Dating My Daughter: Fan Art

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Jun 17, 2017
Not likely for tthree reasons, thank goodness. (1) Tumblr had a ********** scare and f95zone is primarilymdealing with art and not actual photographs; (2) imo, the tumblr move was partly due to Apple taking the Tumblr app out of the Apple App Store (due to #1 above); and (3) I speculate Tumblr is trying to keep an image so the more family friendly Tumblr blog posters still feel good using Tumblr for their blogs knowing porn is banned (though I DO follow several puppy Tumblr blogs - they make me laugh).

F95 thus has cartoon porn; Apple never carried an f95 app (i’m Guessing); and no one is lumping f95 in with more PG forums (or at least I hope they are not).
I should have added a smiley to my post or something, to show that I was just trying to be funny. I may have failed...

Yeah, not worried aobut F95 doing any such thing. Just being silly...
Aug 13, 2018
As we know from the plot of the game, D will become a model. Such a wonderful girl probably will earn a lot of money and someday buy a mansion on the coast. Here's an example of what it might look like.
D's mansion 1.png D's mansion 2.png D's mansion 3.png D's mansion 4.png

A little off topic. Recently I saw a model similar to D and immediately thought that it was her cousin. Although this character is not in the game, I still made a few pics with this blonde. She seems to have a pretty face.
D's cousin 1.png D's cousin 2.png D's cousin 3.png

I think D and her cousin would definitely make friends and have fun.
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Aug 6, 2016
@Testofreak_F95 Nice pic.
But I wonder if someone should make a very blue and cold rachel then photoshop her just outside the window looking in. Or trying to start a fire? As for olivia, just photoshop her butt with a reindeer tail on the far left side by the couch. :D
Jun 30, 2017
Thank you people for the kind reply to my work. At the moment I am working on figures for Rachel and Olivia.

In the meantime, I have some more Christmas Pictures from our favorite girls :)

Have Fun :)

Good news guys, Rachel will join our Party
Bad news: She was a very very naughty Girl

Edit 2:

Now with Rachel

Hope you like my idea of punishing Rachel. Leave her out in the cold would be a bit to harsh :D I prefer a good old fashioned whipping.
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