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[Unity] Man of The House [v0.5.3b Extra] [Faerin]

Discussion in 'Games' started by pornpanda, Jul 14, 2017.

[Unity] Man of The House [v0.5.3b Extra] [Faerin] 4.5 5 2votes
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    1. planetmorpheus

      planetmorpheus Active Member Donor

      May 11, 2017
      your welcome. Unfortunately, it is only triggered once with the babydoll. Although, if you search this thread someone posted a cheat for repeating the event. have fun!
    2. Jeffpool

      Jeffpool New Member

      Aug 10, 2017
      any ideas when the next update is out? loving this game so far :D
    3. danny19

      danny19 Active Member

      Jul 20, 2017
      ive walked it through several times and still cant gewt peek on veronica or call from station.used cheats and didnt use cheats,where am i going wrong?
    4. osmcuser132

      osmcuser132 New Member

      Aug 8, 2017
      I just played it and it looks promising but there is a bit of a grind to it.
      Especially the domination points, 2 per day, 50 points max = 25 days
      But I read this is the first implementation so I do expect this will be improved in a later version with more stuff

      But I needed a bit of the walk-through to find it enjoyable
      You need to find all the right times for each event on your own
      Besides Ashley asking to help you study in the afternoon, I had no real clue at first when stuff happens
      And even then I showed up at an empty bedroom at 14:30 the first time

      My suggestion to improve this is a calendar app on the cell phone
      7:00-8:00 Mom breakfast
      8:00-9:00 Ashley breakfast
      Or another option is to make them anonymous events until you discover them but then the player knows when to look for something. I wasted a lot of time in the weekend looking for events (wait 1h - look around - wait 1h - ...)

      And on a side note: What girl takes 2 baths a day?
      You can spy on Ashley at 7h30 in the morning which stops because she goes in to the bath and then you can take a bath with her at 21h in the evening.
      Maybe her bath time should depend on the amount of love points you have?
      Or only keep the bath at 21h which evolves, starting with spying, then joining, then washing, then ...

      Anyways, these are only suggestions. It's your game and your decision what you do with it.
      But keep up with the good work and I hope to see more (of the ladies) in the future :)
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    5. klang

      klang Active Member

      Aug 15, 2016
    6. Yevaud6

      Yevaud6 Well-Known Member

      Aug 25, 2016
      I'm confused by this save file in the download, do I need to unpack it?
    7. deker9

      deker9 New Member

      Jul 19, 2017
      There's any other games like this FINISHED (besides the most popular of course)?
    8. Penfold Mole

      Penfold Mole Member

      May 22, 2017

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      , old walkthrough would have helped you a lot with Ashley's schedule. Or reading this thread.

      But I have to agree that without the walkthrough or this thread, it would be just too much trouble to discover all events of the three girls without having any idea about their schedule. I mean, if you don't know that nothing happens at night from 0:00 to 6:30, then you have 24 hours and 9-10 rooms at home to scan through at home every hour.

      Did you even discovered that mom takes bath at 6:30 or something like that? I would have never found it myself without this thread. And that coffee trigger is also quite hard to find, since it's only available from 12:00 to 12:59, if I remember correctly and it only becomes available on the second week. If you have worked out your daily routine by then and go to work at the pizzeria a bit before 12:00, you will never-ever find it.
      And if you have already scanned through all 24 hours on one day on the first week, you most likely will not repeat that grind on the second week or ever again in this game. Way more clues are needed in this game to play it without any "external" hints.
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    9. Faerin

      Faerin Member Game Developer

      Jul 14, 2017
      @osmcuser132 & @Penfold Mole: Thanks for the elaborate reviews guys! I've considered implementing a simple agenda system, or just a location behind the name of each girl (for instance in your phone contact list).
      Would love to hear some more feedback/ideas from all fo you guys, I might not be able to get it done for the next version (depending on what it will be), but definitely for the version after this one!

      @Jeffpool: Next release on friday!

      @klang: Not yet, I don't own a mac, so I'm still looking for testers, if you're interested let me know!
    10. Lucius Logan

      Lucius Logan Active Member

      May 5, 2017
    11. osmcuser132

      osmcuser132 New Member

      Aug 8, 2017
      @Penfold Mole Yes, I spied on the mom but I discovered this also only by accident due to a slight change to my routine.
      Though I had to use the cheat system to get the stats up.

      @Faerin A location system was my second thought. If you only distinguish between weekday and weekend for the routines then it still is only 2 times you have to check every hour for an event and you know where to go.
      But you will still have to do this every time you reach a new level with a girl.
      Even then, both systems will not tell you to watch porn after 22h at a certain point to get Ashley to come in because both would just say Ashley sleeping or Ashley bedroom. But having something in-game is better then nothing for a new player.
    12. Lammehand

      Lammehand New Member

      Looks nice, will keep an eye open for the update.
    13. Yevaud6

      Yevaud6 Well-Known Member

      Aug 25, 2016
      Nevermind, found it, genuinly thank you for not responding as a community so I got the clue to look back and read the thread. Answer was 2 pages back if I had just taken the time initially to look I could have saved my time thinking out both of these posts.
    14. Dracorn

      Dracorn Member

      Aug 5, 2017
      I love so much this game, but why ashley doesn't wear the nigthie after the scene is trigger?

      I play a lot of games and I have the feeling that lot of developpers are trapped in concentrate too much on one character, what's good for the players to rush the content and enjoy it, but in a long therm I find that fustrating because, at one point this first character is completely put aside for the others. (For BigBrother for exemple, Lisa is completely stuck since 2patchs... not to mention her reaction who's the same for some action at the begining. Like lot people said at least in your game you keep an eye on these things and we love you for it!)

      I know it's difficult to find the right compromise but even if I find frustrating to moove slowly on the story of all the charachters, maybe it's better for keeping us to looking forward (nous tenir en haleine sorry for my english) and always wanted more. Because at some point even us, if one character has no more content, we simply neglect him.

      Anyway you're doing a great job since now, I only hope you will always find the inspiration for all the characters and not neglect our dear Ashley when you will have a lot of work to do with the others characters.

      I hope my English is inderstandable enough :)
      Have fun guys!
    15. Bagger288

      Bagger288 Member

      Jul 11, 2017
      Lesson of Passion has been making flash games like this for years. Some of them are okay, but they are all smaller and unengaging.
      Last edited: Aug 14, 2017 at 12:22 PM
    16. bugsmann

      bugsmann New Member

      Jun 20, 2017
      Hi , first .
      I've got a maybe stupid question.... How do I use items from my backpack??
      I tried several times to use that parfum..... inpossible.
      I tried to give that neglige to Ashley...... impossile.
      What do i wrong.... how to ??
      ps ; great game !!

      excuse my stumble english.... im german
      Last edited: Aug 14, 2017 at 6:39 PM
    17. KingsRaiden

      KingsRaiden Well-Known Member Wiki Editor

      Jan 4, 2017
      I find it the opposite that you get more and more characters with unfinished stories, that at some point collide due to no proper story planning. Having a few, with updates each time (to finish them) then add others is something severely lacking. So far Faerin has a nice balance going.
    18. Anon4321

      Anon4321 Member

      Jun 24, 2017
      -Perfume is automatically used, increases your Charisma to 10
      -The Negligee
      You give the Negligee to Ashley while she's in her room studying 15:00
      To give it to her, open the backpack, click on it, then click of Ashley.
    19. bugsmann

      bugsmann New Member

      Jun 20, 2017
    20. atlas114

      atlas114 Well-Known Member

      May 4, 2017
      per dev new version to be released Friday. things I hope made it in;

      -expansion of mom story
      -resolution of where Veronica got the money story
      -ability to make money gambling at casino and eat at buffet to not starve for the rest of the day (paying for $40 buffet using the money you won from gambling)
      -Ashley wearing lingerie from now on; and more outfits to buy for her to wear.
      -an extra scene or two with officer Debby.