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May 10, 2017

Slip Over Time:
it's a visual novel with a story progression; where a boy tries to build a time machine to prevent his father's death, but during this journey he will encounter various surprises and paradoxes ...
There will be choices that obviously will influence the path of play and quests to be performed, but overall the game will be easy to understand and follow, my attention is focused not on the difficulties, but above all on the art and irony of situations, (I hope) with the appreciation of the players.​

Updated: 29/Oct/18
Developer/Publisher: - Kokkonat - - - -
Censorship: None
Version: 0.1.0
OS:Windows & Mac
Language: English
Note: "All tags are not present in every version update but indicate the general situation you will encounter them during the development of this game"
2DCG, Animated, Male Protagonist, Dating Sim, Voyeurism, Sci Fic, MILF, family life, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Camgirl, Oral Sex, Titfuck, Footjob, Handjob, Anal Sex, Vaginal Sex

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on "SlipOverTime-Demo.exe" to start playing.
3- Optional (unknown if needed for v0.1.0: simply extract the zip file and overwrite in the same folder

  • improve dialogues and images,
  • improve one scene,
  • complite building of the code (the game now is playable),
  • improve UI-screen,
  • improve 4 locations,
  • improve a data and time system.
The patch is not needed on this version!
added dialogue patch

PC: - - -
MAC: - - -

2.jpg intro familybn.jpg bg dag room 1g.jpg sc breackfast15a.jpg sc lylbath2.jpg


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May 4, 2017
lol. Demo... I suppose it is kind of a demo. I mean you get to see the art style, the not so great English, the general story, and one nude...

The tags though. They're more of what is going to be in the game, not what is in the game.

edit: Forgot to mention it's like a 5 minute read right now. If that. If you click through the preview images, you've seen the main points of the game as of now.
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Apr 19, 2018
Nice little short demo seems like a interesting concept maybe create some paradoxes idk if I put too much hope or thinking into this game lol


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Jun 20, 2017
Hello everyone,
reading the comments, here and elsewhere, I realize that "Demo" is not the correct word, but it would be better "presentation" or "introduction"; this is an oversight due to technical inexperience.

believe me, I am very aware that the overall quality of the image is still to be improved and much will depend on the time that I can devote and the money that I can steal from my daily life to buy new softwere and especially hardwere (if I have to give you an example, I am currently working with a little wire, a plaster and a string ...).
That said, I believe a lot in my work and how it will continue, since I started, I rediscovered and found many things about myself that I had lost for a long time..

As I wrote on my Patreon page, at the beginning, the idea was to start directly with version 0.0.1, ie complete with interactions of the game and many other scenes and situations that you have not yet seen and define better the story; but I had to make a choice, due above all to the time I have available in this moment; so I therefore thought it appropriate to publish this presentation now and then try to maintain as much as possible the contact with the public, with updates about WIP and previews.

I close this little greeting, informing you that some locations are already ready and others are being worked on, as well as the characters. Probably the part that will steal me the most time will be to better mix and set all the softwere tools I have now , to increase the overall quality and ... write and implement the code (I'm not a programmer);obviously, besides the normal interactions with the images, I have to insert the time and day scrolling system (already ready), a navigation and internal game menu.
Will and tenacity are there, then... at work!

Thanks to everyone
have a nice day
Jul 16, 2017
Dont listen to them, ist a small Way to realize your Vision and make peoples happy, you have bad review? So what, continue and learn or ignore it. Best Wisches from me
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