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May 30, 2017
how can i get into this server
It's Luxee, the dev of Parental Love's discord. Luxee is a huge Sara fan so sometime's when the mood takes him Icstor will make a Sara render and post it there.

That explains that, I thought that it was before it with all the dressing events we had. So either Caroline is supposed to be shown as a nympho and a tease or the next update will be her moving away from that and getting more serious.
The two aren't mutually exclusive. Caroline's last update ended with her fully committing to a relationship with the MC, none of this deal nonsense.
Jun 12, 2017
I get the feeling that you really don't understand it at all.
I'm trying my hardest to resist my impulse to be abusive but how in the name of the Great Green Arkleseizure can you call her ugly? You are of course entitled to your opinion no matter how much I object to them but stop trying to convince everybody else that your view is the only on that people should listen to. Like many others, I adore Sara. Just remember that the Ugly Duckling became a beautiful Swan.

As far as I'm concerend, Suri and Zuri are done. I actually cannot stand either of the two existing routes with them. They try so damn hard (and it's pushed on us too) to be sexy. I am NOT attracted to them.
I'm more curious about Spanky McNeighbour, the classmate (can't remember her name) or the tramp in the swimming pool (can't remember her name either).

*Edited for typos.
I fully agree: I am one of the many who adore Sara and I am NOT attracted to Suri and Zuri. Why? Because Sara is so sweet and somehow virginal (psychologically, at least) and also because her body is normal: actually, although I consider Linda and Caroline sexy and interesting, I have quite a problem with their excessively (unnaturally) curvaceous bodies. Not to mention the two lesbians, of course: their bodies are even more excessive than the other two. On the other hand, Suri and Zuri have perfect bodies, slim and realistic, but they are cold and as sexy as broomsticks.

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