[RPGM] [Mod] Peasants Quest - Lain's Scene Gallery + Cheat Mod [v1.41]

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Maim Lain

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Apr 4, 2018

Game Version: v1.41

  • Added a scene gallery that lets you replay sex scenes
  • Added a cheat menu that lets you:
    • Refill HP + MP + Stamina
    • Teleport to any area (in progress)
    • Max money
    • Add XP
    • Add/change your current sacrifice

1. Unzip the mod and use the EnigmaUnpacker on your Peasants Quest exe.
2. This will create a new game folder for you called "%default folder% which you should rename to "PQ - Modded Version".
3. Copy your "www" folder that has your saves and paste it in the new "PQ - Modded Version" folder.
4. Put the folder named "www" from the mod inside your "PQ - Modded Version" folder.
5. Use the new .exe in this folder called "Game" to play the game. You can delete the "Peasants Quest NYD141_unpacked.exe".


I haven't added all the scenes/characters to the gallery yet.
I'll add the rest of them soonish.



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Jan 29, 2018
which exe should i be using after unpacking. game.exe or the unpacked PQ Edit; nevermind game.exe worked.


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Sep 29, 2017
@Maim Lain jsut some constructive criticism on my part.
1) instead of "max money" it's bether to change it to "add 3000 gold", this way there's no risk of going overboard
2) instead of a house, it would be fun if the entrance to the "place" was hidden inside the latrine
3) I understand what you aim to achieve, but what really would make the base game more enjoyable/easier would be more skills
notheless I wish you luck in the updates to come
Likes: Maim Lain
Nov 20, 2017
I followed the steps exactly and the door is locked for me :/

And yea im running use the game exe, since i dont even have the other exes anymore, tried a bunch of stuff but cant get it to work.

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3.00 star(s) 1 Vote