[VN] [Ren'Py] Family Matters Remastered [v0.1] [Pingpanda]


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Sep 7, 2017
2 Spots where park was spelled part. When the sister is talking to the mother in the kitchen after asking for money the wrong relationship tag is being used. Instead of using the mother relationship tag it's using the brothers relationship tag. So she is saying I still don't understand this (son). Their used instead of there. I see other places that need proofreading. Have to close game just to load a save file as all you can do is save or delete save.
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Aug 25, 2017
I’m already confused about something. This is a 3 game, what it gives or what. It’s not even a single game that didn’t finish the game even to the middle and wonders that people continue to donate him for it. Even there’s no normal
Oct 1, 2018
In the is that the actual fourth wall behind him, second time in as many days I want to reference . I also find it funnier than it probably is that I often do the opposite of what Amanda's accusing him of.
Nov 15, 2018
Its look more great beside the notifc that jump on screen you should continue with animation like in beggning that sister entre the room he move like real person hope for the rest of the game and more groping and sleep sex and there is a bug even when i dont take sleep pills its like that i take it anyway and if you give her she supposed to be a sleep not to wake ohh can you change aunt look and old sister the hair of sis to much red and aunt look ugly beside it you are great devloper
Have you ever heard of sentences? This hurt my brain reading it, for the love of anything you love, use ,.?! to build actual sentences.