LOPG and S&G: getting at the good stuff


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Apr 27, 2017
LOP and it's group of pay sites have been around for a good while now, long before the incest boom, before the Ren'Py boom and on the whole they've produced some great stuff, i could glorify LWT1 among others for hours but that's not the point.

We all know this is a pirate site, most Dev's do as well and they tend to shrug their shoulders and take the trade off between publicity and supposed lost sales, now the lost sales is a red herring in a lot of ways due to the patreon model in which you support the dev effectively on an open subscription for a period of your choice, you aren't "buying" the product, rather you are funding the Dev, it's fairly different from say, pirating a CD, you do it once and you've got it, £10 not going to the record company, artist and co. where pirating a patreon game that is undergoing continual updates is less worrying to a Dev since you aren't bypassing the single point of sale, in fact there is a chance that you'll in fact be more likely to contribute to the Dev's patreon.

Why is this important you ask? LOP is not operating on the patreon style of development, they release games when they are finished (jokes about LWT2 aside) and therefore they are understandably more worried about piracy and have started using some fairly heavy weight DRM, one pirate download for their new game could translate to a few months lost subscription money for them so it makes sense even if it does feel like a dick move by Leonizer

a few questions for you, the F95Zone public:

- Is the subscription model outmoded?
- is piracy worth the publicity for the patreon model, how does it compare to the subscription model?
- Is LOP big enough to not need the extra awareness generated by piracy?
- Should we support LOP for not moving to a patreon style model and staying true to the old way of development?

But most importantly does anyone know the state of affairs with dealing with the DRM on the new games, is it easier to just find an account to use, or should we just put up or pay up?
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May 31, 2018
These are the kinds of questions--piracy questions aside--that an adult games industry group would be best able to answer. The answers are probably similar to the ones that apply to regular old adult paywall sites, which probably still use the same kind of subscription models. Currently, whatever porn industry groups are out there are probably the ones who're best able to take on these questions, if adult game sites are even on their radar.

I just don't think that our community is by itself equipped to answer those kinds of questions. Individual developers are certainly welcome to share their experiences, but I just don't know if there's enough traffic in these areas to really get satisfying answers to these questions. Of course, adult industry groups are not going to have the same open mind regarding folks on forums like this one as the more piracy-tolerant Patreon devs are.

(I'd also argue that just by sheer weight of numbers there probably are devs on Patreon who don't buy into the piracy-as-advertising idea. They're just not around on this forum, naturally, to argue against it.)

There is this sort of budding need for a group of folks to formally study adult gaming trends, but groups like that need money to operate and would probably (for the sake of their own legitimacy in the West) have to adopt the anti-taboo attitudes of places like Patreon.

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