Ente Supremo

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Jul 10, 2017
Sincerely, I prefer the power of the pussy than the power of positivity...OOmm...OOmm :p:eek:penedeyewink::eek:penedeyewink:
Well, I can say I almost prefer the power of YOUR freaking positivity, there are many pussys but only 1 of u, mate, u are a rare wave of warmth that is harder to find than any pussy to me :)

Man, this thread is growing fast, I writed yesterday and was page Nº 333... of course this is a good game, but the people who gather here its the best thing I believe... Sometime I feel Carlos S is the sun and we are some grateful planets orbiting him, u know what i mean, right :)

Anyway, Faerin u rock too, I love been able to SEE the actual changes and improvements when I play a developing game, u are totaly nailing it and even if there is still a long way to go, like I said previously, aside of cosmetic changes, the improvements are visible to anyone with eyes on their heads. Cheers!

Carlo S

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May 20, 2017
Not exactly, but to each his own, mate, to each his own XD

ps/ Im not saying those balls dont shine on their own, mate, not that they are less important, on the contrary... I also have my pride u know XD
Everyone here do great difference, because We're Friends and build the better Brotherhood of the World ;);):)


I think we need to re-write the walkthrough for this game. Since the achievements section has been out for several patches now, it would make more sense to order a walkthrough as completing each achievement for each girl and showing the prerequisites and possible hang-ups for each one. The current time walkthrough is really clunky seems to leave out a lot of important steps (or required statuses) needed to get full completion for each girl.
This is a fan made walkthru by @Carlo S which covers the new release's as he play's them, the offical @Faerin walkthru will be released one week after the game.
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