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May 30, 2017
unless you already did all that
:)I have already optimized all this...
the characters themselves are very "heavy":confused:of course, I can also reduce them, but it will be difficult to use it for a series of pictures from different angles and distances.I'll probably try to make texture presets of models with different resolutions for different situations or save a scene with different scene optimizer parameters(if my hard drive doesn't burst from it)


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Oct 8, 2017
@lexx228 The key thing with Scene Optimizer is to make sure the textures stay just above whatever resolution you are rendering at. If at 1080 then textures should be no smaller then 2k. With smooth scale option. 2k textures are good for 1080. Unless it's a real closeup then 4k is better. Of course the higher the resolution the higher the texture resolution should be. Staying at least one step above usually is good.


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Jul 28, 2017
Cool dude, but I think he looks a little plastic or rubbery. Maybe increase the bump map more or something? Not too sure. Cool look though.
This one uses normal maps, but yeah, it's so close to being there. His eyebrows are added in, because the texture I tried to use for his face makes his lips and brows non-existent. Feels like I'm almost there, but so far. :Feelssadman:
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