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May 28, 2018
Does anyone know how to make a drop down menu work in Ren'py?

Here's what I'm doing. I have a calendar and a stats button. Both are added in the game script files as:

Window show
Show screen stats_button

Here is the code, although I've really only added the images so far.

screen calendar() tag calendar:

modal False

idle "cal_icon" xalign 0.975 yalign 0.03 action NullAction()
text day_calendar xalign 0.965 yalign 0.06 size 50 color "#000000"

screen stats_button() tag statsbutton:

modal False

idle "stats_button" hover "stats_button_hover" xalign 0.975 yalign 0.15 focus_mask True action ShowMenu("points_hud")

screen points_hud() tag pointshud:

modal False

idle "points_hud" hover "points_hud_hover" xalign 0.975 yalign 0.55 focus_mask True action ShowMenu("stats_lexi")
text "[love_stats_lexi]" xalign 0.975 yalign 0.25 size 20 color "#ffffff"

idle "stats_button" hover "stats_button_hover" xalign 0.975 yalign 0.15 focus_mask True action ShowMenu("stats_button")

What I'm trying to do with this is I have a stats button on the screen, and that works fine. When I click on it, it should show a stats display (points_hud), which it does. Then I want to be able to click on the stats button again to hide the display(points_hud). I have two problems:

1. It pauses the game. The dialog screen disappears and the player can't move the game forward until I hit the left mouse button to go back.

2. Clicking the Stats Button again does not hide the Points Hud.

Any idea what I've got wrong here?



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Jun 25, 2017
For future reference, please put your code inside "code" tags when posting it. Indentation is important in Ren'py - this way it won't get lost.
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