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Aug 18, 2017
I was taking a look at the dev's older work, amazing how much better the art is in this one. I guess that having 10k at patreon really helps, at least his patreons can be confident that their money really helped to increase the product quality


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May 11, 2017
How can I report a bug, the scene of Justice is bugged and although it fills the pleasure or the pain it does not give me more options.


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Jun 22, 2018
i can't get soft rank with justice is this a bug?
Yes, one they've tried to squash the last couple of updates. So far, the only work around I've found if you want the soft route was mentioned by TheHologram earlier in this thread (I've used it and it worked for me):
Edit 2: Found saves in the registry and can change the Quest choice so will just deal with it that way.
For any one else: use regedit to edit registry key "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\PinkTea\Elven Conquest 0.1.4b" and you can set the Save#_quest4Save_<hash> value manually by copying from previous quest values (if you are going for soft route).
Feb 15, 2018
Regarding Justice soft route, I tried the soft route in 1.5 the next day by revisting the castle and you can pick the scene to replay. This one finished without inflicting any pain. Did not play from scratch and just renamed the registry key to 0.1.5 to get access to old saves from 1.4b.

Aoi Sora

Formerly 'JakeTheDawg'
Oct 22, 2018
I saw the changelog on justice LOL (>w<)... The pleasure and pain is already at max. What happens next? I cant proceed pls help..
Jul 22, 2017
Does anyone know what direction the game is going from now on? It seems like the scenes and training with the first girl are completed. Is he going to train the other girl too?


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Apr 6, 2018
Despite the vastly improved quality over past games, it's still lacking the same kick, somehow. Not sure, I'll have to revisit it in the future and see if it was just a bad day or something.
I did have no problem with Justice, though.
Loved the fight, that was a neat reference.

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4.80 star(s) 8 Votes