Canto Forte

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Jul 10, 2017
Plot is in reviews- currently 30 of them, where you can read all there is to this game and just imagine you played it.
Small taste of what gets it all rolling is this:
No wonder he died this guy is a absolute moron of the high caliber who signs a contract with a obvious demon without reading it? lol

A contract that literally referred to him as "the damned" and was told he is in hell jesus christ he's so dumb. LMAO
That is literally the video prologue you just have to go through. Everything else just flows out of that.
Just play the game, have fun, let it flow like a movie at the MULTIPLEX/Cinema City and enjoy your life.


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Dec 15, 2018
Hey, my game crashes after you while with the threesome, not sure why tried the compressed one as well and no luck.


Game Developer
Jul 4, 2017
Being an angel, I thought it would take an eternity to get laid with her
Good thing she's a playful one (iykwim) since she's one on the top list for my personal cutest daz3d models from the dozens of games I've been played so far :D
Nice to hear that :) She might be cute and little ehm "rebel" :)
Likes: passerbyR34

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