[Unity] Escape From Titan [v0.1.1] [Cute Pixel]


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Jul 2, 2017
This is a 3D game for adults in the genre of sci-fi rpg and survival.
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Updated: 2018-12-12
Developer: Cute Pixel -
Censored: No.
Version: 0.1.1 Demo
OS: Windows
Language: English
3D Game, Sci Fi, Female protagonist, RPG, Survival, Spaceship

1. Extract and run.

List of changes:
  • Corrected the behavior of patrol drones, now they do not fly and do not hit shocker through the walls (I hope).
  • Also corrected drone attack system. Now the drone attacks only if turned "face" to the player.
  • Fixed problem with the impossibility of re-selection of discarded items.
  • Fixed a problem with the response of some terminals.
  • Fixed a bug in which the locker, opened with a key, still continue offered to break the lock.
  • Button for hacking for convenience moved to "R"
  • The patrol detection indicator is made more visible and understandable.
I hope that these corrections will help you not to be distracted by bugs and focus on the gameplay.
Waiting for your feedback :)

First release. More info:

Developer Notes:
Briefly about the features of the current version.
  • At the moment the game is completely without sound. The voice acting is being prepared and in the next versions it will certainly appear.
  • The saving system has not yet been implemented. In the case of the death of a character, all game progress is lost and the game will have to start anew. However, do not despair, because at the moment the gameplay will take 10-15 minutes :)
  • As mentioned above, there may be numerous glitches, errors and other amenities of the alpha version. I will be glad to hear about all such finds in the comments here.

Game Management:
  • AWSD - movement
  • Space - Jump
  • Right mouse button hold - overview
  • W + Left Shift - running
  • E - use, pick up
  • B - hack
  • Esc - main menu
  • P - character parameters window
  • G - settings window
  • M - map
  • Keys 1-6 - use the item in the appropriate cell inventory
  • Keys 1-6 + Left Shift - discard an item from the corresponding inventory cell
The essence of the game at the moment is as follows: you must investigate the place in which you find yourself and, in passing, get out of there. To do this, you need to get to the door leading to the main elevator of the complex, along the way get hold of a masterkey, which opens these doors. To find the key, you will need to explore the location, search for various objects, and also monitor your condition and health.

Win: - - -

EFT_7.PNG EFT_20.PNG EFT_24.PNG EFT_29.png EFT_34.png EFT_38.png EFT_41.png


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May 31, 2018
Getting kind of a weird Subnautica vibe from that one screenshot with the yellow pipes and the locker. Maybe it's all the orange.
Likes: Aesouh


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Feb 9, 2018
When it comes to Unity games called Escape from Titan, this, unfortunately, will never surpass (at least not in my heart).
Oct 13, 2018
Be patient, guys. This is really just a technical demo, on there is still work and work. I will try to keep a high level and be higher than most other 3d games.
An update will be released soon, which will eliminate all the bugs and glitches found, as well as add more clarity to the game (now, judging by the feedback, many are still not completely clear).
Stay in touch and support the development :)


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Jul 21, 2018
The game shows promise a few technical issues and possible game braking glitches but looks good for a vertical slice tech demo


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Game Developer
Aug 5, 2016
i m honestly a bit hype about full 3D games...

but when i see female protagonist, my hype goes down pretty fast...

not because i not like female protagonist (fuck hell no , i play all my games as a female when i have the option) , but mostly because at the end (well, let's honestly say "at the end of beginning" ) , its nothing else than "you just a walking sextoy that gonna be raped by everything around" ... and i not like that.
(would kiss a priest to get a game with a good girl as MC.. like in tomb raider, bayonetta, mirror edge, horizon zero dawn ,etc... well you know.. a real badass women.. not a walking sextoy inwaiting to be raped by everything around). of course its a porn game.. but that doesnt change, i mean, she can "have control" for once...

*cross fingers*