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Aug 5, 2016
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An FBI agent flies to Japan in a mission, he meets a girl called Ayame. They fall in love and he asks her to move to the USA with him. Having never met her father and having her mother die 2 years earlier, Ayame had very little that bind her to Japan so she moved in the USA to him. A game about a regular woman and her fiance who engage in a story with lots of cheating, blackmailing, heavy corruption and a background of netorare. You will decided how the story unfolds one month before their marriage which is when the game will take place.

Update: 03/Nov/2018
Censorship: None
Version: 0.89
Platform: PC / Windows
Language: English
RPG Maker, 2DCG, Female Protagonist, Pregnancy, Voyeurism, Exhibitionism Corruption, Rape, NTR, Cheating, Oral Sex, Vaginal Sex, Anal Sex, Group Sex, Handjob, Virgin, Lesbian, Internal View, Bukkake

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on Game.exe to start playing.

Fixed quite a few bugs, minor and major.

Along with this patch there's saves for each route that has new scenes. They are organized as following:
Save 1 - Garcias Route
Save 3 - Melvin's Route
Save 5 - Sato Route
Save 7 - Gym Scenes (Keep going to the gym to unlock everything).
Save 9 - Driver's License Scenes

The Garcias route now has a metric fuckton of new scenes and your choices during those scenes matter! Make plenty of saves! The game will warn you then.

There's a little easter egg for you guys to find. (TIP: It's in the night Ayame needs to leave the room in the resort to go take a shower).

There's two new scenes that you can check at the gym. One has to happen before the other but I'll leave you guys to figure that out. One is for the yoga outfit, one is for the swimsuit.

Ayame can now finish her driver's license. This leads to an optional scene. I don't want to spoil anything else regarding this. Have fun ;)

There's a new Sato Route scene and a new Melvin's route scene. These will lead to the opening of two new routes next patch. Kinky Kittens Strip Club and the Office.

I hope you guys enjoy this patch as much as we enjoyed making it. As always thank you so so much for the support. It really means the world to us.


• Fixed a bug where returning home while on Free Roam from Melvin's route would cause a black screen in the next morning.

• Fixed a bug where you would go home, trigger the dialogue, in the morning trigger the photoshoot, and the morning after trigger the dialogue from the previous morning. (Was hard to reproduce, probably no one got it).

• Fixed a catastrophic game bug that made the game absolutely unplayable where Matt asked for a whisky and was served a coffee instead.

• Game should now reflect the correct version instead of v0.86b

• Fixed a bug where you could buy multiple movie theater tickets eventually never triggering the Sato cinema scene. You trigger it in the ticket line, not in the cinema itself.

• Regarding the black screen in a multitude of routes. We confirmed that it was only caused by old saves. Our apologies. That should be pretty self-explanatory how to "fix".

• We still can't accurately reproduce or find a fix for the "can't see my saves" bug.

• We're slowly adding even more detail to the walkthrough which we remind you that you can find here:


We finally switched about 170 switches from their original places in order to organize the database. This took a script and a few days just for the effect. Sadly, *it broke all your save games* but on the bright side, it will speed up the development times in the future. You can compare both databases from version 0.85c and the new 0.86 to see how much we changed.

We changed our full screen script to be a theoretically better one. You can press F5 to turn the game into full screen. Hope everyone is happy with this version of it.

There is a new save menu. This save menu let's you see what routes you have active and saves a bitmap of the place you were when you saved the game. From now on we'll be extremely careful not to break your saves with the upcoming versions! Changing the switches' places and making a better save menu has been a plan for a long time and now that we did it we can finally work in a way that will likely not make you re-play every version from the beginning.

Sadly the current itineration of this script has a minor bug. Sometimes when you go into the load menu, the icon that tells you a save slot is being used is not there. However if you hover over the place where it should be with your cursor you'll still be able to see all the new save details and load the game with no issues. This bug is at the moment only visual and it should cause no problems in the gameplay.

The gym has been completely remodeled into a three story building and will now function in a less convoluted manner in order to harbor the future scenes involving yoga suit and full body swimsuit. Right now you talk to one of the people at the desk and they will give you a gym card for free so you can check out the gym layout. In the next version you will have to purchase that card and the gym will function in a different manner. You will be able to increase your charm here as well. Due to save issues and in order to keep your save for next version make sure you save before you acquire the card and in the next version you acquire it through "legitimate" ways.

Issac Seventh Av. (Also known as Apartment Area. It's where Fujiko bumped into Robert) has been reworked and renamed as Travis Adair Avenue. It now has a convenience store in which Ayame will be able to do some shopping for some quests.

Sato now has his own theme and it plays during some points of the game (including his building).

The East wing of the museum now has the Fanart exhibition! Please check it out and memorize your favorite author. Tomorrow we will be running a poll which will last one week. In one week the winning artist will receive a reward!

Lots of previous and new scenes received animated sprites! Adriana now has new sprites to reflect her new visual. Eventually we will change all the scenes to reflect her new look.

All of the new scenes in which you can get a tan also have a version with tanlines. You can now get a partial tan in the beach (tanlines) and a full tan in the nudist part of the beach (accessible through the eastern end of the beach).

Your stats now play an important part in the game. Not having enough morality, lust or charm will not allow you to see some scenes until you do.

Clarke route has been changed and past scenes have been re-written to a better state. The hentai scene has been completely re-written. In Clarke's route Ayame will be the one doing the teasing and corrupting which will add a different flow to the route.

Most of the new hentai scenes will have the characters comment on how Ayame looks. Pubes. Tan. If she’s a virgin or not. If she practiced anal or not, etc.

We want to go forth and release a version 0.86b where we will add a lot of new quests to help the players find hentai scenes and other content in a easier way and apply some changes to past hentai scenes to also reflect Ayame’s state.

Melvin has two new hentai scenes. The second one drastically changes if Ayame has had anal intercourse before and weather you pick to ejaculate inside her or in her face.

Hospital route now has three new hentai scenes and Scott will comment if Ayame has pubic hair or full body tan among other things.

Sato’s route has two new hentai scenes (or one hentai scene and one teaser if you look at it that way).

Family route now has two additional scenes. One with Jack in which Ayame can be a virgin (dialogue will drastically change if you lose your virginity to Jack) and one with Arthur.

Garcias route now has two new hentai scenes. One of them composed by two different CG’s which can be classified as an hentai scene of it’s own even if rather short.

Many bugs have been fixed and many graphics have been updated.

I’m super tired and I haven’t slept in the past 37 hours so I am DEFINITELY forgetting something. I will update the patch notes in the morning and please expect an additional patch soon.

First of all, the surprises! We're going to divide this patch in two ways, there will be a Hentai patch (released now) and a mechanical patch released on September 1st! Let's begin with explaining the Hentai patch!

- New scene at Melvin! This scene changes all the images and the lines change considerably if Ayame is a virgin or not, there's a required morality level to do it. Scene has X-Ray support so you might want to try it with X-Ray on and X-Ray off.

- Three new scenes at the Garcias!

1) The couples will have intercourse, each with the respective partner, mid way through the scene you'll be asked if you want to change partners, if you do you will progress the Garcias route further, if you don't you will close the Garcias route for good and for the first time, your morality will go up!

2) Ayame and Dan go at it.

3) Adriana and Robert go at it, but they break the rules, Ayame will be mad and leave.

4) First through Netorare scene. Hope you guys enjoy. You will be in control of Robert for this one and see it from his perspective.

- Surprise number two! The hentai patch will contain SIX hentai scenes! We thought as some of you might not be fans of swinging or the Garcias, having only two routes advance would be kind of boring, as such, there is a new Sato scene with a surprise at the end and another costume! Hope you guys enjoy it.

The day where Ayame performs a blowjob on Melvin for a second time has been changed, you should watch out for it.

The scene where Ayame has sex with Sato has been changed a bit to reflect that she is drugged and how worried Robert is.

Garcias house is now mostly completed and you'll be able to explore it.

The Park has been entirely remade to look better and to harbour the scenes that are going to happen there very soon (Next hentai patch).

A couple other maps have been changed a little bit to look better altogether such as but not limited to, the Library.

There is now a new menu dedicated to count how many times you have sex, Ayame's status and where partners came.

- The main picture will reflect how low your morality is, changing a total of 5 times.

- The vaginal and anal pictures will change if Ayame is penetrated in her vagina or ass respectively, past a certain threshold.

- The main picture will reflect where your sexual partners came, and until you wash it up, it will remain there.

- You can now wash your face or your entire body in multiple places throughout Heaven City, like the toilets in the park, or the bathroom downstairs in your body to wash your face, or the shower to wash your entire body.

All the scenes have been modified to count where your partners cum, which body parts were used to have sex, etc. etc.

We adjusted the morality and lust of some scenes.

Clarke's route been shortened to harbour the future changes, when her morality goes low enough she will be the one seducing Clarke.

Your saves will now be stored inside a folder named "Diary" in order to clear some of the clutter that is created in the game's folder. Kinda helps with 99 saves...

Now for the Mechanical patch!

New route begginning, Arthur, Robert's father route will have it's first few days. We have changed this route three times and we're finally happy to see how it unfolds, it will derive from Jack's route.

Weekends as they should be! You will now be able to visit some places and spend the days there, most of which will lead to events if the morality is low.

Walkthrough regarding all scenes and explaining exactly what you can do on weekends!

18 new maps: Graveyard, museum (inside), library (inside), army base, mall with central area, two wings and now we'll open it's 8 stores (where you can go to the movies which will lead to a scene later, or buy costumes to unlock future jobs), a driver's license school, a massage parlor, hot springs, a resort with spa that you can only go during weekends, a photo studio that will be used soon, and a venue where people will have conventions, such as a cosplay convention, which obviously Ayame will atend. *Wink* *Hint at future hentai scene* *Wink*

A crapton of new NPC's to crowd those areas and some of which will have hentai scenes in the future (doing their first scene now will help speed up the process when you meet them with low morale in the future).

Finally, items that you can buy with zel, they will let you increase your charm, find other jobs when you purchase different costumes (yes, you'll be able to buy costumes!), unlock some H-scenes, as well as increase some stats that we'll introduce soon in the game such as inteligence and innocence.

New menu in the Town Hall to get new jobs as working in the hot springs, hospital, secretary and more.

And as obviously, I'm pretty sure I forgot something, but you guys will discover it.

EDIT: Hey guys, we found a bug caused by our encryption method. All you have to do to fix it is download this image: and save it
as trans.png

Place it inside the game folder on the system folder which is inside the graphics folder, it should look like Alansya Chronicles - Fleeting Iris [v0.81]/Graphics/System It shall fix that bug, we'll "fix" it next version since it's an easy fix that you can all quickly do.

Download: - -
Thank you @ for the link

Extras: - - Cheat room code: 84134956

CG01_01.jpg CG49_14.png CG59_10.png CG75_23.png CG06_05.jpg CG08_02.jpg CG17_04.jpg CG20_13.jpg CG23_07.jpg CG25_08.jpg CG27_03.jpg CG32_02.jpg i5dghmae8hqfnat4py8f5r5xd.jpg x8aifjdiqkuqosx6xa7h5l72q.png 1jlnm0bk0jqjnyzxjfc348q4x.png


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Aug 5, 2016
It keeps giving me errors in certain zones and to be more precise on day 5 when getting out of work it says

"Script 'Sprite_Bar' line 33: RGSSError has occurred.
disposed spire"

Which makes progression impossible :(


Aug 5, 2016
Yeah same error. Progressing of the game is impossible with the script's error.


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Aug 5, 2016
I uploaded this game on Kat before 1 month, i don't know if it's public now or no :p

- Re-wrote the scene where ayame loses her virginity to Robert (Optional), has new CG's.
- Fully functional CG room where you can unlock the scenes to view later on any save (including new games)!
- Debug Room where you can change the time of day, request a teleportation ring that allows you instantly teleport to important areas, get max money, unlock all CG's instantly, change the time of day to night and vice versa (careful with this, use it only after you finished the game as it can make weird situations for obvious reasons, it's only a test thing so you can check it out).
- Remade the hospital map totally, it's now much bigger, looks way more realistic and overall better and according to our constantly rising standards.
- Did some bug hunting for all the reported bugs and grammar corrected the entire game, some errors, etc.
- Created new tilesets for water and mirrored areas where it shows the characters reflections or their truer selves (demons, halos above their heads, no reflection for vampires, etc.)
- New start menu, won't add much info on this, you'll have to see for yourself.
- The collection of all our games is now called Alansya Chronicles (explained why later), the first game has been changed from Ayame's Adventure to Fleeting Iris, so the full title is now Alansya Chronicles: Fleeting Iris, the second game will be Alansya Chronicles: Contrition Report, and so on.
- Changed a lot of info like Robert now working for the CIA instead of the FBI, made a few changes on some inconsistencies for more realism, changed a few names like Japan to Nippon to make an entire new universe that will also play a bigger part later on.
- Slightly advanced the story to harbour the 5 routes that will be introduced in the next content patch (this one was mostly mechanical).
- Corrected a bug with RPG Maker that would cause the game to crash on some windows 10 users.
- Corrected some conflicts between a few scripts.
- Added most of the NPC patch (the lines haven't been double checked by me, consider most of the NPC's placeholders at this time).
- Corrected a sound bug that would cause in some occasions.
- Corrected a issue with the day/night time that would cause the game randomly switch periods.
- A bunch of other stuff that I can't remember but it will be posted tomorrow in a more official way along with our Patreon overhaul.

*The password for the debug room (the lasers at the CG room) is 84134956
//ignore this i'm an idiot.
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Aug 5, 2016
Hey man, I just went to his patreon and he has a public download that is the same as this one but fixes an error (the one I mentioned before) so I would suggest you publish the link here (it's a mega link) or upload a new torrent. Just my opinion :)
versions are different. what uploaded here seems a bit new.


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Aug 5, 2016
versions are different. what uploaded here seems a bit new.
Just noticed that my bad, in this case I would ask f95 for an update on this game. It would be nice to have the latest version because this one has an error that isn't fixed. :( :(
Aug 5, 2016
Anyway, thanks a lot. Seems like this version is mostly a preparation for the next patch(maybe it's not out yet). Awaiting eagerly to make Ayame do some naughty things ang get wrecked :D
Sep 8, 2016
0.67b version is out

Here is change Log
• If you lower your morale to 93 (mostly by following Melvin route) you can now see an isolated scene in the park with a Pokémon Go reference.
• Fixed a critical bug that made people crash in two distinct days that made the previous patch a failure.
• Extended the Melvin route quite a bit and it has now 4 additional scenes including one where Ayame can lose her virginity, this scene will be pushed back or re-written as it feels kinda short.
• Introduced the Clarke route.
• Added a bit of development to Jack's personality to pave way for his route.
• Added a bunch of NPC's all over the map.
• Finished the introduction of the 7/11 route, now you can understand the premise of that route and it paves way for further patch progress. You can start the route by going to the Town Hall and you can interchange it with Melvin's route as long as you don't see the last day of either one.
• Finished the introduction to the neighbours route.
• Added all the new scenes to the CG room, you can instantly unlock them all with Patreon code.
• Added new sprites for a lot of characters to match their busts.
• Fixed a lot of bugs with sound being inconsistent through some areas/scenes (we might not be done yet, please report if you find inconsistencies).
• Improved a few maps in Heaven City, will continue to develop further until we're 100% on how the City looks.
• Introduced route interchanging.
• Introduced internal cumshots.
• New menus, intro, etc.

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