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Frequently Asked Questions


How can I upload a game?

There are two ways you can do this.

1) Apply to be an uploader. Please read this

2) You can make a post in the Game Requests or Comic Requests. For game uploads, please follow these rules and template. For comic uploads, follow these rules and template. Remember, you must use the format or it will be deleted.

2.1) After posting, please PM a staff member or uploader.

How to Search Inside a Thread?

To search inside a thread go to the normal search option under your name and select the "Search this thread only option." Image bellow:


How can i change my username?

You can change your account username here.
Note: You may change your username one time in a 90 day period.

How to delete account?

You can delete it here.

I´d like to know where should I post if I want help finding a comic

Comic/Animations Request Thread if you're looking for download links.
General troubleshooting if you can't remember the name.

On some games i get -File Corrupted and Run virus check- What am i doing wrong here?

Depends on the game, but this is most commonly caused by:

1) Not using current version of 7zip or WinRAR that support RAR5 format - recommend 7zip as it's free
2) Antivirus software gets a false-postive and deletes a file. Everyone has their own opinion about AV software, but McAfee is one of the worst for doing this. I personally recommend BitDefender Free edition.

Start by getting 7zip and trying to extract files, and if problem still isn't resolved, change AV. Then if you still need help, please post a question in "General Troubleshooting" on the forum with more details about the specific game and specific error. Good luck!

What is the meaning of Skunked version

The skunk will dues into your back vult, fill you up with cream, shrink you to a key ring sized toy then give you out to all the townsfolk to enjoy. j/k
Actually, he shrinks the image/video assets using "SkunK Magic".

Is there a guideline of what's allowed or disallowed for profile picture?

Everything is pretty much allowed. Just don't go with touchy topics like gore, scat, etc.


How do you install a patch, to an installed game?

Any game/patch could be different. Usually you can find the info about a specific patch in the Opening Post (where the patch is). If not or if you are in trouble you can post a request in the game thread and we will help.


can you explan tag Flash for me

What engine does most creators use? I'm growing fond of the 3D model characters overtime.

If you are asking how they create the characters, it is daz3d.

How do I search through all HTML games?

if you go in the main page of game https://f95zone.com/forums/games.2/
Just above the page there is a list of all the game engines. If you click on one of them, the forum will show only the games with the selected engine.


How can I start a thread for game request?

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