[Fan Art] Milfy City: Fan-Art & Assets Thread

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Jun 29, 2018
So guys..:cry::cry: my HDD are officialy dead and all my works are gone. So for now I must stopping with my work until I buy new HDD and again Install hundreds stuff in DAZ3D. I will try come back quickly how I can. :( For all others creators : "good luck with your work"
Why don't you buy an SSD? Even third worlders can afford them now and they don't have disk failure like HDDs do


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Apr 3, 2018
I will be offline for a while as I need to prepare for a professional exam. This is last render before I am back and then I will work on a VN. Would be great to know how to make a game like this. Thanks for encouraging me by liking my work. View attachment 214502
I will continue to create some stuff in my breaks. Would appreciate help with some material on how to a create game like Milfy City. I would like to work on my own game in some time.


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Jul 19, 2017
Hmmm .... if you took the time to look at the first pages of this thread, you could have all the information you want .... model, skin, hairstyle... :rolleyes:
Well, I read most of the thread including the first page but I found there only her hair and skin, not the actual model. If you can point it out I will appreciate it


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Aug 5, 2016
I'm not very versed in DAZ, so I have a few questions: (If there's a better thread I apologize, but most of my questions, for now, are Linda specific.)

What do you guys do to make Linda's hair not look like it's latex? Every time I try, there are huge shine spots.

Do you know if Icstor photoshops the eyes to be that blue or does he just choose from more assets than I have? I've tried Rhea's blue options but they don't come close & their whites are yellowish.

How do you increase render instances? I tested a basic image and my computer finished in like a minute, but it was still grainy, so I know it's because I did too few instances.

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5.00 star(s) 1 Vote