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[RPGM] RPG Maker Help Section

Discussion in 'Tools & Tutorials' started by muttdoggy, Oct 18, 2016.

  1. Ulaered

    Ulaered Member

    Aug 15, 2016
    Are there any tools for editing the rxdata , rxdata2 files?
    I did some searching and got nothing. The Gemini (and later Nomad) script editor are no-longer available through github.
  2. Landeel

    Landeel New Member

    Oct 14, 2017
  3. Heinbloed1187

    Heinbloed1187 Member

    Mar 13, 2018
    I cant install rpg2000rtp.

    When I Install in general: stop at 44% tells me something in Japanese and that a data name is not correct or so. (The .wav data seems to be taken out by „don...“.) but also with original Japanese exe stops at 44%.

    Install with applocale: exe does not start. Tells me that the path cannot be find.

    Install with Unicode set to Japanese: again does not start. Again path not correct.

    Maybe someone canceling. Thanks.
  4. Secsam

    Secsam New Member

    Feb 16, 2018
    iam new with RPGM and i dont have the best english.
    i have the bug in every rpgm ace game: i cant walk down or right. i just can walk up and left.

    what can i do?
  5. Secsam

    Secsam New Member

    Feb 16, 2018
    ok i fixed it... i deactivate some HID drivers and now i can play.
  6. 4444taco

    4444taco New Member

    Oct 31, 2017
    Im getting a unable to find vl gothic font error in vx ace. Anyone see this before?
  7. redroajs1

    redroajs1 Member

    Jun 15, 2017
    I have found that one of the main issues with RPG Maker games, especially older ones, is that they always tend to cap save slots to a measly amount. This can be highly frustrating at times and can even make it so that scenes are completely unreplayable for some games. To solve this issue once and for all I have created this guide to extend save slots to 80 (you can change the number to as high as you want, but making it too insanely high like 1000 might make the save and load screens very laggy).

    A .txt (text document) version is attached as well in case formatting on this post gets messed up on your device.

    Extending max save slots to 80 for RPG Maker games

    Two options for two scenarios (a and b):

    a) If has rpg_managers.js file (search game folder and other folders inside game folder) then:
    Open rpg_managers.js with a text editor and around line 328 change from max save from whichever number it is (usually 16 or 20) to 80.

    b) If no rpg_managers.js then:
    need to get rvpacker (

    Please Log in / Register to view this link


    to install rvpacker:

    1. get latest ruby with devkit from

    Please Log in / Register to view this link

    2. start command prompt with ruby (click the windows logo on your keyboard and search for the term 'start command prompt with ruby' without the '' in the windows taskbar, it should come up as an option if you've installed ruby correctly)

    3. type 'gem install rvpacker' without '' and press enter
    if the installation doesn't work or shows errors, check the rvpacker link for more info

    4. if you have any saves, move (not copy) all savefiles (save01.rvdata2, save02.rvdata2, etc.) from game folder (or whichever folder they are in) to a completely separate folder (Desktop or Downloads or Documents or whatever)

    5. type 'rvpacker --action unpack --project C:\Documents\Games\OrWhicheverDirectoryYourGameIsIn --project-type ace' without '' and press enter
    if this doesn't work or gives errors replace 'ace' with 'vx' or 'xp' and see which one works
    NOTE: If you have savefiles it might give you errors, so move all savefiles to a different folder if you get any errors and try again with ace before trying the other options

    6. go to the newly created Scripts folder inside the game folder

    7. open DataManager.rb with a text editor

    8. search for 'max' without ''

    9. change max saves from whichever number it is (usually 16 or 20) to 80

    10. save and close the file

    11. open Layout.rb with a text editor

    12. search for 'max' without ''

    13. if it exists (it might not in this case) change max saves from whichever number it is (usually 16 or 20) to 80

    14. save and close the file

    15. move (not copy) all files from the Data folder inside the game folder to a completely different folder (Desktop or Downloads or Documents or whatever)

    16. go back to the command prompt with ruby

    17. type 'rvpacker --action pack --project C:\Documents\Games\OrWhicheverDirectoryYourGameIsIn --project-type ace' without '' and press enter
    IMPORTANT NOTE BEFORE PRESSING ENTER: If 'ace' didn't work and you used 'vx' or 'xp', use whichever worked at that step for this step as well instead of 'ace'. If the unpacking didn't give any errors, this step (packing) should produce no errors either.

    18. open the game to see if it works

    19. start a new game

    20. go into the save menu whenever you can in-game and check if there are 80 save slots (no need to actually save if you don't want to)

    21. if you had save files, move them back to the game folder (or whichever folder they were in)

    22. if the game runs fine, you can safely delete the old files that you had moved that were in the Data folder before, because new files should have automatically generated inside the Data folder (or keep the old files as backup if you want)

    23. if the game doesn't work, move back the original files that you moved that were in the Data folder, back into the Data folder, replacing the new files that have generated inside the folder and start over from step 5 and try using 'vx' or 'xp' instead when packing and unpacking and pray to whichever God you worship that it works, and if you don't worship any Gods, pray to the Flying Spaghetti Monster that it works.

    Attached Files:

  8. greyelf

    greyelf Well-Known Member

    Nov 16, 2016
    Instead of extending the number of slots, which means more saves with meaningless names like slot27, which in turn means having to remember (or note down) exactly when/where/what each of those slots represent I decide to go the other way and reduce the number of slots I use. But at the same time I use a different folder to store copies of those slot files with more meaningful names.

    eg. Lets assume the following:
    a. Slot 1 (file1.rpgsave) is used to represent the first save of each day, and the days are numbered from 1 to X.
    b. Slot 2 (file2.rpgsave) is used to represent the save just before the most recent decision point or just before a scene you want to be able to return to, and each persisted save during a particular day is numbed from 1 to X.
    c. Slot 3 (file3.rpgsave) is uses to store the last save of a particular day, generally create just before MC goes to sleep.
    d. Slot 5 (file5.rpgsave) is used to track important BRANCHING points in the game.

    Then my different folder looks something like the following:
    My method allows me to have unlimited slots, meaningful save names, and all I need to do to return to a particular point in the game is to replace one of the current fileX.rpgsave files in the game's saves folder with one of the above.
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  9. redroajs1

    redroajs1 Member

    Jun 15, 2017
    Your method works too but I personally create saves right before scenes and make a .txt and name which scene each save is. This means I don't have to keep copy pasting saves every time I want to see a scene and can just go from one to the other seamlessly without ruining my scene replay or gameplay experience. :)
  10. Engelstein

    Engelstein Active Member

    Feb 17, 2018
    Are these the trial versions?
  11. Muff Diver

    Muff Diver Gaming Legend And Moderator Staff Member Moderator Donor

    Aug 18, 2016
    No Op gives u links to download whichever RTP you require for that game.
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  12. Funeo

    Funeo New Member

    Aug 19, 2017
    I've noticed that when I play RPGM games, I can't save when I restart my computer. It makes a buzzing sound when I try to, but the rest of the game works normally (scenes, movement etc.). Anyone know a way to fix this?