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Jul 21, 2017
Based on the Russian game ЭТО by DeGross.
This game is about the simulated life of a woman containing elements of RPG, strategy, porn and magical combat. You may choose what kind of life the character will live according to your play style, conscience or even personal beliefs. There are many choices to make in this game, will you be a saint or a sinner?

Updated: 05 November 2018
Developer/Publisher: Community project
Censorship: No
Version: 0.7.3
OS: Windows
Language: English with some machine translation
bestiality, cheating, dating sim, female protagonist, incest, lesbian, male domination, masturbation, pregnancy, real porn, school setting, simulator, transformation

Video Requirement:
As of the 0.7.0 release this version of QSP player is the standard required for videos to play:

Version 1.6.1 (current version):

This is thanks to Sonnix and has source code on a gitlab repo .

1- Download the QSP player above, the game .qsp file, the main image and sound packs and any updates upto your version number. Also the dev packs if using the dev release (not posted here).
1- Copy all sound and image packs to your base Girl Life folder (where 'Girl Life.qsp' is located, make a new one if its your first time). Right click on each one, one at a time, and select 'Extract here'. Merge and overwrite when prompted.
2- Go to qsp folder and click on qqsp.exe (or qspgui.exe if using alt. player).
3- Once QSP Player is open go to Quest > Open Game and then select Girl Life.qsp
- Bug fix release, no new features
- Inhibition skill added to replace large parts of exhibitionism, exhibitionism now a trait by Hornguy6 and Kevin Smarts
- School schedule with next class listing from 3xpurt
- Change to game file extensions when split for editing, not noticeable in game but an ease of use fix for the devs from 3xpurt
- Lay out changes to some city screens from Akossi
- Some new atmospheric sounds from nutluck
- New item descriptions from Akossi
- New difficulty settings from Mona Lisa
- Bimbo system converted to the trait system for further clarity by Kevin Smarts
- Pubic hair styling from Hornguy6 with fancy image table by 3xpurt
- New modelling shoot and standardization of brother sex progression from Hornguy6
- Expansion of car wash event by sovietmercader
- Lactation system overhaul and new events by milky_boobs
- Flashing centralized and logic fixes by Mona Lisa
- More info and ease of use for stripping from Hornguy6
- More tattoos from nutluck
- New selfie handling to allow for images based on clothed, underwear or nude from nutluck and Kevin Smarts
- School girl starts now have the option of Pavlovsk or your grandparent''s place thanks to 3xpurt
- Scale for intoxication from alcohol changed to give more flexibility and realism by 3xpurt
- New menu system from 3xpurt with seeding through the game by blatte, julzor and Kevin Smarts
- Crime and punishment system with street walker and a thieving event by blate and nutluck with code from Kevin Smarts
- Fixes to the many broken village events by sovietmercader and 3xpurt
- New grey theme for when the night theme is too dark by 3xpurt
- Height adjustments in the cheat menu and a bmi value for Sveta by 3xpurt and julzor
- Food and menu fixes by 3xpurt with menu designs from Akossi
- New start - Cursed School Boy from Pandora with some code fixes/changes from julzor
- Exercise options tidied up with less blank screens and clothing requirements by 3xpurt
- image links and files all changed to lowercase by bicobus, image repo updated by nutluck
- New syntax packages for Atom, Sublime and VS Code from Xorgroth (F95 zone)
- Reshaping of the Pavlovsk setup to make it 4 main hubs and to remove the individual blocks except for the Parents one by Kevin Smarts
- Code clean up and massive amounts of fixes by julzor and 3xpurt
- Text edits from nutluck and blatte
- Translations by Blatte, jmts16 and Akossi
- Bug fixes from hornguy6, test234, sovietmercader, Mona Lisa, nyanobot and Kevin Smarts. Plus much assistance from people on the forum.

- Apartment for Rolan the caretaker including events there from junjulang75
- Lay out changes in start and city from Akossi
- More work on the modelling studio by Hornguy6
- Crossfit "North" added to the city gym by Mona Lisa
- Vadim Bely overhaul by julzor'
- New thirst mechanic from 3xpurt, can be turned off in cheat menu
- Optional peeing in bathrooms from Klumzee
- Earlier starting age removed, was causing some issues over ages and became too troublesome to maintain.
- New variables to track home ownership and where Sveta is living
- Home town variable added to make dates end in right town by lazycodemonkey
- Pay and price updates for the whole economy from blatte and nutluck
- New food and drink menus from 3xpurt
- Additional sex events at bar Rabotnik from JulienJaden
- Full custom start inputs tidied up
- Some more tattoos / piercings from nutluck
- New sports underwear with effects from Mona Lisa
- New section in the Industrial area "Red Light District" containing all the old adult entertainment
- Merged swimming pool and city gym, separated the hotel (and moved it to the center) and casino
- Code clean up and massive amounts of fixes by Mona Lisa, julzor, 3xpurt, rachels, and Kevin Smarts
- Text corrections from ostracod
- Translations by Blatte, Kmac198, Akossi, raggedydan13, sassmaster and nugerumon
- Bug fixes from hornguy6, Vyper99, Firescrat, test234 and random2345. Plus much assistance from people on the forum.

- New shared apartment in Pavlovsk from pchs
- First date option for generic bfs from nutluck
- Reworking of the Lovers system for generic bfs by Tendaris with code work from rachels
- Drug den changes and new events from Ice88
- Purses from klumzee and Kevin Smarts (just cosmetic atm)
- Photo studio updates and new events from hornguy6
- Dimka Revenge storyline written by Omegant and coded by Ice88
- All gifs changed to mp4s making huge savings in image pack size (requires the new QSP-video)
- QSP-video created and included in repo with great thanks to Infinite
- Thanks to MrBoboFace for development of QSP for Android so it would also be mp4 compatible
- New underwear system by Kevin Smarts
- New shop name banners from Akossi
- New menu and skill icons and menu headers from The Shoop Guy
- image view changes from illume to allow multiple body/clothing images by moving them to the additional desc window
- New start - New in Town - from Violet Kitten
- Pill changes and menstrual calender added by rachels
- Special thanks for all the hard work on the new wiki by polip1339 and 006802
- Weekly and monthly train passes available from train station ticket offices by Kevin Smarts
- Community vote sees pain removed from the rubbing with no panties causing itching by Kevin Smarts
- New shop logos thanks to Akossi
- Additional body part naming strings for variety in texts from xerya
- Analyser rewritten by Marou
- New noticeboard from rachels with flyers from klumzee based on ideas from Lantera and Filicophyte
- Menu changes from illume
- Stripper fixes from Johnny
- Hair dying options for touching up and re-dying when faded with text from Akossi
- Parrot for Pav home and new oral only STD checks from breakout14
- DNA generator from Malen
- Fake lashes and lash fixes from xerya
- improved random kid picker from piotr
- Hotel job additions and prostitution event chain from breakout14
- S+M Themed secret brothel with various customers on the highway by Pav from pchs
- Hobo gangbang from Filicophyte
- Drug user dance hookup and goto hotel event from nutluck
- Text edits / Translations from krh, DobbiBoy, Blatte, klumzee, breakout14, Filicophyte, xerya, Akossi and nutluck
- Bug fixes from rachels, Malen, breakout14, ChrTok, JodiJohnson, AvdeXg, Marou and Kevin Smarts. Plus much assistance from people on the forum.

Stuck? Try:

About the Imagepacks:
0.7.0 core image pack
Delete current image folder and replace with this one.

0.7.1 core image update pack
Add this to the 0.7.0 core image pack and let it overwrite. This combines all the 0.7.0 image update packs into one.

0.7.2 core image update pack
Add this to the 0.7.0 core image pack, 0.7.1 core image update pack and let it overwrite.

0.7.3 core image update pack
Add this to the 0.7.0 core image pack, 0.7.1 core image update pack, 0.7.2 core image update pack and let it overwrite.

0.7.0 core sound pack
This has all the sound files for the game.

0.7.2 core sound update pack
Add this to the 0.7.0 core sound pack and let it overwrite.

0.7.3 core sound update pack
Add this to the 0.7.0 core image pack, 0.7.2 core image update pack and let it overwrite.

Image Core (0.7)
- - - -
QSP ( - - -
Image Update Packs:

Main image hub with all image packs. Image/sound Core and Update packs always required.
Dev packs only if using dev build from TFGS or GIT repo.


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Aug 6, 2016
Not a guide per se, but a very useful FAQ from TFGamesSite that should help those discover various game-related pathways and possibilities, or if you just get stuck:

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