[Tool] RPG Maker MV Decryptor

Jun 10, 2017
An app made by Silica&Pina. It works to extract the game data and also decrypt the .rpgmvp extension on the images and data that blocks you from editing the game with rpg maker mv engine. Not sure if it works with games still boxed mode(those giant packs with single .exe file, i use another decryptor to extract those then this one to turn the files back into images and so).

Using as sample Fallen
Before Extraction:
After Extraction:
Maps and Data now appear on editor:

Just on side note my process of decryption MV games: Are they boxed?(giant single .exe file). If yes use "EnigmaVBUnpacker", it can be found with google(latest version), it'll extract the game to the default usual folder... if after extraction pictures and data is already read-able by the engine, u can edit there already, if not visible on the engine, needs to use this new decryptor by Silica to be able to edit entire maps and so(and also see the images extracted if want).


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