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Frequently Asked Questions


How can I upload a game?

There are two ways you can do this.

1) Apply to be an uploader. Please read this

2) You can make a post in the Game Requests or Comic Requests. For game uploads, please follow these rules and template. For comic uploads, follow these rules and template. Remember, you must use the format or it will be deleted.

2.1) After posting, please PM a staff member or uploader.

How to Search Inside a Thread?

To search inside a thread go to the normal search option under your name and select the "Search this thread only option." Image bellow:


How can i change my username?

You can change your account username here.
Note: You may change your username one time in a 90 day period.

How to delete account?

You can delete it here.

insufficient privileges to reply in requests

Check what forum you're in. Subforums for requests are for uploaders and above.

Can I create a new poll, to replace an existing one, without starting a new thread?

If you don't have the options contact a moderator.


This may sound dumb but, how do i mention someone? Just @Someone doesn't work at signature space

It works in posts but not in signatures, and it must be in the post when you post - cannot be added via edit or the other member will not receive a notification.


how do you add images to a signature? when I paste the link from imgur or any other site I only see a broken file image

Signatures are #4

how do i upload save files

Attach them to your post by clicking "More Options" and then "Upload a file".

How do i send private message to someone ?

Click on their name/avatar and "Start a conversation".

How to bulk delete all your non first post messages?

You can't. Have to do it one at a time.

Where can I donate?


How do I change my signature gif/pic

Hover over your username in the upper right, a menu will appear, select "Signature" and edit. Here's some more info: https://f95zone.com/threads/free-forum-signatures-and-wallpapers.2743/

what is the use of cg files

CG files are the images in game. The use is that you can see all the scenes in game without actually playing the game. It can be used to verify if you've gotten all scenes possible or just a lazy way to not go through the whole game.

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