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Jan 11, 2019
Hello, i m new here and have a question. Gives a link from mega with the version 0.5c? I play with 0.5b and every night comes mom in the bedroom and stucks on this point. Thx for help in advance!


Active Member
May 24, 2018
My notebook has the same processing power of a potato, game keeps lagging on animated sex scenes. Not smooth how is suppose to be, someone help me
Have you tried playing the compressed version? The lower quality video should be easier on your CPU.

Wait...when did Macbeth buttfuck his little sister? o_O
Right after he blackmailed his teacher and made her strip for him on cam, cucked his own dad on a secret beach trip, then ruined his dad's career to have sex with his secretary and her hot twin sister. What kind of uncultured swine are you?
Likes: megacct

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