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Oct 8, 2017

Morally offended by the actions of her own empire,
Luna of Maldonia abandoned her status, rank and family fortune
to make a humble life in the Free City of Selway.

Luna lived peacefully in Selway as a mercenary but,
she was embroiled into a situation that resulted in her slavery.
Can Luna seize her freedom for a second time and smash the
ambitions of great evil all around her?
Slave's Sword is a female knight assault RPG with a choice-based
"ecchi by touch" system, strong gangbangs & interspecies sex,
assault scenes that change dynamically depending on parameters,
and differing reactions for prostitution and other times.

CG and replay modes are unlocked and auto completed by finishing the game.

Save data #20 is an autosave slot. Please try not use it.
At a future time this data will be transferable to the next title,
Slave's Sword II ~The Empire Revolution~.
Updated: 15/05/2018
Censorship: Yes (mosaic)
Version: 1.15
OS: Windows
Language: English
Female Protagonist, Rape, Monster, Prostitution, Blowjob, Group Sex, Mind Break, Tentacle, Vaginal Sex, Titfuck, Censored

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on "Game.exe" to start playing.

From DL Site

Mar/15/2018 Correction: typos
Jan/05/2017 Correction: bugs/defects
Dec/05/2016 Correction: bugs/defects
Dec/04/2016 Correction: bugs/defectsAddition of contents
Dec/02/2016 Correction: bugs/defects

Note: This is not the Kagura's release version of this game.

Please show your support to the translator,
and if you like the game consider buying them :D Have fun!

- -

Alternative link (from @Flat ):

123763_RJ177899_img_smp1.jpg 123764_RJ177899_img_smp2.jpg 123765_RJ177899_img_smp3.jpg
Nov 13, 2017
I enjoyed this game. The translation is a bit iffy at times, like the person who translated it isnt the best at english. Overall its good though.
Jul 6, 2017
There's a hundred and eighty MB difference between the op and alternative mega links. Which one to dl? hmm


Active Member
Aug 3, 2017
There's a hundred and eighty MB difference between the op and alternative mega links. Which one to dl? hmm
Both are the same, just the compressing thing :p The smaller the size of the archive while compressing the slower the extracting speed but this game size is small so not much of an impact
Likes: kari
Jul 26, 2017
The artwork is absolutely insane but the game itself feels like it suffers from a lack of choice based H. Couldn't believe it when I realized the entire slum area just has 2 H scenes. Although I did hear that bringing shame below 40 may make more...

Props to the translator though, he did this game somehow in just 2 months which is pretty nuts.


Well-Known Member
Jul 22, 2017
"This game contained 68 H scenes, enjoy!"

huh.... even if there may be slightly variated duplicates this seems like a decent number. will give it a shot


Well-Known Member
Jul 4, 2017
I don't know where they train the female knights in these games but they need better tutors, they are always shit.

Stop giving them swords and just tell them straight "look, you are going out to be raped. No point giving you a sword you can't swing it for shit".

Stop giving the poor bitches false hope.

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2.00 star(s) 1 Vote