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Some games like games made with unreal engine use high end requirements, anyone knows any mod to make high end games run o low-medium systems?

I know that some engines in AppData are possible to modify "secret settings" to run smooth, anyone know them? or a preset .ini files?


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Jul 4, 2017
Requirements are there for a reason.

It is possible to alter the ini files and lower the quality wayyyyyy down but they look and run like shit with lots of crashes and no way to fix those because you are trying to run something on a system it shouldn't be running on.

There is no magic way to make higher quality games run on low end systems.

I don't know what these "secret settings" are you are talking about. All you do is alter resolution and various settings depending on game. It's not a big secret but when you say "run smooth" that won't happen. As I said, you are forcing your system to run a game it's not built for and in order to do that you are modifying that games settings outside of what is recommended. There is no "smooth" or even stable way of doing that.

As for altering ini files, there is no catch all. You need to do it for each individual game, they all have different setting that need changing.


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Jul 17, 2017
If your system is actually medium, you may get away with running most games available. Certainly, unreal projects are hogs and those are where the trouble will reside. Most games today, specifically unity games, feature graphic settings to accommodate lower end pcs. This is a crux of the argument though, while your pc won't struggle as hard, the game will probably look like shit because of it. Personally I consider my own system to be medium at best, and it's capable of everything but those fucking dynamic shadows. Shadows always tank my frames.

If you are using a low spec pc, to simply put it, you should upgrade. It's 2018, most low budget pcs today are still pretty damn good in comparison to early 2000 pcs. Considering you did not share your own specs, I won't make any assumptions.

I have seen some videos on youtube about people running modern games to render everything as low as possible.
They achieved their result by using Nvidia Profile Inspector.
That's probably what you're looking for in relation to your question.

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