[Fan Art] A Wife And Mother Fan Art


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May 14, 2018
(WARNING This Story was intended for Halloween and may cause people to hide behind the Sofa or pee their pants involuntarily later... otherwise please enjoy ;))
Sophia "I'm so proud of my little Ronaldo tonight. You set up the winning Goal and won the Cup."
Dylan "Well I probably got those Skills off you Mom, so I should be thanking you... By the way, how many glasses of Wine did you and Alyssa have at the after Party?"
Sophia "Oh only a few..."
DN0002.jpg Sophia "... By the way my little man. Next time your in a Match and it's over 100f, make sure you drink lots of Water during the game and really make sure you put Sunblock on everywhere. You forgot to put it on your face and you look like a Beetroot tonight Hun. I'm getting a Bottle and heading to Bed, i'm exhausted. Have a glass too you earned it."
DN0003.jpg Dylan "Huh?!?...." "Holy crap, Mum's Skirt is see through...I can make out her amazing ass under there... shit no wonder the guys were following her everywhere and drooling on her in the Clubhouse."
Dylan "She's in weird flirty mood tonight. Maybe I could take a peek and see what she's up to?"
Sophia "Dam I am feeling so Horny now. Alyssa got me all wet in the Toilets again and Dylan's team mates were lusting after me and undressing me with their eyes all night. I wonder if they knew I wasn't wearing anything under my Dress tonight? Liam's still not back from Milan and I want it so bad. I will have to use my Dildo again. I can't stop imagining what Bennett and his friends might do to me again."



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May 14, 2018
DN0006.jpg Sophia "All these Men and Boy's keep looking at my Butt. Bennett and his 2 friends kept sticking their tongues up there the other night, it was weird yet hot, even my own Sister keeps grabbing it and I can't stop thinking about Joe pounding me up there. I want it again."
Dylan "Mum is naked and admiring herself in the mirror. Wait... was she turned on by my Team mates flirting with her tonight?"
Sophia "God I want this Dildo in my Ass. I feel so dirty and horny."
Dylan "Oh my god. She's got a huge Dildo... and is she putting it in her ass hole? What the...?"
Sophia "Hmmm... so good. It slid in really easy. They really did a number on me, I hope Liam doesn't notice my Butt hole is getting a bit loose, but I like this ohh yes..."

May 1, 2017
View attachment 187797 Sophia continued slowly swinging and rolling her hips and in lifting her Dress gave the Men a teasing view they desired most.
View attachment 187798
Luke "I can't believe you've been wearing nothing under there all day Sophia. I dared you to try it but... wow."
View attachment 187799 Sophia "How about switching off Miss Flixit there and putting some Music I can really dance too?"
View attachment 187800 Luke Bennett grabbed the remote and switched the TV off and put his Hi-Fi on louder with some Club Music on. Sophia upped her own Dance tempo and really started to grind with it.
View attachment 187801 Now under the spell of the Music and Alcohol, Sophia grabbed her Dress and threw it across the Room without thinking.
View attachment 187802 Completely Naked in front of the 3 Men, Sophia felt unbelievably hot and horny and writhed and wriggled. She noticed Luke was now rubbing his crotch and so was Joe.
View attachment 187803 Sophia turned away from them and wiggled and jiggled her Butt at them provocatively.
View attachment 187804 She turned back around and could see all of them were now sat back in their Seats and rubbing their crotches. How long till they pulled those trousers down and start rubbing themselves off? She wondered.
View attachment 187805 Suddenly Luke was out of his Chair and dancing with her and pressing his hard Penis into her Butt.
View attachment 187806
Luke "You are such a bad Teacher Mrs Parker. I knew you liked being watched when the Janitor saw us through the Window, but I wasn't expecting this. Let's take this Show to the Bedroom, Joe and Darren can watch us right?"
Sophia "Yes. Come on Boy's next Class is starting."

To be Continued...

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