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The bad guy
Jun 23, 2017

Diligent and shy Kotoko Haruyama has a lot of expectations riding on her.
Burdened by stress, she develops a strange habit.

That is, whenever she realizes someone is looking at her lewdly, she reciprocates just a little, somewhat erotically...

But her strange little habit gets bolder and bolder and...
she eventually falls prey to the ploys of perverted men...​

Updated: 2018-11-30
Developer: shinachiku-castella
Censored: Yes
Version: Final
OS: Windows
Language: English

2DCG, RPG, Female Protagonist, Corruption, Molestation, Vaginal Sex, Oral Sex, Big Tits

1. Extract and run.

Win: - - - -

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Jul 21, 2017
So when it says i cannot concentrate maybe i should give up when i go to the library it keeps me in the school. i cannot go home either because it just keeps me at the school. this is just after it says "go home has been added to your options" but i see no "options" section outside the normal game options of volume and such. So where the hell am i supposed to go
Edit: I waited and it apparently fixed itself and gave me options to go to the gym park or home
Apr 10, 2018
So just a thought. If all the pretty/hot girls are being raped/bred by ugly dudes... Why are there no decent looking guys in these worlds?
Likes: ecchi
May 8, 2018
So just a thought. If all the pretty/hot girls are being raped/bred by ugly dudes... Why are there no decent looking guys in these worlds?
The girls born inherit their dad's personality and mom's appearance. The boys born inherit their mom's personality and dad's appearance. The cycle endlessly continues. Such is life in hentai land.


New Member
Jul 22, 2018
This really needs to become a thing now. Let's face it, 80% of these types of games have only ugly bastards as the male characters. Like, there's not even one good looking man to redeem all those fat descendants of pigs.
Well I dont play this type of stuff to watch Dudes. So, its alright with me.

Heard of Animes? All of them are overpopulated by these same dudes who are NOT 'old, middle-aged men'. Plus whether its the type you mentioned or the old middle-aged dudes. Whats the difference? They are all flesh craving flesh.

All anime has the other type. So I think there is a need to balance stuff. Thats why I encourage more old, middle-aged Men.

Plus the jokes on you, the old dudes wouldnt be bastards if you dont let them be in the game. But we all know whos gonna let Kotoko play in the hands of these ugly middle-aged, old dudes. So who the bastard here?

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3.80 star(s) 5 Votes