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[HTML] Online Girl [v1.a18] [rudeboyuk]

Discussion in 'Games' started by Eoin, May 13, 2018.

[HTML] Online Girl [v1.a18] [rudeboyuk] 4.3 5 4votes
4.3/5, 4 votes

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  1. Eoin

    Eoin The Bug Hunter Moderator Donor

    Feb 21, 2017

    In this game you will play a guy who is reconnecting with his female childhood friend.
    You will be managing your horniness which will influence which interaction options are available to you in any given situation. Too horny and you may find yourself unable to concentrate, not horny enough and you will be too shy to make certain suggestions, and might not pick up on as many fun distractions.
    You will also have other stats to build up to help you on your way such as Communication.​

    Updated: 17-7-2018

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    Censorship: None
    Version: 1.a18
    OS: All
    Language: English
    mind control, text-based, male protagonist, real porn, exhibitionism, voyeurism, stripping, masturbation, corruption, simulator

    1- Extract to desired location.
    2- Click on "Online Girl.html" to start playing.

    • Added highlight to text for when Sarah is available in the gym.
    • Working at your desk without distraction now helps improve your concentration slightly.
    • Attempted some re-balancing of the OG story to fall into place at better times with the other girls.
    • Added OG Story 11: Special Delivery
    • Added OG Story 10: Childhood Desires
    • Added OG Story 9: Accommodation
    • Recoded OG Sext Session 2 in new code for consistency.
    • Added OG Sext Session 3.
    • Adjust rates for stat increases/decreases. Better chance of high end result.
    • Fixed bug in the Trip SMS that was referencing the normal SMS array
    • Added feedback text to the three downtown locations to give a better idea of how well the player did, and comment on anything that might be affecting the outcome
    • Added some catches for achievements to re-pop them if resetting the arrays on an old save.
    • Added extra random lunch and downtown images
    • Fixed Sarah's story line which failed to hit Story 8
    • Removed spurious text : Remove the sent SMS from the queue
    • Sarah's relationship with you will not lower when you help Jenny whilst Sarah is on vacation.
    • Adjusted the image code for random lunch events to ensure text appears below the image.
    • Fixed bad image code in one of Sarah's vacation texts
    • More fixes for old SMS entries. Should remove some errors in some of the OGs texts
    • Added Sarah Story 9: Intern
    • Added Sarah Story 8: Trip Confirmation
    • Added Sarah Story 7: Horny Shower
    • Added Sarah Story 6: Trip Planning
    • Added 5 new SMS for Feet/Ass/Tits fetishes (Will require a full array reset for old saves)
    • Added Sarah Story 5: Snaps
    • Added Sarah Story 4: Vacation
    • Attempt fix for 'Thank you Roxy' sometimes appearing in messages to the OG
    • Fixed bug in Foot Fetish SMSs
    • Corrected a bunch of typos/gramatical errors
    • Added thanks to the credits screen
    • Adjusted the wording in the help screen to better relate to the current game state.

    Major Changes

    • Added 5 new flirty SMS for Jenny
    • Added Jenny Story 10
    • Added Jenny Story 9
    • Added Jenny Story 8
    • Added Jenny Story 7
    • Added Jenny Story 6
    • Added OG Story 8
    • Added OG Story 7
    • Added Sarah Story 3

    Notable Updates:
    • Added second sext session.
    • Removed chance for friendship to decay with office girl once they are at maximum friendship.
    • Fractionally reduced chance of stat decay for the player
    • Fixed a potential bug if the player never went downtown whilst the Online Girl is on a trip.
    • Added Sarah Story part 3
    • Calming now has the correct screen border on the image
    • Changed screen size for story elements from fixed to 50%
    • Added Stella Story part 9
    • Added Online Girl Story 3 to line up with Stella Story 9.5

    Quite a few extra bits this time I feel. And some free bugs no doubt.

    If using an old save be sure to head into the help screen and at least run the Fix Achievements link.
    This will reset all the achievements and add the new ones, so they will re-pop for you but your story progress will carry over.


    Added more variety to VisChat
    Added additional level descriptions to player stats
    Finished implementing Purple Volcano, now boosts horniness by up to 20 points for each event.
    Additional code to prevent Office Mates from becoming un-chatable
    Adjusted SMSs from Office Mates so they don't all come at the same time
    Chatting with the Online Girl now increases your horniness
    Added additional SMSs for 'kink'
    Added new story section for Online Girl and tidied up some of the VisChat code to use the screen more.
    Adjusted increases in girl horniness for Flirt and Talk Dirty to better reward those activities.
    Reworked the overly complex hypnotic flowers section to a far simpler codebase and extended it from 3 to 6 pictures.
    Fixed (hopefully) bug where girls would disappear from the office without reason.
    Fixed incorrect assignment of Sarah's phone icon to Stella's messages.
    Adjusted the costs for talking to the Online Girl by about half.

    • Reworked the office girl chat once again (further than I did in the patch) so now it's working as I intended.

    • Added a fair amount of content for Stella so she is also now at 50% completion, including her story and random SMSs (20 of them)

    • Minor adjustments to the UI based on feedback.

    • All three office girls now interact as Sarah did in a10. ie Talk Business/Chat/Flirt. Success is based on some luck and your communication stat. Initially stick to just Talk, and progress to the other options as you become better in communication.
    • More content for Jenny. (This is my current focus, and will shape how I move forward with the other girls) She is currently about 50% implemented.
    • Added a 'Reset' page to re-initialise some of the content. This should allow future releases to be more compatible with old saves.
    • More streamlining of the downtown locations, all now have a 'mini' version of the stat boost, which means you can gain some stats, but still have time to get home and chat with the online girl.
    • The old interactions from downtown now provide a stat boost of between 2 and 10 points as opposed to the 1-5 of previous versions of the game.
    • Stat decay has been further reduced. Hopefully hitting a better balance now.
    • General Bug Fixes

    Did a lot of consolidation. All the office girls now should function as Sarah did in a09. I've also filled out some of the random events, and started building up Jenny's quest line. Jenny will be my focus for a while as I build out how the office girls stories will progress, however I am also planning on adding more text conversations with Riley for the next release. Remember there is also a Game Info page you can access from the left navigation section that details how some of the stats work.


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    Thanks @RudeboyUK

    2.PNG 3.PNG
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  2. aifman7

    aifman7 Active Member

    Oct 25, 2017
    Lol, I love games that use Riley Reid as an innocent "girl next door" character. The progression is always so much fun, because Riley is such a hardcore actress it means there's always a TON of content they can use. I hope they used a lot of it. Gonna try to check this one out today, thanks for sharing.
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  3. mspman

    mspman Member

    Jul 6, 2017
    When I unpacked the base there was an error it said there was a problem a corrupt on a sound file, skipped it an went on. However there have been some missing pictures in the IM and in places like the bar. Could it be the unpack stopped at that problem?

    Oh and I like the game, intersting.
  4. bloodmeat

    bloodmeat New Member

    Feb 21, 2018
    when Stella sends me a text about her shoes I can't seem to click on anything, forcing me to go back. I now have 4 texts that I can't check, because I can't close the 1st one. anyone know how to skip this? I've never rly played many html games.
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  5. Laufe

    Laufe Active Member

    Oct 21, 2016
    Try redownloading the file, there was likely a problem on your end, as I downloaded it fine.
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  6. ShiKage89

    ShiKage89 Purple Turtle Uploader Donor

    Apr 9, 2017
    Huh every time i get a sms with a picture it seems to not load the picture even after i re downloaded it o.o.....

    ok not all of them some load.. lol

    so far it seem everything form the rileysms\horn folder does not load properly for me o_O
  7. Eoin

    Eoin The Bug Hunter Moderator Donor

    Feb 21, 2017
    There is a common problem with SMS messages, with pictures not showing up. Really just the flower pictures appear. I believe dev know of this bug.
  8. ShiKage89

    ShiKage89 Purple Turtle Uploader Donor

    Apr 9, 2017
    I see o.o lol its a bar picture to now.. i guess it probably just a miss spelled path? XD
    Well so far game seems good.
  9. RudeboyUK

    RudeboyUK Active Member Game Developer

    Mar 11, 2018
    There's a lot of bugs in this version sorry. Working on getting them fixed. Will alert when I have an update available.
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  10. nvts

    nvts New Member

    Jul 14, 2017
    looks like a lot of the pictures have an extra "/images" in their location
  11. ShiKage89

    ShiKage89 Purple Turtle Uploader Donor

    Apr 9, 2017
    Lol nothing to worry about at lest the bugs ain't game breaking XD

    used note++ to see if i could find the image problem >.> yeah not good enough to find it so i did an easy fix .. copy all folder in image folder then made a second image folder in the image folder an pasted the copied folders in there lol ya for fix phone pics XD
  12. fenixazutar

    fenixazutar New Member

    Nov 13, 2017
    Really nice game!
    Just like the gentleman before me some of the pictures dont load on the phone messages.
    Also I dont exactly get how stat growth works, sometimes I lose 3 stamina a day sometimes 1 then I go to work out once and sometimes I get 1 back or 3. Is there some exact value or is it random?

    Keep up the great work.
  13. srwnomek

    srwnomek New Member

    May 7, 2017
    Unable to continue after 3 image of forgetful riley when she forgets to close VisMe. There is no link to continue or return.
  14. Whitey22

    Whitey22 New Member

    Sep 18, 2017
    The imagepath in the code is all screwed up. I tried going in to fix it myself, but there's more fucked up paths than good ones.
  15. FifouWeb

    FifouWeb Member

    Apr 26, 2018
    As said previously, many pictures missing.
    Though this game is pretty cool.
  16. sampson669

    sampson669 New Member

    Apr 14, 2018
    I like the game so far. One very small bug I've found is if you name your friend anything but riley the first screen of her leaving the chat app open says "riley stands up ..."
  17. Daxter250

    Daxter250 Well-Known Member

    Sep 17, 2017
    text based? but i see pictures in the game. can we expect only a few pics? or what's exactly the deal of calling this game text based?
  18. ThatGuyisDifferent

    ThatGuyisDifferent New Member

    Mar 15, 2018
    Very enjoyable game!
    The bugs i've been experiencing have already been mentioned, so I don't think i should reiterate!
    Other than that, I quite like this! Well done!
  19. Hercule_Poirot

    Hercule_Poirot Well-Known Member

    Aug 22, 2016
    Hopefully, the SMS problem will eventually be fixed.
  20. Arnarlol

    Arnarlol New Member

    Jun 24, 2017
    I made another folder inside the images folders, called it Images and copied all the folders from the OG images folders into that folder. Might work
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