Are you a video game creator? Do you feel like you need help? Have questions?

Discussion in 'Programming & Development' started by ElvesLairGames, May 15, 2018.

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    Jan 1, 2018
    At Elves Lair Games we have the answers!

    First off, I want to thank you for your interest in our firm!

    Our firm has been involved with computers for well over 25 years, designing and building computer systems, also developing software for business and personal solutions. We have over 5 years experience in 3D environment software called OpenSimulator as a core developer and system administrator for Virtual Realms Grid. Also we have over 2 years experience as core developer on a private World of Warcraft server using C++ programming language to program a software package called TrinityCore.

    Our mission is to assist video game creators to bring their game ideas to reality. Our video game production company does not buy the licenses of games, instead we allow creators to retain ownership of a game title. We work with a video game creators that have a game idea to provide innovative solutions and expert guidance though out the game creation process.

    The some of the services we provide are as follows: Game Production Guidance, connecting Game Creators to Game creating Professionals ie: writers, Game Engine Developers, Graphics Artists and Sound Engineers., Game Hosting Sites, Game Creation Funding Options, Advertising Options and anything other needs in the creation of a video games.

    If you have a game idea we make it happen!

    If you want a full consultation about creating a Video Game,
    Please visit our website:

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    Or contact us at:

    We have a Blog on our Patreon Page!
    Latest news, tools and featured games.
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  2. Freesome

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    Jun 2, 2017
  3. TuXido

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    May 9, 2018
    @ElvesLairGames well thanks for this thread... I actually am in need of some help, I am a beginner renpy developer started to understand the python code language (not everything) recently and I need some guidance.

    I want to create something like milfy city or any of the Lesson Of Passion games, Time / Day system, trigger events on a certain day, world map, inventory, shop, money system buy and sell.... It might be a long list but I want to learn all that and try to figure things out... I have discovered DSE by Renpy but didnt understand how it works and how the code files link to each other.... so a little help is much appreciated

  4. Kravenar Games

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    Mar 28, 2017
    It is really nice your website made with Joomla's Default Template.
    Do you use default templates also for games? LOL
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  5. somebody28

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    Mar 10, 2018
    If you're really serious about this, you can always look at the code - if you have RenPy downloaded, you should be able to load up their project and see their files.

    Understand their code is something else entirely, but at least it should give you a start.
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  6. ElvesLairGames

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    Jan 1, 2018

    Actually Kravenar, seeing this is a consulting firm for Video Games I did not realize that taking the time to make a fancy html website to convey simple message was a requirement? Are you offering your website designing services then?

    Thanks for the comment!
  7. Kravenar Games

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    Mar 28, 2017
    Well, my webmaster will be glad to help you if you will need it. Huh
  8. anne O'nymous

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    Jun 10, 2017
    Well, any serious consultant in development, whatever it regard the coding or the design, will tell you that the attention to the smallest details is what make all the difference.

    For someone who just wrote his thoughts, giving some advice and providing some help on his free time, it's not a problem. What matter in this case is the content, and people understand that he use his said free time more for writing than for fancying the presentation.
    But you present yourselves as a consulting firm. It's not a question of free time here, it's your job. You goes everywhere, spammingpromoting your services and, since it's the only thing the web know about you, the presentation of your empty site is what will make people trust you or not when you say you've more than 25 years of experiences with computers.

    Honestly, after some time trying to know more about you, I'm not even sure that you where born 25 years ago, so for the experience... Especially since you present yourself with a strong background but have no credible sources behind.
    One of you is part of the core development team of

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    , but apparently he's ashamed of this since he don't even asked for a link to the main site of the project ; seriously, which member of an Open Source project name it without adding a link to the project's site ? And you did the same for

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    , that you present like your project ! Hey guys, we made a amazing software package... but if you want to know more about it, find the site by yourself. Credibility, zero !
    Talking about it, why use the cheap DaddyGo as registrar for your professional site, when you used a more reliable one for the site of TrinityCore ? You're also supposed to have been sys admin of Virtual Realms Grid. But the project stopped 5 years ago so, here again, no way to confirm it.
    And, like I said above, the world know you just for your promotion regarding your now services of consulting. Hell, even your site have nothing more than your promotion. Not even a billet for presenting more in depth the two Open Source projects you claim to be part of ; what proud members of the Open Source community you are :/ So yes, for you, using something else than the default theme of Joomla is more than a requirement, it's mandatory, at least if you want to look credible.
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  9. Kravenar Games

    Kravenar Games Active Member Game Developer

    Mar 28, 2017
    Exactly my thoughts mate, but I was totally more reductive :D
    They could even be the Microsoft, but without a decent design in their "presentation card" (website) and a portfolio... it will be hard to sell services. lol
    "Fancy websites" hahahah, today something decent is 3 clicks away with all the template frameworks out there...
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