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  2. Please avoid using GoFile's services from now on, they added a cryptocurrency miner to their site.
    The basic premise is that a piece of software embedded in their website runs on a user’s machine utilizing its CPU cycles, without asking for permission, in order to generate revenue. This will cause a spike in your CPU (processor) usage. 
    Sure there are add-ons and extensions that can block coin mining for good (ie uBlock Origin, No Coin etc.), but we're aware that not everyone here is tech savvy. So please, make sure to add a protection from this hidden activity.

    -The Staff Team.

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This is a general category.

Feel free to edit this category.

How can I upload a game?

There are two ways you can do this.

1) Apply to be an uploader. Please read this

2) You can make a post in the Game Requests or Comic Requests. For game uploads, please follow these rules and template. For comic uploads, follow these rules and template. Remember, you must use the format or it will be deleted.

2.1) After posting, please PM a staff member or uploader.

How do i earn/get points?

By earning badges. There are badges for number of posts, likes received, for logging into our website on specific dates, and for other type of events.


How do I use multiple filters when searching for a game?

You don't. We still have to implement this feature.


Where are my renpy games' save files stored on windows 10? in case i format my laptop i don't want to lose my progress





where can i find the mobile games for a friend


Why can I not request a game that has no English patch/translation?

Rule #3? The majority of the users prefer English games? And every time we posted non-English games in the past, several users requested an English version. So it made perfect sense to make it English only and those aren't English, need to go to translation requests.

How to Search Inside a Thread

To search inside a thread go to the normal search option under your name and select the "Search this thread only option." Image bellow:


What is "CG"?

CG means "Computer Graphics" Usually a term used for art / pics in our forum.


Can I make a general request for any and all virtual strip/strip poker games or do I make individual requests (I don't know what is out there)?

Individual. You can ask for game names in the "general discussion", but for actual games to be uploaded here you'll have do it in the "request section" 1 by 1.


i was just asked not to swear by another member, am i not allowed to swear on a website built around porn??

You are, as long as it isn't racist / isn't attacking another member.


Where do I ask for a game whose title I can't remember?

General Troubleshooting. Then request the game in Request section.


How does one search by the [colored boxes]?

Click on them or go to the bottom of the page and click on thread display options.


How Do I Upgrade Above "Member" Status?

The forum will change to active member, well known etc after X posts. S.U's are granted as the staff deems. Other ranks like uploader are explained in the forums.

How to sort by latest modification of first post?

You can't & you wouldn't want to since the first post is always edited for reasons that are not related to updates.

Every time I download something here, I unpack the file (Which takes hours), and then when it wont open when I try the .exe file, How do I fix this?

That is not specfic enough at all.
Which Operating System are you using?
Which game are you trying to play??
Which program do you use to unpack the file and how do you do that?
Which .exe file and how do you open it?
When those are answered, we can answer the question.

How do i make a thread?

Use the create a thread button found on the top right corner. This doesn't apply to to game forums, since only uploaders can create a thread there.
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