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How can i change my username?

You can change your account username here.
Note: If you change your username you need to wait 90 days before you can change it again.

How to delete account?

You can delete it here.

What is considered appropriate and inappropriate content on here?

We are very relaxed and most of the contents are usually fine.
The only rule about content is "rule 7": "If a game contains sexual contact with realistic or semi-realistic character(s) who show no sign of puberty (ie prepubescent) then the game should not be shared. Basically, if it looks like a real kid don't post it. As this involves some discretion, if you are unsure ask a Staff Member"

Of course any game could be rejected or deleted for the content at the sole discretion of the Staff.

How do I apply the "Game Developer" badge on my account?

Contact a moderator or staff member and ask for the rank.
You must be a developer of a game and it must be released. You may be asked to provide a screenshot and or other proof.

Is it possible to change username/Display Name?


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