picnics. Keep doing so till you get the option "special" picnic. Do that. Go to the sister during the weekend, play with her tits and blackmail her (drops relation to lowest level). Keep gifting magazines for some time till you get an event with her and her boyfriend, kick hiss ass. This is SUPPOSED to raise the relation back to top, but when I played 0.9 it did not happen. So you either get the sister as your fuck toy right after that, or will need to spend some time raising relation until you can fuck her again. Regardless, she's yours.
You can convince your sister to help you with the exams at the uni. After being in really good relation with her, ask for her help during a picnic. On the day of the exam you can see the event, her fucking the teacher for you to get the passing grade.
Sveta(the blond):
Meet her during your walk in the park, Raise relation and slutiness via normal means. However, you will also need to drink beer with her in the park and vodka at her home, and drink tea at her home. Tea drinking also gives you and indication when you can start getting touchy with her. When the picture changes, you can feel her up. Don't insist on the sex yet, though, she will refuse. Keep going with the tea+feeling up, beer and dates. Eventually you will be able to fuck her after tea drinking (haven't found a real way to tell when, just save before visiting and trying). Keep at it some more, now with added sex in the events and you will be able to fuck her instead of drinking vodka (usually at the point you give her the butt plug or a bit later). Supposedly, there are new events with her ater this point, haven't reached them yet.
To meet her you need to work as an entertainer in the shopping center. To get the job you need max physique, so get going.
You will meet her after the second or third time you work there. After you meet her, you can go to her home with the metro( the rich quarter). Start the usual ritual of raising relation and slutiness. With her it's simple and there so secret requirement, just raise it high enough ( btw, the only girl which has a positive reaction the the breast enhancer lotion). After the relation is high enough, you can fuck her during her morning workout (1000 till 1200/1300) or give her a sexual massage, or fuck her at the club.
Antonina (entertainer boss):
Keep working as an entertainer, eventually she will tell you to help with some boxes. No real choice here, you have to do it. When that happens, offer a massage, but don't get to brave. After this point, you can visit her at the shopping center and give her a massage every other day. Keep doing those massages, after some times (roughly 7-8, maybe more) you can get to the next massage level (legs,front, naked). After some times she will ask you to model for her, do so ( nest you cash and needed to continue her chain). It's pretty important to have a hardon when doing the shoot, since that raises her slutiness and needed to eventually trigger the next event. Keep doing the massages and shoots until the event triggers, she will take you to her home and you will get a supposedly important choice that's supposed to change future events with her. So save every time you approach her if you want to see both version.

Masha's mother in annoying to deal with and I still don't really know how to trigger her event chain properly. You need to do the usual of getting on her better side but she's already practically a full on slut. Keep trying to go to Masha's room with a hardon to raise it more and improve you relation, eventually she will start feeling you up openly both in the living room and her room. You can date her during the weekends, come talk to her in her room during the evening to take her. Date her a couple of times and if you play your cards right you can fuck her so again, save before the dates. There's supposed to be some home event's with her, probably after the date fucks but I haven't triggered those yet.

Now there are three more girls but they had barely any content on 0.9 and 0.10 so I have little knowledge about their quest chain.
To get the gym girl you need to start working at the gym ( reach max physique, the trainer will speak to you). Your work is her personal trainer twice a week. Start training her, get to know her, get access to the massage room to give her massages (the gym trainer will give you the key after you give him steroids, get those by beating up gopniks in the park 5-7 days in a row till you get a approached by a guy called brick, he can get those to you). Meet her at the park during one of the days/evening ( i don't remember how to trigger this event), tell her you can tutor her (gives you access to her home), pass her father's test (it's all russian literature IIRC, so unless you play in russian and can google the answers, save and do trial and error) and you can tutor her at home. Should be more events there or whatever.
Elsa, the other blond girl, can only be met after september, since you need to be in the uni to meet her at all. To get her you need to keep stealing/ jerking off on your mother's underwear during the afternoon of the weekdays. Eventually she will come to you room and tell you her underwear keeps disappearing and her boss been giving her the looks. Tell her you will bet him up (you won't). Go to the office area during the weekdays (the time is somewhere between 1700 and 2000, I don't remember), you will see the boss leaving, follow him and you will the blond entering the car. Try to approach her at the uni, fail, go to brick and orchestrate a false flag attack on her to paint you as a hero for saving her and you can start corrupting this pure "no sex till marriage" girl. Lot's of movie dates needs to be done here.
And I know nothing about the step sister or the aunt.


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Aug 5, 2016
for Sveta, after you become a model for Antonina and your pictures start popping up as adverts around the city, somebody will email you asking about a swinger's meeting. convince Sveta to swing with the couple with you, and according to the flags in the coding, after meeting the other couple a few times, Sveta can get pregnant, at which point you can opt to pay for a new apartment for her, which unlocks a few more scenes.

for Elsa, a movie date will eventually trigger the first kiss scene, which lets you make out with her at her house. after raising her corruption a bit, a movie date will unlock the option for blowjobs. at this point, you should get the option to take a picture of her blowing you. take the picture to her dad at the office, and he'll ask to meet on the weekends after 18:00. doing this a few times will unlock the requisites for having sex with her for the first time.

for Kate, the gym girl; after unlocking the tutor sessions, keep doing them to raise her corruption, and eventually you'll unlock the blowjob option. she hates the taste of your dick though. so you need to buy VANILLA lube on your computer (she's allergic to banana or something) at which point she gets more into blowjobs. Blowjobs is the extent of the content with her.

for your Mother, after having sex with her a few times and if her affection/corruption is high enough, you should try having sex with her at 9:00 am when she's getting ready for work. you will eventually get a scene where your sister overhears you two in her room, and asks her mother who she's got in there (sis doesn't know it's you). after this go to the living room/hall room after 23:00, and eventually a scene should trigger there about a conversation between your mother and sister. once this has triggered, stop by your mother's room, and she'll discuss becoming a full on couple with you. at this point, you unlock more sex scenes with your mother, and are now able to sleep with her in her room at night. this is the extent of the mother content at this point.


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Aug 5, 2016
the cheat save gives no money. is it possible that someone uplode a save with positive ruble account?


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Aug 6, 2016
Digging through the files, there's not really any material for Yana/Jana/Iana (stepsister) yet. If you finger her at night (which has a random chance of failing, even with sleeping pills. Save often) after enough times she will start masturbating in the shower on weekend afternoons (I can't recall the exact time). She will also kiss you on one of the walks in the park on Saturday afternoons eventually. Thats about it.

You can also use Cheat Engine for money. Just search for the amount (4 bytes, actual value) and then sell/buy something and search for the new value. If you end up with 2 entries of the same value, move to a new area and check again. Easy enough.
Aug 5, 2016
Is there anything special you have to do to get the mother to give you a handjob? I have been jerking off between 20:00 and 23:55 for months and only once did she give a handjob.


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Aug 5, 2016
Is there anything special you have to do to get the mother to give you a handjob? I have been jerking off between 20:00 and 23:55 for months and only once did she give a handjob.
What qsp file are you using
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Aug 5, 2016
I am not sure. I downloaded the torrent from F95 and to start the game I use the program "Son of a bitch.exe". It says v. 0.11 in the menu if that helps.
The qsp file that's associated with that torrent is buggy. Try the one on this thread at the top that says sob11_en. You may have to start over. Replace the qsp file in the assets/standalone_contents folder with it
Aug 5, 2016
The qsp file that's associated with that torrent is buggy. Try the one on this thread at the top that says sob11_en. You may have to start over. Replace the qsp file in the assets/standalone_contents folder with it
Ahh, so that's where the qsp file is hiding. Thank you! I will try it and hopefully the game will make a little more sense in its progression.


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Aug 6, 2016
Also In this game, There is a girl called Mary, she is Masha's sister but she isnt acutally list by the looks yet, can someone please confirm what im saying.


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Aug 5, 2016
i don't recall ever hearing about her, then again I don't pay much attention to the story anyway. as for pics, there are none of any character named Mary, so unless she's the unnamed one-time npc encounter in the club, she doesn't exist, or hasn't been added to the game yet in any way.


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Aug 6, 2016
Yet when you first try to fuck her, she tells you she talked to mary. or is another one of the bugs


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Aug 6, 2016
Well every line of her dialog (in the code anyway) ends with "-said Mary" or "-Mary liked that" or etc.

for example
elseif $character_Masha['Otnosheniakh'] >= 900:
     !Me - Ready for anything
     '<p>- Pusic, you`re so pretty! - joyful Mary willingly took the spirits.</p>'
Mary and Masha are the same person as far as the code is concerned.
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