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May 1, 2017
I'm wondering if we will get to see more of Robert, cuz the further you get into certain story line(s), the more slutty Ayame becomes, and the less you see of him. I almost forget she's even engaged sometimes, and still living with her fiance.


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Feb 12, 2018
Hello! Does anyone knows how to pass the Chloe's minigame? it's about the infiltration minigame, I pushed down the three interruptors on a corner but I don't know what else do, it seems nothing happens...could someone explain me? :c

Dec 31, 2018
hi all, when trying to un-zip the latest download from here i get an error message saying 'Arg_/notSupportedException' anyone able to shed light on the or point me in the right direction. thank you in advance.
Tried downloading 5/6 times but still get the same problem, id like to give this game a go. so what would you guys recommend doing? cheers

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4.40 star(s) 14 Votes