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Nov 20, 2018
No idea, never had that but if i remember correctly there are 2 choices, D wakes up or F wakes up, the other will allow you D not see the phone and the picture that Jennifer sent through Elena's phone
Aug 10, 2017
Hi and welcome. If it was a book divided into two chapters, would you then need to read both to get the full experience? Sorry, but it is essentially the same question which you ask for. (hint: yes)
He's right you don't have to because chapter 2 gives you the option to pick what choices you made. That being said it is a real mistake to not play chapter 1. if you don't play chapter 1 you will miss the whole experience and immersion in the story.
believe me this is not a grind game and if you play it through you will enjoy the story. Don't worry it is very immersive, you won't be bored!
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Nov 11, 2018
This might have been answered somewhere, but I’m not searching through all these pages lol. For the reward ‘Carnival Games’, I’ve won the duck, bunny, and bear as it says in the walkthrough, but I’m still unable to receive it. Anyone else experience this?
4.60 star(s) 98 Votes