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May 4, 2017
is an adult browser game where the main hero has to move to his relatives - his aunt and her two daughters. The outcome of this adventure depends on the player. Many types of fetishes and different storylines are planned to be realised. You can play either male or female. You can choose a backstory of your character that slightly affects your relationships with others. You can also pick your level of dominance, defining the plot of the game.

Updated: 2018-12-01
Developer/Publisher: January Night - |
Censorship: None
Version: HF
OS: Win, Mac, Linux
Language: English
Real Porn, Male Protagonist, Female Protagonist, Oral Sex, Vaginal Sex, Anal Sex, Toys, Corruption, Transformation, Futa/Shemale, animated, character creation, milf, incest, simulator

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on "index.exe" to start playing.

Version - hotfixes

- wearing chastity does not allow watching porn and masturbation while peeking

- sissy punishment scenes are not repetable

- fixed a bug that prevented the elder cousin to catch the hero peeking

- fixed a glitch that allows to buy the first item in the sexshop

- money is displayed as an integer number, without cents

- a few minor fixes

Version (25th November)

- cocks are measured in centimeters, the minimum size is 1cm, the maximum - 25cm. Dominant male starts with 17cm, neutral - 13cm, submissive - 8cm. Every size has its own image. That's made for future growing/shrinking transformations.

- cock size option is also added to the cheat menu

- images for communication stat

- elder cousin catches the player masturbating only if she is at home

- finished sissy chastity scene

- added new lesbian actions: suck tits, lick pussy, rimjob, tribadism, strapon pussy/anal fuck, double dildo pussy/anal fuck. Images are not archetype-specific

- added images for creativity stat

- added sissy buttplug punishment scene (peek when the elder cousin takes a shower and the 'Trial of Silk' quest is active)

- fixed a bug that any hero could take the 'trial of silk' quest

- additional scene if the hero sleeps in panties or chastity

- 'Go to work' link now is rendered in the bottom of the main page

- trial of silk quest mechanics changed: it's necessary to pay the debt, not wearing panties

- a stub quest for elder cousin's favor, still unfinished

- the game starts on Sunday instead of Monday

- fixed a schedule time error

- added inventory, now you can observe what items you have - 'Pockets' link in the sidebar area

- added elder cousin's popsicle competition scene (sissy story line)

- latin skill changes: it's divided into several sub-skills that will be required to learn the spells of the Book of Pleasures

- other minor fixes and changes

Version (12th November)


- added archetype-specific masturbation gifs

- added quest for buying panties (sissy story line)

- added new sex actions: deepthroat and angry dragon (only for dominant male)

- minor fixes and changes

- added sex scene in the Dungeon with the younger cousin

- added the quick start link (skips initial quests) in the tutorial page

- added shaving quest (sissy story line)

- body shape influences amount of energy

- added images for the intelligence stat

- trial of silk now has "days past" progress bar

- fixed the error with the elder cousin weekend schedule

- sex statistics now works

- added footjob and hotdogging sex actions

- added a half of the 'getting caught jerking off' scene (sissy story line)

- 'Study the Book' now has an approximate list of spells

- elder cousin's panties check image depends on the player's state

Version (31st October)

- added player, aunt, elder cousin and younger cousin archetypes options to the cheat menu

- added younger cousin and maid teasings in the start of the game

- non-fixed day schedule: characters randomly pick what to do in their freetime. Timetable is removed.

- added stub peeping scenes for aunt, elder cousin and younger cousin masturbation (for now it's only two pictures for a female and a trans, archetype gifs will be added later).

- changed energy system,

- changed relationship system

- existing player stats changed to body shape, creativity, intelligence and communication

- a little Halloween event (go to the living room and rest)

- added the first quest of the sub/male path

Version (20th October)

- added foot fetish porn
- Kendra Lust added to aunt archetypes
- cheat menu now has weekday, time and quest options
- disabled options are shown with floating tooltips (not everywhere yet)
- added some snooping content to aunt's room (more later)
- added teasing visions to the introduction
- removed energy consuming while travelling in the manor
- added elder cousin sex scenes in the Dungeon

Version 0.1.2 - a little update (12th October)
- swimming skill is removed from the game, yoga renamed to "concentration" skill. Swimming in the pool now increases sensation (with a bit lower chance than the gym), doing yoga with the younger cousin has a chance to increase sensation and concentration;
- "Underwater treasure" now only requires 20 sensation to complete the quest
- "Pandora's Box" logic and intuition requirements are lowered to 20;
- fixed issues with "Lost and found" bracelet search, wrong links after dungeon meeting, sub female sex with aunt, music dialog;
- drawing increases intuition by 1, not 0.5.

Version 0.1.2 - changes log (1st October)
new things:
- new location: university. Only a custom hero with the backstory "enter a university" can visit it. The main hero can attend preparatory courses to increase his logic and intuition. The price of one class is 50$.
- some of actions linked with energy/money/time gains or spendings are followed with hints with exact numbers
- first quest that can be found in the to-do list ("getting closer")
- sidebar link to the notifications area that will contain info about completed quests
- better "sleep" links
- "diary" renamed to "contacts" and can be accessed via a sidebar link Diary link removed from the main hero room. Information about character relations is displayed on the same page now.
- double progress bars to indicate relationships
- custom names for the butler and the maid
- added the second quest of the main story line ("strange door")
- added a new dialog about the door with the aunt
- statistics, skills, and fetishes stats are merged into one page "Stats" that can be accessed via sidebar link "Stats"
- added "Navigator" sidebar link that leads to the game content page
- accumulated hunger and fatigue
- arousal and energy bars redesign
- kitchen: links to have breakfast, lunch and dinner are added
- new quest - Underwater treasure. The first key to open the door. Swim in the pool to activate the quest.
- when you arrive to your room, you now have to unpack your bags first
- added "Lifehack" sidebar link - a cheat-menu for fast testing and game walkthrough
- added BDSM porn type (available only for dominant or submissive heroes)
- added pegging porn type (available only for dominant female and submissive male heroes)
- added the second quest to obtain the next gem for opening the strange door: visit the younger cousin;s room (when she is at home), explore it and find a Rubik's cube to activate the quest. Develop your logic and intuition up to 35 and return to complete the quest.
- library: now the main hero can practice drawing to increase his intuition
- you can ask younger cousin to help you to complete a game (when your friendship with her > 9 and you already have some percent of completion). If you complete the game together, you get +5 respect with her.
- added the quest of finding the third key - read the Navigator for details.
- "Strange door" quest is completed, added the Book of Pleasures
- added a player portrait in the sidebar area (does not work if the images are disabled)
- added "Lost and found" side quest - ask the elder cousin about the blue gem
- added "Trick with disappering" quest - read the Navigator for details.
- added the next part of the story line
- added handcuffs and condoms to the sexshop
- added drawing hobby to the "answer questions" dialog, available only for non-dominant heroes
- now the main hero can play music with his aunt and younger cousin to train his intuition and music skill
- added new location - Fitness Center, where the main hero can visit different trainings.
- added basic sex interactions with the aunt in the Dungeon
- sissy: fixed shaving and anal masturbation images
- fixed a bug with making cuts in the beauty salon
- game settings are remembered now
- fixed false energy consuming when entering settings and other sidebar links)
- dancing now consumes energy
- and other minor improvements

v. 0.1.1
new things:
- most jpg-images are optimized to have about 10 times less size
- the size of some gif-images is also significantly reduced
- the sidebar now includes quick links that allow you to view the hero's appearance, his skills and fetishes, quickly navigate through locations, and also track where the aunt and cousins are
- added the opportunity to sleep 4 hours
- skills improving is now displayed using stylized progress bars
- skills, fetishes, relationships are also now displayed using progress bars
- added mechanics of side-jobs: now four ones to choose. You can go to work from 9:00 to 14:00 on a weekday, skipping work will increase the level of contempt of the aunt
- three new answers to questions at the beginning of the game
- sissy: new images for anal masturbation in free and locked state
- changes in the relations system: now, instead of five kinds of emotions, there are ten, which change independently of each other
- dialogues in the pool and gym with older cousin are now accompanied by images where they managed to find suitable
- custom text color of the player now works
- added missing link to the music studio
- saves now have normal names
- each floor now has separate bathrooms, not one common
- wrong paths to images are corrected
- masturbation is now always available regardless of the arousal level
- fixed the swimming pool mechanics
- searching and watching porn now takes time

First version - content list

v. 0.1
- settings: image size and display, difficulty level, hints;
- main hero customization: name, gender, text color, archetype, backstory;
- main characters customization: name, archetypes, text color;
- main hero customization by answering questions;
- diary containing the history of relations with other characters;
- 7 porn genres for watching;
- watching porn develops fetishes;
- erotic dreams, the content depends on the fetishes of the main hero;
- manor: character rooms, gym, pool, kitchen, dining room, music studio, library, garage, media room, fitness room;
- city: women and men clothes shop, sex shop;
- base mechanics of sex toys;
- ability to buy clothes and change clothes in the wardrobe;
- ability to examine yourself in the mirror;
- counting the statistics of the main character actions;
- the main characters have a schedule, according to which they live. The schedules of weekdays and weekends are different. The schedule can be found in your room;
- you can ask money from your aunt when she is in her office;
- 50% chance to spy on how someone takes a shower;
- starting dialogues: night meetings, breakfast, lunch, dinner;
- aunt dialogues: rest in her room, work in the office, practicing foreign language, playing the violin;
- elder cousin dialogues: gym, dancing, swimming pool;
- younger cousin dialogues: video games, yoga, drawing.

- - -



Royal Jelly
Oct 26, 2017
Hmm, I played around with it a bit, but except for the character creation and intro I can't find anything else to do, except for some mundane things. Looks like this will be one of those link clicking abominations.
Also.. that's some ugly dude in the wedding dress.
May 6, 2017
Yes, basically there is no content the only thing that can be done is to watch porn and have some erotic dream after nothing else, it can not be considered a demo at all.


New Member
Oct 8, 2017
This game is a mess. The writing is bad (even for a porn game); the file size is huge; the design looks like the dev started it, forgot about it, came back six months later, and tried to just pick up where they left off without actually checking what they had done before; and if this amount of content is in a 0.1, the final product is gonna be four minutes long.
Aug 24, 2017
I think, in the early builds that don't have much content yet, a quick guide to what content is there would help people gauge what to look for. I think it has potential, but there's too much choice paralysis right now. If nothing is going to happen in the 4/5 rooms, 4/5 times, people will stop looking, and not experience what content you do have. Also, a short, complete game is almost always better than an ambitious game that gets abandoned. Best of luck.


New Member
Feb 2, 2018
why does every single html game ever have the option to play videogames?
also why are there always so many empty locations? I'd be happier with three locations containing actual porn content than trying to navigate through the usual labyrinth of dead ends. Why put it there if the player can't interact with it?
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the only sexual content right now is watching porn and peeping on the family under the shower.

Well, it doesn't claim that it's more than a v0.1 and it indeed is one.
May 6, 2017
why does every single html game ever have the option to play videogames?
also why are there always so many empty locations? I'd be happier with three locations containing actual porn content than trying to navigate through the usual labyrinth of dead ends. Why put it there if the player can't interact with it?
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the only sexual content right now is watching porn and peeping on the family under the shower.

Well, it doesn't claim that it's more than a v0.1 and it indeed is one.
Yes, the only thing you can do is watch videos on the PC, and find family members in the bathroom.
It really is not worth it to download
Jan 16, 2018
the game look good pls don't stop Developer i know it short that why most player hat it
bit if you don't stop player will start to love it so do you'r best


Royal Jelly
Oct 26, 2017
Ah hmkay.. I honestly thought she was a transsexual with that face and all the added silicone and botox. I'd rather go for the cutie in the white top. :firstimekiss:


Active Member
Jul 12, 2017
how do you progress in this? there's pretty much nothing you can do during the day and you only have 3-4 chances to talk to people once they come home. it will take like 20 weeks just to get any sort of reputation with them.
is there some sort of trick i'm missing? also is there really nothing other than working out/reading your can do during the day? no school or anything?
Likes: J0J0hn


New Member
Dec 24, 2017
A suggestion would be to create an inventory system to allow the player to carry around important items such as the routine thing. That way, we don't have to run back to the room every 5 minutes to figure out what to do next. And by that I mean, of what even is there available to do.


Royal Jelly
Oct 26, 2017
Yeah it would be helpful if you could see if it's useful to enter a room like it's done in The Company.
There are so many choices in this game that I don't even want to play it without that option, since it'll just be a huge waste of time. That is to say, if it will have good content in the future.

• Go to kitchen - Mom
• Go to living room
• Go to sister's room -
• Go to mom's room
• Go to your room
Sep 14, 2017
• Go to kitchen - Mom
• Go to living room
• Go to sister's room -
• Go to mom's room
• Go to your room
yeah, i thought that author of The Company dropped his first project and started new game. but no, they just using familiar design.
3.00 star(s) 3 Votes